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Chapter 3.2
Chapter 3: Trying Out Meeting the Chief – Part 2

Part 2

Once again, Rafleisha raised her voice.
「Stop this conflict!」
He was in complete agreement.
Diablo expressed a daring smile.
「Kukuku……How boring. Well, this is fine. I had originally come because I had something to talk to you about. If you have sensed your own powerlessness, then I do not mind forgiving you all.」
Maybe because the Dark Elves had proud personalities just like the Elves, there wasn’t a small number that ground their teeth in vexation at Diablo’s haughty Demon King roleplay.
However, Rafleisha controlled them.
She was calm.
She even expressed a smile.
「Fuu……I am grateful for the guest’s tolerance. To fight against an excessively strong Magician, that would be dreadful. From what I have heard──You had slaughtered the Lord of the Black Forest with a single attack or something?」
「The Lord of the Black Forest? Ahh, you mean the Black Behemoth. You’ve given quite an impressive name to a small fry of that level.」
He could tell that unrest spread amongst the Dark Elves. It seemed that they had come to realize that the opponent that they turned their bows on was a person stronger than they expected.
So Rafleisha had tried to avoid fighting after hearing the report.
The young lady who shot her bow first despite

having seen Diablo’s magic could only be called quick tempered.
──It’s because there are generally two ways that an organization opens hostilities.
It’s either a case where the leader makes the order to attack, or a case where a front row soldier forgets themself and attacks.
Rafleisha let out a voice of admiration.
「It seems you truly defeated it with magic……How fearsome……Guest, when you say Demon King, what do you mean by that?」
「I mean exactly what I said. I am different from the Demon Kings of this world though. For I am a Demon King of another world.」
「Hohoho……I see……Very interesting.」
*Jittori* Rafleisha’s gaze licked Diablo. Her eyes looked like she was a.s.sessing him. He couldn’t calm down.
「Hmph……For the rest, this one will talk.」
While his faults hadn’t come out yet, he fell to the back.
Having been handed over the leadership of the talk, Rem turned her eyes to the people that had collapsed.
「……First, let us treat the ones that were wounded. I apologize for the strife of this occasion. I would like you to believe that we had no intention of insulting or injuring any Dark Elves. And then, Shera is my friend. She felt concerned about me as I tried to come to this land alone and decided to accompany me. She might be

be the princess of the Elves who the people of this land have a connection to but……Right now, she is a mere compa.s.sionate escort.」
Rafleisha nodded, and made a prompt with one hand.
Dark Elf soldiers──all women as expected, came and took the injured ones away. After verifying that it was done, Rafleisha opened her mouth.
「Having bows fired and a sword pointed towards you, I cannot say that Princess Shera’s worries were needless fears. I would also like to apologize.」
They had apologized to each other.
After that, Rem entered her real issue at hand.
「……I, have heard that the Ceremony Magic to take out the Demon King’s soul was pa.s.sed down in this land.」
Rafleisha’s expression swiftly became stern.
「I will not tell you of it!」
「……That is……Do you have some sort of situation that you cannot speak of? In that case, could I have you listen to my own situation?」
「The guest’s situation?」
Rem place a hand on her own abdomen.
「……A portion of the Demon King Krebskrum is sealed within me.」
「Demon King!?」
「……Yes. I am sure that there is no need for me to explain what kind of existence the Demon King is at this point. Long ago in ancient times, G.o.d sealed it in my ancestor……And that was inherited from mother to daughter.」
「That sort

/> 「That sort of seal was!?」
「……Various things happened, and as a result of having an enormous amount of magical power poured into me, the Demon King Krebskrum was revived.」
The Dark Elves were shaken by Rem’s words. They were even more noisy than when Diablo had proclaimed himself to be a Demon King earlier.
Rafleisha half-rose from the large tree’s roots.
「C, could it be, that revived Demon King is……」
「……No, Diablo truly is a Demon King of another world. He is not Krebskrum. An awakened Demon King wouldn’t have a conversation with the Races, right? According to literature, they would only one-sidedly……destroy, and kill.」
「Right……That’s how it should be……It is just as the guest says.」
「……The Demon King Krebskrum is, currently in a harmless state. Please think of it as her being sealed in a different form.」
「I understand.」
Rafleisha breathed out, and sat back down.
The one that poured magical power into her in order to revive the Demon King Krebskrum was Diablo, is something that she didn’t say. No matter how she explained it, they were an enemy to the Races if one looked only at their actions. It couldn’t be helped if they were labeled as Demon King Worshippers. They had their own way of thinking though……
Rem continued her story.
If either she herself died or had died or had magical power poured into her, the Demon King Krebskrum’s vestiges would be released.
If she gave birth to a daughter, they would inherit it, but she wanted to end this with her own generation.
She wanted to take out only the Demon King’s vestiges and annihilate it.
The fact that the revived Krebskrum──that Krum was a little girl that loved biscuits and was living idly in Faltra City, is something that she kept secret.
「……And that, is my situation. The Ceremony Magic handed down among the Dark Elves should be of a.s.sistance, is what I heard from a trustworthy person, and that is why I have come here like this to ask this of you.」
「Fumu……I understand very well now. However, something like a Ceremony Magic that can move a sealed Demon King, I cannot readily say that we “have” it.」
Rafleisha’s att.i.tude was strange.
Sylvie tilted her head.
「Although I don’t know the details either, could it be related to the thing in the past?」
Diablo asked “What kind of thing” but she replied with 「I really don’t know the details.」.
The negotiations couldn’t continue like this. Closing his eyes, it felt like he was walking through a maze.
Rem asked Rafleisha several times, and finally arrived at her telling them the Dark Elf side’s situation.

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