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Chapter 5.2

Part 2

Shera guided them through the forest and they walked.
To Diablo’s group who had visited the royal family living room to ask about the situation, she said this.
「I have something I want to tell you, and something I want to show you, so could you come along with me?」
For about one hour, they advanced through the dark green view.
What they arrived at was a mound of large piled up stones.
Could it be something like an Elven stone monument? Vines crawled about it, moss grew on it, and it could be inferred that many long years had pa.s.sed.
「It’s over here……」
Shera, who unusually did not have a smile, went around to the back of the mound.
There was a stone door.
There was a design carved into the door. It was hard to distinguish due to the moss that covered the surface, but it was a shape that they recognized.
──Is it the same Holy Symbol that Lumachina’s Church carries?
When Shera placed her hands on it, the stone door opened surprisingly easily to the left and right contrary to its old outward appearance.
There as a staircase that went underground.
It was similar to Diablo’s own dungeon, the 《Demon King’s Labyrinth》 that he made in his own personal s.p.a.ce.
By some chance, could it be an Elven dungeon? Would monsters come out? Just in case, he held the 《Tonnerre Empereur》 in his hand.
They descended the stairway.
It was dark.
After checking with Shera, he used 《Light》.

Rectangular stones that looked like bricks were laid down without any gaps. This was not a natural cave, and was clearly a manmade structure.
It was quite s.p.a.cious. If he were to fire a magic with strong might in a closed s.p.a.ce, the effect would reach even them, but it looked like it would be fine if he used a bit of it in here.
Diablo unconsciously ended up wanting to try confirming the thing that he didn’t need to think about in the game.
The ceiling had arches drawn into it, and they were also delicately made of stone. Unlike the outside, the inside did not have vines and moss spread out on it.
When they lowered their gazes alongside the wall of the room, oblong stones were lined up. They went to about knee height. It felt like they were a bit too low for workbenches.What could they be used for?
Rem looked up at the ceiling.
「……This feels a bit surprising, doesn’t it? I thought that tree roots would be the ceiling since it was a building of the Elves.」
「So that means that this might not be a building that the Elves built.」
「Eh? But wouldn’t that be strange, Diablo? This place is deep in the Greenwood Kingdom.」
「Umu. Or maybe──」
The map designer’s way of thinking was poor──is what he was about to say, but then he noticed that joke wouldn’t get through to her.
Since it resulted in a cool direction of “stopping in the middle of saying some meaningful words”, he decided to go with it.
Rose, who followed behind him, was silent……Or rather, she always saw nothing but Diablo.
Rafleisha turned her gaze to the back of the underground room.
The light of the Magic 《Light》 didn’t reach it, but she had night vision.
「It might be just as Diablo-san says?」
「Do you see something?」
「There is G.o.d’s Holy Symbol on the wall at the back as well. Not only that, the Greenwood Kingdom’s crest isn’t anywhere in this place.」
If this was a place that the Elves built, they should have put their own mark on it. For example, in Faltra City’s chapel, there was not only the Holy Symbol, the Lifelia Kingdom’s flag was also put up.
「Could it be that you are saying that G.o.d created it?」
In this other world, many of G.o.d’s traces remained. Diablo should probably think of it as a different existence from the G.o.d of the world that he was originally at.
Shera nodded.
「Un, I was told that this is a place that G.o.d created.」
「……The Grand Chapel’s Inner Court in the royal capital was also said to be like that.」
「Looks like itー」
「……Does that mean that this place is a chapel to the Elves? Is this the place the wedding will happen?」
So after resolving herself for the wedding, in order to indicate that, Shera expressly brought them to this kind of

