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Chapter 4.3

Part 3

She’s not here!?
「What’s the meaning of this, Shera is……!?」
「Di, Diablo~」
A voice came falling.
He looked up.
Something that looked like vines twisted around Shera’s body, and raised up up to a considerable height.
It bound her arms and legs, and crept about as if checking the curves of her body. Its outward appearance was that of vines, but its movements resembled that of a snake.
With the thickly growing foliage at its back, he noticed its squirming body.
It was a green orb.
It had a size that a person could fit in it.
Tentacles that resembled plant vines grew out from its body, and by extending those, it grabbed onto a tree, and caught Shera.
Its surface split open. It was an eye. The gigantic eye glared at Diablo.
「So it was a 《Napper》!」
It was a plant-type monster that was cla.s.sified as a wild beast.
Swords had a hard time reaching it, and it had a high resistance to magic. Hiding in the leave overhead, it makes surprise attacks with its tentacles.
It’s easy to crush if arrows are used but……
Shera, the crucial Archer, was restrained.
Diablo clicked his tongue.
「Falling behind to some level 50 fellow.」
No matter how high its POW (resistance) was, it doesn’t matter if he hits it with a high firepower magic. However, since Shera was made into a shield, he needed to make it so that she didn’t get caught up in it.
The sounds of footsteps came from behind him.
They were probably Rem, Rose, and Rafleisha.
──In this situation, would it be better to leave it to Rose?
It was possible for her to jump a distance of about ten meters after all, and she would be able to cut up a monster with low physical defense like it was tofu.
However, the Napper took an action different from what it

did in the game.
Using the tentacles it had extended to the surrounding trees, it ran away. However, it did it while still holding on to Shera.
A somewhat plump tentacle shoved itself into her mouth as she screamed.
At this rate, she’ll be s.n.a.t.c.hed away!
Diablo kicked the ground and chased after it. He didn’t have the time to wait for Rem and the others.
──It’s only natural that this sort of action wasn’t implemented in the MMORPG. To abduct a party member and then run away!
If there was instant death, then (although he hadn’t heard that this existed in this other world) there was Resurrection Magic. If there was a Petrification or Paralyzation, it could be lifted.
However, if they were abducted, the adventure couldn’t continue. It would be a failure as a game.
「Kuh……Furthermore, you’re telling me it’s fast!?」
Stretching and wrapping its several tentacles around the trees, it pulled itself. It only repeated that action, but it was fast to the point that there wasn’t much of a difference in speed from Diablo running with all his might.
If this place weren’t a forest with bad visibility, and if he didn’t have to worry about hitting Shera, he would have immediately hit it with magic and ended this but……Or maybe, if he used Haste-type Magic, he could probably reach it in an instant.
However, Diablo had the 《Demon King’s Ring》 equipped. This would reflect and nullify Enchant Magic cast on himself as well.
Shera twisted her body.
Since her mouth was plugged up, she let out a moan.
The tentacles that crept along her body finally got as far as inside her clothing.
What she was wearing was the native clothing for the Elves, but due to Shera’s chest being too big, it was normally tight. Since something as thick as the tentacles entered there, the fastening cord finally snapped.
Making a *butsu* sound, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were bared.
Her bulges had become exposed.
Shera tried to extend a hand to an arrow that she somehow carried on her back but……Being a monster that lived in a forest of the Elves, it understood that the bow and arrows were weapons. It threw them away along with the quiver.
The gigantic eyeball gazed at Shera’s body.
Seeming to have an interest in the trait that the Elves didn’t have, one couldn’t tell what the monster’s thoughts were, but several tentacles gathered to her chest.
She wanted to cover them with her hands, but with them still caught by tentacles, she couldn’t do that.
At the end of the tentacles that resembled vines, it became thin like a brush. It touched her with those as if it were caressing her skin.
Shera ended up letting out a sweet voice from that delicate stimulus that went to her delicate spots.
The tentacles touched her as if tickling armpits, and wrapped around each bulge. Then once more around. Due to it not being touched, the tips instead became sensitive. Towards those summits, several tentacles climbed up.
With it slowly stirring me up, what will happen if it touches them like this──thinking that, Shera harbored a sense of anxiety, as well as a curiosity towards what would happen.
However, at a spot where not even the width of a finger was left, the tentacles stopped their mountain climb.
Relief that they weren’t touched, fear towards the monster’s incomprehensible actions, the aching of the tips……Several feelings and emotions swirled about in her mind.
And then, she noticed that the opponent’s attention was moved to a different spot.
More tentacles than the ones that stimulated her chest gathered toward the lower half of her body.
They wrapped around her thighs, and before long, they approached her crotch.
The back of her

