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Part 1

A great number of Elves returned to the plaza where the fumes of battle had yet to vanish.
In front of Diablo, Durango had gotten down on one knee.
He had put down his sword.
「I would like to ask for forgiveness for my many impolite acts towards you.」
It seemed that his opinion had changed due to the difference in ability that was shown right before his eyes. There was no longer any reason to quarrel with him, but reconciling with him immediately would make him too good of a person and wasn't very Demon King-like.
「Hmph……What's wrong? Are we not going to continue the matter from earlier?」
「Surely you jest. There is no way someone like me would be a match for you. Rather, Diablo-sama, you were worrying yourself over how to not injure us……I have come to realize that.」
「Uu, no.」
He thought about denying that, but after having shown that grand of a fight, it was clear that he was holding back at the beginning.
Shera stood next to him, and expressed a smile.
She would normally be hugging him, but right now, she was hugging Rafleisha's arm.
Rafleisha was making a long face. She probably had a sense of self-reproach for having caused this situation due to being manipulated by Demon King Cardia.
Certainly, she might have part of the responsibility for it.
However, with Shera showing a friendly att.i.tude with her, there was no one that would criticize her. Her being company to Diablo who had resolved the situation might have also been a reason.
Rem was supporting Rose.
「……Please do not collapse here. I will be crushed.」
「It is strange but, right now, I very much feel like I am going to collapse.」
「……Stop that.」
In just their words alone, they had returned to their usual style.
However, Rose had lost her right arm up to her shoulder. It seemed that it could not be fixed with potions or Healing Miracles.
Rose had high performance, but being unable to be fixed with normal methods was a trait of hers. There was a need to deal with this somehow.
Shera turned towards the Elves and made a triumphant look.
「Diablo is amazing, isn't he!」
Being formally praised like that, he was embarra.s.sed.
There was no one that denied it.
Durango nodded.
「Princess Shera's discerning eye, it fills me with awe. If it was just us alone, I am sure we would have not been able to defeat the Demonic Beings from earlier.」
──One of them got away though.
That is what he thought, but decided to not say it out loud. There was no need to expressly throw cold water on the victorious mood.
The Elves spared him no praise.
Standing up, Durango climbed the partially destroyed altar.
「Everyone, please listen to me! A never before seen crisis is approaching the Races. Not to only the Humans, nor to only the Elves, it is to all of the Races. Those Demonic Beings had said this──That the Great Demon King is reviving!」
A commotion spread amongst the Elves.
「……Great Demon King?」
「It has been said that the Great Demon King Modinalaam is the 《Demon King of Insanity》. It seems that it is trying to become a complete Demon King by absorbing sealed Demon Kings. What should the Greenwood Kingdom do regarding this crisis!? Who is worthy of being king!?」
From the Elves, voices endorsing Durango were raised.
His leadership skills were high. It was only natural that those kinds of opinions would come out.
However, he shook his head left and right.
「I am sorry but……That is impossible for me. After seeing the earlier fight, I am sure that everyone knows this as well──We are of different ranks.」
「In that case, who would be good!?」
He answered that voice of a young Elven man.
「……The Greenwood Kingdom requires a king. Moreover, in the current age, it needs to be a strong king. An overwhelmingly strong king that could survive even in a fight against the Great Demon King!」
The gazes of the Elves naturally gathered at one spot.
It was towards Diablo.
Durango descended from the altar.
「I shall formally ask this of you, Diablo-sama──Please protect the Greenwood Kingdom and Princess Shera.」
He knelt down once again.
The Elves also knelt down one by one.
Only one person was standing there dumbfounded.
It was the Queen.

Diablo folded his arms and confronted her.
「Are you dissatisfied?」
「There is no mistake that an unprecedented crisis is coming. I shall also acknowledge that a strong king is needed in the Greenwood Kingdom. And then, your ability as well……You are terrifyingly strong. If you had not been here, the kingdom would have been lost, and both Shera and I would not be alive right now.」
「I am not an Elf though.」
「I do not mind. If everyone approves of it, then that person is worthy of being king. If you have the backbone for it that is.」
──I fundamentally don't have the backbone for it. I am a Hikikomori Gamer after all!
However, there was no way he could just abandon them in this situation. The aftertaste would be too terrible.
Diablo made a declaration sounding self-important.
「I am a Demon King called from a chaotic other world! I go where I wish to go, and I fight those who I wish to fight. If you are fine with me despite that, I shall protect you when I feel like it.」
「Thank you. Please take care of this country.」
She made a very deep bow.
Going *Waaー!!*, the Elves raised shouts of joy.
「Banzai for the King! Banzai for G.o.d! O Greenwood Kingdom, be eternal!」
Even matching their voices, they got into a melody, and before long, it changed into a song of praise.
They seemed delighted.
Shera also raised her voice.
Rem and Rafleisha also softened their expressions.

For the time being, I guess this was good──Thinking that, Diablo's mouth also loosened up.

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