She shook her head left and right.
「You’re wrongー. Elven weddings are done in a brighter place. In the plaza that is at the country’s best tree, everyone has fun singing, dancing, and eating, and everyone is happy.」
「……In that case, what is this place?」
「It’s a tomb.」
Diablo felt something cold go down his spine.
He sent his gaze around to the surroundings.
Oblong stones were lined up alongside the wall. He thought that they might be workbenches or long tables but……
They were boxes with Holy Symbols carved into them.
In other words, those were stone coffins.
Shera said that they were the tombs of successive generations of the royal family.
Going in front of one of the coffins, she put her hands together.
Unlike the surrounding stone coffins, this one was covered with brand new black cloth. It was the king that had died──Shera’s father.
Having realized that, Rem also put her hands together, and Rafleisha also did the same.
Diablo closed his eyes, and prayed that he had happiness in the next world in his mind.
Shera raised her head, and wiped her eyes.
「Haaー……I was finally able to visit his graveー. Thank you, everyone. This was my number one objective, but it feels like we went through quite the detour.」
「……It certainly did turn into a situation where it wasn’t possible. Could you tell us now?」
「Erーm, it’s not like I intend on hiding anything you know? It’s just, I don’t really know where I should start talking from.」
「……I know that your memory, judgement, and explaining ability are inferior to that of a mouse.」
「So mean!?」
Rem breathed a sigh.
She made a suggestion with a pensive look on her face.
「……Why don’t we put things in order for a bit. The Demon King Krebskrum’s soul was sealed within me. Through a certain ceremony, a majority of it came out──This is, something that both Diablo and Shera know.」
Confirming that, they nodded.
However, the fact that Krum who had turned into a hungry little girl was in Faltra City was kept a secret to the Greenwood Queen and Rafleisha. It was because they would lose their current lifestyle if it was told to the Lifelia King.
Rem continued.
「A faint amount of the Demon King that was sealed within me was left behind……And there was the possibility that the release of those remains could become the start of an awakening. At that time, we received a letter from Celes saying that──Ceremony Magic that could resolve the problem was handed down among the Dark Elves.」
「Though, for that part, since I was asleep with an illness, I don’t really get it.」
「……You probably don’t need the finer details. At any rate, we visited the village of the Dark Elves……And through Rafleishsama’s Ceremony Magic, we finally succeeded in completely taking the Demon King’s soul out from within me!」
Rem strengthened her tone. It was that big of a matter for her. She placed a hand on a pouch at her waist. The 《Divine Crystal》 that sealed the Demon King’s soul was in there.
「……However, the promise that Shera made for the sake of that had invited a complicated situation. Now then, let’s summarize that.」
「Having the Elves and the Dark Elves get along is a good thingー.」
「……I won’t deny that, but be quiet. There is something called sequence when talking──First, Shera’s objective was to return home. Even if she was in the middle of running away from home, with her father having died, she couldn’t leave her mother alone.」
「Un, that’s how anyone would feel.」
「……Having absolutely no relation to that, you made a promise with the Dark Elf village. A pledge. You bet your life to G.o.d declaring that you would “concede a part of the Greenwood Kingdom to the Dark Elves”.」
「It was if the Dark Elves could get along and live together with the Elves.」
Rafleisha, who was listening at the side, nodded.
「Since there are people with various opinions, it will be hard for everyone to change their feelings right away, but I believe that the ones that say that they will live in this forest will be able to get along.」
Shera let out a glad-looking smile.
Rem folded her arms, and groaned.
「Nnー……So the large compensation of conceding a part of one’s territory, the objective of it was to mediate the relationship of the Elves and the Dark Elves.」

