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Chapter 4.1

Part 1

Two days later──
After the Ceremony Magic finished, since they had fallen fast asleep, their departure ended up happening the next morning.
Right now, Sylvie was gripping the reins, and next to her in the driver’s seat, Shera was sitting there as the guide.
The carriage left Blackwood behind, and was headed for the forest that the Elven suzerain state was in──for Greenwood.
Diablo sat down on the second row of the three rows of benches which included the driver’s seat at the front.
Next to him was Rem.
It was a Ceremony Magic where they merely listened to a prayer, but it seemed that the person herself had consumed both HP and MP, and was still languid.
In her hands, there was an orb that was tinged with magical power. It was transparent like a gla.s.s marble, and a black flame wavered inside of it.

It was a gem that sealed the Demon King Krebskrum’s remnants, a 《Divine Crystal》.
Rem had gazed at it several times since yesterday.
After the Ceremony Magic, Diablo touched her and tried searching her magical power, but the Demon King’s remnants had certainly vanished.
It seemed that they were able to transfer the seal to the Divine Crystal.
Even though it could only be sealed in a Pantherian woman in the past……Maybe it was because they were the Demon King’s remnants, maybe it’s a result of the magic being researched, or maybe G.o.d’s power was strengthened.
He didn’t understand the reasoning behind it. Diablo was able to even use Maximum Magic, but that was the result of leveling up in the game. He didn’t possess the systematic knowledge in regards to magic.
A female voice was raised from the seat behind him.
「Hohoho……There is no need to worry, the Ceremony Magic went

perfectly. It is alright to trust me, you know?」
The one that said that while gently smiling was Rafleisha. She was next to Rose, sitting on the third bench.
For her to unexpectedly accompany them──she had come along to make sure that the promise of conceding a portion of the forest was kept. Also unexpectedly, she came alone.
Rem muttered while still keeping her gaze dropped to her hands.
「……I have neither any doubt or worry……Merely, the fact that “it is finished” does not feel real to me yet. My family lineage has had our lives dominated by this after all.」
「I see. But if you keep the Divine Crystal, is it any different from not being released in the truest meaning? Even though you could have entrusted it to us in the Dark Elf village.」
「……That is an appreciated proposal, but even if they are remnants, it is the Demon King……Rather than entrusting it to someone else, I am able to feel a peace of mind having it in my hands. Diablo is at my side after all.」
Rem sent her gaze at him.
Reflexively becoming bashful by that trust, he averted his gaze.
「Well, even if Krebskrum were to revive fully, she wouldn’t be a match for me though.」
「Fufu……That might be true. Thanks to you, Diablo……No, there was also the help from Shera and everyone else but……I have been saved. I am very grateful……Really, thank you.」
Rem brought her body close.
*Ton* Her head touched Diablo’s upper arm.
Due to her panther ears, it felt as if a kitten had come rubbing its head on him and fawning on him. He unconsciously caressed her head.
The feel of Rem’s soft and thin hair felt very good.
Rem showed no sign of disliking it, and instead, due to exhaustion,

exhaustion, increased the degree her body was glued to him even more.
Closing her eyes, she entrusted herself to him.
Shera and Sylvie, who were seated at the seats in front of him, looked back and let out glad-looking smiles.
Rafleisha took out a small harp.
*Poron……pororon……* A soft sound was played.
A gentle world.
If only this kind of gentle time continued on forever, is what Diablo thought.
Only Rose had turned an expressionless stone statue as if her magical power had been cut off and had kept quiet though.

They arrived at a certain village. It was an ordinary Human village. There were also the figures of Pantherians and Gra.s.swalkers.
Sylvie made an explanation.
「Everyone, take the luggage and get down. After we entrust the carriage to this village, we’ll walk inside the forest. This isn’t Blackwood so I don’t think there are many poisonous plants, but be careful of wild animals.」
It seemed that carriages couldn’t go in as far as the Greenwood Kingdom. One had to walk from this village which was the nearest to it.
Just as he was taking down the luggage──Sylvie began to talk with him.
「Diablo-san, can I have a moment?」
「What is it?」
「I’m thinking of returning to Faltra City ahead of you guys. Celes-san’s quest has been accomplished, and Rem-san’s problem seems to have been settled after all.」
「You didn’t do anything though.」
「Ahaha……You really poke at where it hurts. Well, that’s exactly it……This party will be fine even without me. Above all, I don’t want to be away from Faltra City for too long.」
There was the possibility that the awakened Demon King’s troops will invade.
Although the Feudal Lord’s army is stationed there, the fighting power of the Adventurers is also important. And Sylvie the Guildmaster was their

was their manager.
「And so, this is actually my main question but──Once the matter with the Greenwood Kingdom has finished, Diablo-san, could you also return to Faltra City?」
「Well, I had intended on returning there though.」
There was also the matter of Krum that they left in Faltra City. Even if he himself didn’t say it, he thought that Rem and Shera would want to return there as well.
Sylvie loosened her expression.
「Thank goodness! Right now, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that whether or not this party is able to partic.i.p.ate as a key point in the defensive battle would influence the life or death of the Races after all.」
「It is not like it is for the sake of the Races. Since there is an inn that I have grown accustomed to using, we will return. That is all.」
「Fufu……The 《Relief》 Inn’s Mei-chan would be delighted if she heard that. Well then, I’ll be going!」
Sylvie gave words of encouragement to Shera, and also gave her parting words to Rem and Rose. After talking a bit with Rafleisha as well, she left the party.
Farewells really are lonesome things.
However, if they continued things just as planned, putting they day it would happen aside, they would surely meet again at Faltra City.
Just as she had said, the Demon King army should come invading eventually. It seemed like there was a need for Diablo’s group to partic.i.p.ate in the defensive battle.
──A Demon King subjugation huh.
He remembered the MMORPG Cross Reverie’s limited-time event.
An overall gauge would decrease through the number of times that all Players completed the Demon King’s subjugation, and if it was completely whittled down within the time period, then it was a victory.
However, for the very first Demon King subjugation event, the Player’s event, the Player’s completion speed drastically surpa.s.sed the administration’s expectations, and even though there were two weeks for it, it was defeated in half a day……And in the next day, it became stronger and revived. How nostalgic.
Rose made an inquiry.
「Is there something you are worried about, Master?」
「No……Both you and I are originally existences not of this other world. I was summoned by Rem and Shera but……I do not believe those two had enough power to call forth even the 《Demon King’s Labyrinth》.」
「I believe it is just as you say.」
「Isn’t the power of some kind of transcendental being at work? I don’t know who or what they are but……Their objective might be “this”, is what I was thinking.」
「This, you say?」
「Protecting the Races from the awakened Demon King──Just as Sylvie said as well, with the current Lifelia Kingdom’s war potential, they probably have poor prospects of winning. However, if this Diablo and Rose were to join in……Moreover, if the equipment of my treasury were to be used, their war potential would rise to make it a struggle for supremacy……No, it most likely would let them make a complete reversal.」
「It is just as you say. Even if the awakened Demon King is the opponent, there is no way Master would fall behind them.」
──They probably aren’t that simple of an opponent.
How he was able to defeat the Demon King solo in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, a considerable amount of good luck was also factored in.
The Krebskrum that he fought in Faltra City wasn’t completely awakened.
In this other world, he had not fought against a perfect Demon King. Being self-conceited was forbidden.
However, Diablo composedly nodded.
「That is only natural. For I am the true Demon King.」
Rose gazed at him with sparkling eyes.

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