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Chapter 4.9

Part 9

In any race, there is what is called beauty and ugliness by individuals. It seemed that Elves were no exception.
「I am quite thankful for being invited to the dinner party.」
The man that appeared with a viscous voice, was more of an Orc than an Elf.
A pig.
At any rate, he was fat.
When Diablo wondered who he was, the Queen beckoned him over.
「Sit, sit.」
「Dufufufu……Why thank you, excuse me.」
He was a man that had a peculiar and greasy way of speaking. Elves had nothing but beautiful forms and looked young, but this guy was a middle-aged ossan (old man).

While wiping the sweat that rose to the surface of his skin with a handkerchief, the man sat down next to the Queen.
Rem expressed a complicated expression.
「……U, um……Who might, that person be?」
Expressing a whole faced smile, the Queen answered.
「This person is Durango. Shera’s husband that I have chosen! The next Greenwood King!」
Rem’s eyes went round.
Shera’s face went pale.
The Queen wasn’t perturbed.
「Durango is an excellent Elf. He is the kingdom’s best if he uses a bow, he has studied economics and politics outside, and above all, he looks st.u.r.dy, doesn’t he?」
「……Is that the Elves’ aesthetic sense?」
「I suppose it is a slightly unique face.」
「……Shera, what do you think!?」
Shera shook her head side-to-side. Fortunately or unfortunately, it seemed that Shera’s aesthetic sense didn’t resemble her mothers.
The Queen breathed a sigh.
「That’s no good. Putting aside if it was another Elf, Shera, to think that you wanted to make a Demon

the king. There is no way everyone would consent to that, right?」
「……Demon……Did you mean Diablo!? Did you really plan on marrying him, Shera!? To make him the Elven King!?」
The fur of Rem’s tail stood on end right even to the tip of it.
Come to think of it, he didn’t tell her of these circ.u.mstances.
Forgetting that she was in front of the Queen, Rem showed her fangs.
「Are you stupid!? No, you are stupid!」
「So mean.」
Rem pointed her finger at Shera who muttered that.
「Is that your “since I’ve properly thought about it, it’s perfect”!? It wasn’t properly at all, and not even a fragment of it was perfect!」
「Uuu……I mean……」
Rem held her own head in her hands.
「……AAAaaa……How incredibly──Queen, how does this sound? Could you delay the marriage for a bit? Shera is still young, and her way of thinking is too insufficient.」
「Yes, I was thinking that she is still young. She is only fifteen years old after all. But the Greenwood Kingdom requires a king immediately. It is a promise with G.o.d after all. For the sake of keeping the promise with the Dark Elves as well, she needs to get married quickly.」
「……Endure for the sake of the country, is it?」
「Isn’t that only natural? That is what royalty is after all. A life where she doesn’t know hardship, a gifted education in childhood, and carrying a national treasure-cla.s.s armor, all of it is due to being royalty. Since she was given preferential treatment ever since she was born, she isn’t allowed to be selfish at this point.」
「But Shera hadn’t chosen

chosen that at all……」
「Do people born to poor families choose that? What about the children of knights? The children of farmers? Did you choose to be born a Pantherian?」
「N, no……」
「A princess has a princess’ life. And more importantly, since Shera is now the only one that carries the Greenwood royal family’s blood, she needs to fulfill her responsibility.」
This other world, although it has demi-human races and magic, its fundamental culture level is in the Middle Ages. It was a feudal era. Orders of succession are standard.
People’s lives are decided by birth.
──Well, even in the modern society of my original world, a person’s life is influenced by their environment though.
Remembering this and that, Diablo entered social isolation mode for a little while. Sealing off the dark past that started to gush out, when his consciousness returned, the conversation had already reached a point where they could pause.
Durango summarized the conversation.
「Dufufufu……As for me, I have no intention of pressuring her into this. However, there is no mistake that the Greenwood Kingdom needs a King after all. There is no other way around it.」
The Elves depend on the forest’s blessings. And then, the forest’s blessings are granted by keeping the promise with G.o.d.
A king is required.
Shera talked as if she were groaning.
「But, he can become king even if he isn’t an Elf……」
「I told you that is no good, didn’t I!?」
*Bishari* Being scolded by her mother, Shera heartbrokenly dropped her shoulders.
Durango shifted the topic.
「By the way, about that choker.」
Shera placed a hand at her neck, and her

and her cheeks dyed red.
The Queen breathed a sigh.
「I have heard the story from Selsio. Somehow, this girl got a 《Slave Choker》 attached to her, you know?」
「You’re wrong! It’s a 《Slavery Choker》! After summoning Diablo, with his Magic Reflection, it went bachiーn, then gashaーn!」
「It’s the same either way. But as you can see, it looks like she hasn’t been given any strange orders, and since I think it can be removed with one of the treasured articles, don’t worry about it, Durango-san.」
──The Elves treasured articles huh.
Prince Kiira said something similar. Something pretty powerful is probably dormant among them.
Durango muttered.
「Used huh.」
「Ah, no, I am not bothered by it! Errm……We can also tell what kind of orders were given, if we do a careful investigation, right? Merely, since it will stand out during the marriage ceremony……Excuse me for a bit.」
He changed his seat and sat down next to Shera.
He extended a hand to the nape of her neck.
Shera instinctively twisted her body and tried to run away, but maybe because she thought it would definitely be rude, she froze up.
Durango touched the 《Slavery Choker》.
「Fumu fumu……Well now, this is amazing! This is surely something that can’t be taken off in just a day or two!」
「O, of course it isn’tー. Even Diablo has a hard time with it after all.」
「However, at the time of the wedding, the citizens will feel anxious with this on. In that case, let us do this. ──O light and wind, conceal it. Reflect what thou should be.」
Durango muttered a chant, and snapped his fingers.
center style="margin-top:25px"> snapped his fingers.
As if it were a magic trick, Shera’s 《Slavery Choker》 vanished.
──It was dispelled!?
The one that half-rose to their feet was Rem.
「No way!?」
Since she was one of the people that knew the best just how difficult dispelling this choker is, it wasn’t unreasonable for her to raise such a loud voice.
Of course, even Diablo was surprised.
However, if he were to show his inner astonishment on his face, his Demon King role play would collapse. He responded with an att.i.tude filled with composure.
「You can do some interesting things, can’t you, Durango or whatever.」
「For Princess Shera’s sake, I thought that it would be better like this. In contrast to a powerful magic tool, since I merely cast Concealment Magic, it is unstable though.」
He laughed scornfully.
──I see, so it was Concealment Magic.
It seemed that he didn’t terminate the choker, but merely made it invisible.
Even so, his skill with magic seemed to be quite substantial.
Since there wasn’t any magic that could “conceal equipment” in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, Diablo didn’t know about it.
Rem opened her eyes wide.
「……I can’t believe this……There is no mistake that that is extremely sophisticated magic.」
「Dufufufu……In terms of magical power, although I do not have that much of it, I have been a bit skilful with it since birth, as embarra.s.sed as I am to admit it.」
「He’s amazing, isn’t heー.」
The Queen was greatly delighted by how the candidate for the next king that she herself had chosen had demonstrated that he was quite skilled.
Diablo felt a discomposed feeling in his heart.

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