/> To begin with, the reason for their discord was with the Lifelia King of three generations ago.
Dispatching an army corps called the 《Holy Army》, they treated the Dark Elves as Demon King Worshippers and attacked them.
It seemed that the Ceremony Magic that saved Rem──Knowledge concerning the Demon King that they were entrusted with from G.o.d was the reason.
It was a foolish act that was hard to forgive, but it was already a story of the past. It was not something the current Diablo could do about.
At the time of that attack, the Elves abandoned the Dark Elves. They didn’t fight for them. That had torn their relationship apart but……
In fact, the Elves had their Greenwood King taken hostage, and had to obey the Holy Army.
These were the Queen’s words, and they didn’t know the truth.
Nevertheless, Rafleisha accepted it as the truth.
Rem spoke her thoughts.
「……I believe that this is a very good thing……In the western lands, the Demon King has finally awakened. The people of the Races will surely be unable to avoid a hard fight once again. There is a need unite our strength. The fading of the Elves and Dark Elves’ ill feelings is desirable.」
Going *Un, un!*, Shera nodded.
Rafleisha also made a small agreement.
「That is what I believe.」
「……However, without a king, the transfer of territory cannot happen. Many old traditions remain in the Greenwood Kingdom, and this is one of them……No, it is the same even with the other races. For the demarcation of territory to change at a time where the leader is absent. It would be difficult for the ma.s.ses to agree to it.」
If their land were to decrease, their lives would become harder. Protecting the lives of the citizens is what a king was for.
Rafleisha cast her eyes down.
「Even on the Elves’ side, there are surely some that carry resentment for the Dark Elves.」
「……Let’s put that part aside. In any case, the Greenwood Kingdom needs a king. And then, according to the Queen’s story, the reason for the need of a king is also for the sake of the forest……In the promise that was exchanged with G.o.d in ancient times, it was said that the reign of the king that managed the country was essential.」
Shera puffed her cheeks.
「Kasan said that “since it’s a country of Elves, an Elf needs to be the king or else it’s no good”, and that’s all she ever saysー.」
「……That is only natural.」
「Ueeeh!? No wayー.」
「That’s only natural, isn’t it.」
「It is.」
Even Diablo felt that the Queen’s view was right.
Rem entered the summary.
「……The problem that we have, although there is the promise of conceding territory, and several reasons for the sake of the forest, in the end, there is only one……In other words, “Shera needs to get married with an Elf. At this rate, it seems like her partner will be the man called Durango”.」
Shera let out a strange voice.
「Do you not want to? He seems to be an excellent Elf. Well, for his appearance, he’s an Orc rather than an Elf though.」
「Uuu……It isn’t really a question of what I think of Durango-san……It’s because there is someone else that I feel like wanting to always be together with.」
「……You mean Diablo, don’t you?」
「U, un.」
*Chira* She sent her gaze his way.
He felt like he was going to involuntarily blush.
Going *Nonono……*, Diablo denied it. He recalled gloomy experiences of the past. He absolutely would not make the “misunderstanding” that someone had fallen for him. Absolutely not.
──Since this is Shera we’re talking about, she’s probably thinking of it in a childlike way of “wanting to go on an adventure together”. It isn’t the emotion of love between a man and a woman.
If he advanced the story of him catching her eye, and getting to the step of doing a couple’s action right now, there is no mistake that she would say “it wasn’t like that”.
Shera had the body of an adult, but the mind of a child.
Rem wrinkled her eyebrows.
「……Do you understand? Diablo is a Demon, you know?」
「Th, that’s true but.」
「……You really have brought up something strange……Are you a crossbrian (other race lover)[1]? Not only are you stupid, you’re a pervert. A perverted Elf.」
「Th, that’s not it! The person that I feel like always wanting to be with just