of her knees were rubbed, and a numbing sensation ran through her.
If it weren’t for the tentacle in her mouth, she might have let out an even louder voice. Even the thick tentacle that was inside of her mouth, its tip was thin, and it moved around as if searching the inside of Shera’s mouth.
Caressing her gums, wrapping around her tongue, it continue to the back of her throat.
And then, as for the lower half of her body, the tentacles got as far as inside her underwear──
Shera was unable to let her voice out but she earnestly tried to shout.
──That place, is no goodddd!!
Tears reflexively rose to the corners of her eyes.
Transparent drops fell out.
The chasing Diablo snapped.

「《Heaven’s Fall》!!」

Several gigantic rocks came falling from the sky.
The level 100 attack magic was multiplied by his Magic Staff, the 《Tonnerre Empereur》, and dropped huge rocks in the whole area.
However, the Napper was not included in the attack range.
The trees in the vicinity of the monster were pulverised altogether.
Diablo glared at the enemy.
「You went and did as you pleased, didn’t you, you mere small fry.」
In the game, even if it looked like the terrain was changed with magic, it was just a performance. However, this other world was different.
If the enemy was making use of the trees to run away, he merely had to pulverise those trees.
Sensing the difference in power between itself and him, the Napper turned Shera into a shield.
Concealing some tentacles in between the collapsed trees on the ground, it stretched them out to the trees that were outside of the magic’s range but……
All of its movement were grasped by Diablo.
「Pulverize all of that foolish thing! 《Lightning Arrow》!!」
Several shining bullets of light went flying.
Making them avoid the front and go around so that they wouldn’t hit Shera, wouldn’t hit Shera, he made them accurately hit at the bases of the tentacles.
The tentacles that had caught her loosened, and she fell.
Being caught by a monster of this level was a ma.s.sive failure on her part, but Shera’s basic abilities were high. She turned her body over, and skillfully landed.
There was no longer any need to worry about her.
Diablo resolutely drove magic into it.
「You should try being restrained as well──《Demon Squeeze》!!」
Black ivy covered the monster orb.
It was a Darkness attribute Magic learned at level 120, and was the highest version of 《Dark Press》. The black ivy would tighten up on the things caught it.
During its effect, they are given a 《Bind》status, and are gradually given damage through the pressure.
However, against a level 50 monster that already suffered damage, there was not much need for that much attack magic.
At the moment that the pressure started to apply, *paan!*, the Napper ruptured.
If this were the game, this is where the fanfare for the completion of the battle would ring.
It wasn’t exactly in return for that, but Shera, who was on the verge of tears, ran his way.
「Waaaaan, Diabloー!!」
「You d.a.m.ned fool, you were too careless. Even though you were warned by Sylvie too.」
「I’m soーrry!」
「Wa……Wait a moment, Shera, you!」
Being embraced by her while she was in a state of her chest still being exposed, Diablo froze up as if he were in a 《Bind》 status.
「Hauuuu, Diablo~. That was so scaryー.」
「Ahh, um……Were you hurt?」
「I’m fine. But, that was frightening. I might have been about to turn into a monster’s wife.」
「That is no joke.」
「Ehehe……Thanks, as always.」
She hugged him tightly.
At times like this, should I hug her back? However, she is kind of naked……is what Diablo thought as he kept his hands hovering above Shera’s shoulders.

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