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Rem returned to the inn from the Magician's Guild.
It was already time for dinner.
There were many matters that needed to be reported, so she ended up being later than she thought.
From the room that she herself rented──From the large room that Diablo and Shera also used, Krum came out.
「Rem, so you have come back -noda na.」
She replied with a nod at Krum's carefree smile.
The Demon King Krebskrum.
Rem's family had always been bound to this being. The reason why she also became an Adventurer was in order to defeat this.
Right now, she had become something similar to family.
However, it was fine when everyone was together, but when it was just the two of them like this, it felt like emotions of the past would resurrect, and she became uneasy.
There was one more reason why she couldn't calm down──
The 《Divine Crystal》 was within Rem's pouch. It was something where the Demon King Krebskrum's remnants were transferred to.
The Krum right before her eyes was in an incomplete state.
If by some chance, she were to absorb this, she might truly revive.
Remembering the figure of the awakened Krebskrum, Rem trembled. The fear that she tried to forget was refreshed.
The current Krum only a child that loved biscuits, that is what she persuaded herself with in her mind.
So as to hide her unease, she asked a question.
「……Were you playing with Shera?」
「Shera is sleeping in Maou's room -noda.」
「Eh? ……In that case, were you talking with Diablo?」
「I had him wash my body -noda!」
*Piku* Rem froze up.
The unease and fear that swirled about in her mind became inconsequential.
A different emotion swelled up.
「……Is that so……is that so. It looks like there is a need to hear in full detail what it was that you two did, doesn't it?」
「Oh, you are making a good face, aren't you.」
Being told that, Rem put a hand to her own face.
She didn't really understand, but she thought that there was no way she was making a friendly face.
「……Is that sarcasm?」
「No? You hold down your emotions too much.」
She was told something similar not too long ago.
The one that said that, was the former Holy Knight Geibalt. Right now, it seemed that he was with the Royal Palace Chivalric Order.
He was a villain that, despite being a Holy Knight, aimed for the High Chief Priest Lumachina's life for the sake of money, but his ability as a Summoner was certain.
「……Becoming emotional is a sign of immaturity. Irrational actions, invite danger.」
「If you keep up appearances, your true abilities cannot be exhibited.」
「……Even if you say that, this is my personality.」
「Fumu fumu……Well then, let us do this.」
Krum thrust her fingers inside her mouth.
Making a *pakin* sound, she took something out.
It was a white fang.
Rem turned pale.
「Wha!? What are you doing, Krum!?」
「When you decide to not rely on Diablo, and desire your own true power, then try putting this to your forehead. It will probably have a bit of a violent effect though……」
「For my sake, you took out a tooth!?」
「Something like this is no big deal. It is because I have been in your care, Rem.」
「……It is a fact that we have a bond though」
「You did buy me biscuits yesterday as well after all!」
「……Um……Don't we have another relationship that is a bit more major? Like being the one you were sealed in, or like being the one that was your vessel.」
Krum tilted her head.
「It is not like you were the one who sealed Maou, right?」
「That is, true but……」
The one that sealed the Demon King in Rem's family, was G.o.d. That was what she was saying.
From mother to daughter, that was always how she was handed down.
「Maou has heard that you suffered from having Maou sealed within you. But, that is also not Maou's fault.」
「Living together with all of you in this town, Maou finds it fun. That is why, so you do not die, Maou hands this over -noda.」
Krum held that out.
Rem, although hesitant, accepted the 《Demon King's Fang》.
It was very small, white, and pretty.

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