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Chapter 1.1

Part 1

Noticing that Diablo had come, Shera stared at him with her emerald eyes.
What was with the 「Umu」? Even he himself who answered like that didn’t understand it.
She opened her mouth with a stiff expression.
「Although I am incocompletent[1]……Erm……I will be in your care.」
Maybe having been taught that by her mother or someone, she said words that she wasn’t used to with difficulty, and lied down on the bed of green piled up leaves.
Diablo didn’t know what he should do.
「G, guess we should sleep?」
「Uh-un? I don’t really get it but……On the first night we become a married couple, it would be alright if I just leave my body to you like this, that’s what Kasan said.」
He didn’t know the circ.u.mstances of other households, but in Diablo’s case, even if she left it to him, it wasn’t alright at all.
It would be nice if things happened automatically if he just clicked like it did in bishoujo games though.
──Was auto mode not implemented in this other world!?
However, a Demon King that was estranged from lovers’ talk was uncool.
Diablo curved the ends of his lips.

「Hmph……Just leave everything to this Demon King.」

Shera’s cheeks dyed red.
「Un. As I

thought, Diablo, you sure are amazing. You know everything.」
「Naturally. I am a Demon King after all.」
He started to have a cold sweat.
He was much more nervous than when he fought against the Demon King Caldia during the day.
──If I screw up, I’d be ashamed to death!
Shera opened her light pink lips.
「……Diablo……I really am thankful for how you always save me.」
「Mu? Ah, well, those were just times where I felt like it.」
「When it was against the Elven elite force, and even when I was about to be brought back by Kiirnii-san……Even when I was about to be abducted by strange Adventurers……You even protected me from Faltra City’s Feudal Lord-san, and from the dragon, and from other monsters.」
「I felt like it.」
「Although it looked like I was going to get married to Durango-san, Diablo, you saved me.」
「He is surprisingly sensible. You might have been able to make a happy family with him, you know?」
Although his outward appearance was that of an Orc, his abilities and personality weren’t bad. As expected of the new king candidate that the previous queen had chosen.
Shera tilted her head.
「Nnー……Although he might not be a bad Elf……He has kind of a different feel

feel to him.」
「Your instincts are sharp as usual.」
Durango was a super flat-chest lover.
And then, Shera was the owner of big b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were not typical of Elves.
He unconsciously turned his gaze towards them.
Her two bulges looked like they would spill out from her dress that had a small cloth area at any moment.
──Is it, alright to touch them?
He had only touched them on accident up until now.
However, he had never touched them of his own will, without an excuse, or simply because he wanted to touch them.
To touch a woman’s chest just because he wanted to!?
「Is that sort of thing allowed……?」
「What’s wrong, Diablo?」
「Ah, no.」
It should be fine, right!? is what he thought as he shook his head left and right. They were already a married couple after all.
A married couple!
Even though he had never had a girlfriend before! On the contrary, he hadn’t even talked with a woman with his original self!
He felt like a pillbug soaring through the sky.

──Is Shera, really happy being married with a pillbug like me?

Pessimism started to sprout.
She was the sole survivor of the Elven royal family, and the forest’s blessings would be lost if she didn’t

she didn’t get married to someone.
This was a marriage for the sake of the country.
Her choosing Diablo as her partner, was because he was strong. That was probably the only reason.
He had been called a “companion” by Shera, but he had no memory of being given an expression of love.
Rather, it was just as she said right now.
“I really am thankful for how you always save me”
Feelings of grat.i.tude and feeling of love were different.
Even with his communication disorder, he could understand that much.
Saving someone from foreign enemies, healing someone’s injuries, or helping someone out of poverty……With those sorts of deeds, he might be thanked for them.
However, although the other party thanked him, thinking that they had fallen for him would be way too childish. If one could make a person fall in love with them just by helping them, then doctors and police officers could probably make harems.
Grat.i.tude is grat.i.tude, and love is love.

──Guys who think they could get girls to fall in love with them just from saving their lives, they are fundamentally overconfident.

He stopped his hand that he extended.
Shera had closed her eyes.
「……Diablo……I love you.」
She had said that.
He gulped.
Her words repeated inside words repeated inside of his mind over and over. His brain slowly understood the meaning of it.
His voice was involuntarily shaken.
Her eyes closed, she let out a slow, long breath.
「Kuー, supiー」
「Eh? O, oi?」
「Nnyu……munyu munyu……I also love……fruits.」
Going *Buhaa*, Diablo spit out his breath.
「So it was sleep-talk!」
He thought that it would be something like that!
Matching with Shera’s sleeper’s breath, her large bulges went up and down. They were really round, and looked soft.
However, Diablo couldn’t do anything.
If he had the personality that could just act upon his desires, he surely would have had a different way of life.
Should he go to sleep himself?
Even that was impossible.
Even if he were to lie down next to Shera, in spite of not touching her with even a single finger, there is no mistake that he would greet the morning while being anguished and being unable to get a wink of sleep.
「……This is no good……Let’s sleep in the guest house.」
The plan was to depart tomorrow. He needed to recover the MP consumed in the battle that day.
Leaving the sound asleep Shera, Diablo left the royal family bedchambers.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] It should be “incompetent”. She says ふつつつかなのですが instead of ふつつかもの.

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