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Part 3

The guest house of the Greenwood Kingdom which did not have many visitors wasn't all that big.
There was a s.p.a.cious room at the end of the entrance hall. A round table that about ten people could use was placed there.
After saying good night to Rem, they parted.
There were two bedrooms at the back.
Rem and Rafleisha used the one on the left, and Diablo used the one on the right.
When he closed the door, it became dark as if he had closed his eyes. He had placed the shining branch in the dining room, and although there were windows, not even moonlight could get through due to the overgrown leaves.
Diablo fumbled about, and slipped into the bed.
The fingertips that he slid on the sheets touched something soft.
「What the?」
He tried caressing it.
The sigh of a woman could be heard.
Diablo opened his eyes wide.
──Who is it!?
It was pitch dark, but he gradually grew accustomed to the darkness.
There was no mistake that there was a prior guest in the bed.
After touch about, was it their back?
Squirming about, the other party stirred. They slowly raised their body.
「Eh……? Diablo-sa……Your Majesty?」
「That voice, is it Rafleisha?」
「Y, yes.」
He wasn't clear as to what her expression was, but he could tell that she nodded.
It seemed that the one that slept in that bed was the chief of the Dark Elves, Rafleisha.
He had been doing a Demon King role play, but he still had an uncomfortable feeling from being called "Your Majesty" by the Elves.
「Why, are you sleeping in this room?」
「Your Majesty, it is because I heard, that you would no longer use the guest house……」
Now that she mentioned it, that was only natural. Since he had become the king of this country, it would instead be strange for him to sleep in the guest house.
「……The bed of gra.s.s did not suit me.」
「So that was the case. I am terribly sorry, using your room like this.」
「Do not worry about it. Just go ahead and sleep like that.」
When Diablo tried to get up from the bed, he turned his back to her.
Seeming to be able to see him since Dark Elves also have the night vision ability, Rafleisha extended a hand to him.
She put it on top of his hand. Maybe because she had been asleep up until now, it was cold.
「Please wait, Your Majesty.」
「What is it?」
「Today, you risked your life for me. After driving my benefactor out from the bed, there is no way I could sleep peacefully.」
Rafleisha was manipulated by Demon King Caldia, and nearly died at the end. Diablo saved her with an 《Elixir》 that he possessed. The thing known as an 《Elixir》 was a standard restorative medicine in medieval-style fantasies, and it seems that the original inspiration for it was a legend of alchemy. In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, it was a precious potion that would completely recover HP, MP, SP, and Bad Statuses in an instant. As expected, not even Diablo had enough in stock to use them endlessly.
He was thinking of trying to sleep at the root of a tree outside or something for tonight but……
Diablo nodded.
「If you say so, then I shall sleep here.」
She moved to the side of the bed.
So they would be sleeping together.
He didn't mind it at all──If he said that, then it would be a lie.
Rafleisha had astonishingly large b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Hers were especially abundant even among the Dark Elves that were voluptuous as a race, and transcending huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s, they could be called 《demonic b.r.e.a.s.t.s》.
Having a comparatively slender Elf-like waist, she truly had a captivating body type of a thin body and huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
──If it were a normal man, would they get aroused?
It wasn't a problem if he was only sleeping next to her.
For Diablo, no matter how close an attractive woman tried to get close to him, he had a habit of thinking that they would be unrelated to him anyway and ignore them.
If things like wives and bridal nights weren't said to him, he wouldn't be so anguished to the point of being unable to get a wink of sleep.
To be honest, he did feel like wanting to touch them a bit though……
He only thought that.
That's how it should have been.
Rafleisha asked him a question.
「Your Majesty, did something happen, with Queen Shera?」
「Wh, why do you ask?」
Rather, he felt like the problem was that nothing had happened.
「Even if the bed of gra.s.s did not suit you, then it would be normal for the Queen to come with you.」
「……Shera had fallen asleep ahead of me, you see.」
「Ara ara……To think she would fall asleep before the gentleman on the bridal night.」
He didn't want her to speak badly of Shera, but he couldn't say that it was due to him being hesitant. Being estranged from romance wasn't Demon King-like.
Let's hurry up and go to sleep──When he thought that, a chilly hand touched his chest.
「Your Majesty……if, it isn't impolite of me to ask……I am thinking that I would like to appease your seething but, how about it?」
His mind went blank.
Diablo, while being unable to arrange his thoughts, replied with Demon King-like speech and conduct that was ingrained into his body.
「Do as you like.」

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