with just happens to be of another race!」
「……There is one thing I want to confirm but……What do you think the roles of the King and Queen are?」
「Eh? They do things like pray, and have G.o.d make the forest rich and plentiful. And then, if there is a person in trouble, they hear their story. And they protect the “important thing” that they were entrusted with from G.o.d.」
──Come to think of it, Rafleisha also said it, didn’t she. What could that “important thing” be?
Rem shook her head left and right.
「……Those are important, but there is a duty that is just as important, right? There has to be a limit to your lack of studying. The duty that royalty and t.i.tled n.o.bility need to accomplish is to leave behind an heir.」
Shera’s cheeks dyed red, and she drew back.
「An, an heir!?」
「……You will need to make a child. Or could it be that you intend on ending the Greenwood royal family with your generation?」
「I don’t intend on that happening but……I am properly thinking about itー.」
「……A child cannot be created between an Elf and a Demon. That is a basic fact.」
「That’s true but, it’s not like it’s absolute.」
「……They normally cannot be made. That is why even if different races can feel affection and camaraderie, they cannot harbour love. In many cases, it is the same as being of the same s.e.x. Well, Shera, since you’ve been saved by Diablo several times, you might have made a bit of a misunderstanding though.」
「Did I, make a misunderstanding?」
Shera herself seemed to be bewildered by the emotion that had only just sprouted.
Rem took a deep breath.
She bit her back teeth.
She tightly clenched her fists.
「……I’m sure that it is painful, but it’s because I think of you as a companion that I can say this clearly──Shera, you should choose a male Elf and marry him. If you do not like Durango, please tell that to your mother. However, for the sake of the country as well, choosing a partner that can bless those around you right now is for the best──that is how I feel.」
Shera gulped.
Her gaze couldn’t fixate on anything.
「B, but, I……I mean……」
「……Calm down. Please think about it carefully. You are innocent, shallow, and lacking in prudence, but you are a person that understands what is truly important. You should be able to make the correct decision. I believe that you can.」
「Do you really believe that!?」
「……You understand too, don’t you? Even if you are royalty, if the citizens don’t agree to it, conceding land will be impossible. You need to carry out the promise that you risked your life on, you know!?」
「Auawauaah~……That’s true but……」
Shera held her head in her arms.
She wasn’t that smart to begin with. On top of that, she was probably suffering from be dilemma between what she should do and how she feels.
Up until now, Diablo also might have been worried together with her as if he were wandering about a maze that had no exit.
However, he was no longer suffering.
「Shera, I have a question for you. Answer me carefully──You said that you desired to go together with me, didn’t you? For now, the country and the promise do not matter. Declare right here and now whether or not that feeling is genuine and without any fabrication.」
「Erm……I still don’t really know though……I, want to test just how much I can do, and see how far I can go. And then, I don’t want to do it alone, but together with Diablo and Rem. I mean, we are companions after all!」
She hasn’t changed from when he had met her.
She continued to genuinely challenge her own limits, sought for a new world, and wanted to be together with her companions. She was a lonely Adventurer.
Diablo nodded.
「I see. I understand very well. That was all I wanted to ask……No, there was one more thing. Earlier, you said that the Elf King’s role was to protect an “important thing”.」
「Nn? Ah, I might have said that.」
「What is that?」
「Ahー, come to think of it, I don’t know.」
「You really are the same as usual.」
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
Rem raised an agitated voice.
「……Honestly! It is something that will influence your own life, you know!?」
She sounded harsh, but since she was truly worried about her, she was probably she was probably furious about that thoughtlessness of hers.
Shera rubbed the base of her long ears.
「Ahaha……In the past, I was told by Kasan that “I’ll understand if I see it”. At that time, I didn’t think that I would become Queen.」
「……If you held curiosity, you should have turned your attention to your surroundings. Did you run away without investigating about that sort of thing?」
「When I was here, I was mostly running from place to place way from Nii-san, you knowー.」
「Ahh……He was a difficult person after all, so that isn’t unreasonable. You also seem to have suffered, so you have my sympathy for that.」
Shera made a wry smile at Rem’s words.
Rafleisha made a suggestion.
「Wouldn’t it be alright to check it now? If the Queen said that she would “understand if she saw it”, then it means that it wouldn’t be a problem if she saw it, right? I don’t think it would be bad even if she saw it at least once.」
「That’s true! Since you came anyway, let’s go see it!」
Surprisingly, it meant that the “important thing” was in this place.
Rem tilted her head.
「……Isn’t this a graveyard?」
「It is, but that is also hereー.」
With an expression that seemed like she had forgotten her mental agony, Shera headed towards the back of the underground room.
She basically had a fondness for unknown things and new things. She is optimistic, proactive, and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with curiosity.
Rem made a disgusted face.
「……Is it really alright to be doing this even though the marriage is approaching in the near future and we haven’t reached a conclusion?」
Diablo pacified her as she was in a restless state.
「Do not mind something so uninteresting. A legendary-cla.s.s treasured article is said to be in this place, so it is only natural to feel like wanting to lay your eyes on it.」
「……That’s true. We are Adventurers after all.」
「At any rate, things will take their own course. And then, no matter how it turns out…………」
Shera arrived at the back wall.
「I’m going to startー.」
She touched the wall that had the Holy Symbol carved into it with her palm.
And then, she started to chant unfamiliar words──something that seemed like a spell.
To Diablo, the language of this other world were changed to his native language and he heard it as such. However, he did not understand the meaning of Shera’s words.
He didn’t understand the reasoning behind the translation to begin with but……
By some chance, they might not be words that had meaning. If it was a place where the Elves’ “important thing” is being kept safe, then it was probably a treasury.
Since they were words to open the treasury, was that something like a pa.s.sword?
*Kiiiin……* A high pitched sound resounded throughout the underground room. The inside of their ears felt a bit of pain.
A bluish-white light of magical power rose to the surface of the Holy Symbol that was carved into the wall.
Magical power ran along the grooves as if it were water streaming through it. The bluish-white light curved, forked, intersected, and a complicated pattern was formed on the wall and ground.
「……Is this, a magic formation?」
Rem muttered.
Rafleisha narrowed her eyes.
「I have never seen a magic formation of this shape.」
Diablo recognized the pattern that was drawn.
When Krebskrum awakened as the Demon King in Faltra City, a magic formation spread out in the sky.
──It’s similar.
To the magic formation that appeared when the Demon King was revived.
However, although they were of the same system, there were also some different parts.
Diablo was able to use powerful magic as a Magician, but that was the result of leveling up in the game. It wasn’t like he was well-informed in regards to the magic of this other world. Even if he looked at the magic formation, he was unable to understand the meaningful parts.
As if he were watching a game’s event movie──he did nothing but gaze at it while thinking that it sure was an elaborate performance.
It seemed that the magic formation was competed.
The magic formation wasn’t etched into just the four walls, but even on the floor and ceiling.
His view made a complete change.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Written as 異種族愛者, read as クロスブリアン. I think it was meant to be something like a cross between crossbreed and lesbian.

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