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Chapter 3.1
Chapter 3: Trying Out Meeting the Chief – Part 1

Part 1

Diablo’s eyes grew accustomed to the darkness.
At the center of the building, there was a large thick tree as if it were the tower itself.
There was someone sitting on the twisted roots. It was so dark that let alone their expression, he couldn’t even tell what their face or clothes looked like.
Only Shera, who had night vision, raised her voice saying 「Fuwah!?」.
──What is it? Do they have that surprising of a physical appearance?
I wonder if I should illuminate the place with Light Magic, is what he thought but……This time, they had visited for Rem’s sake. It would be a bother if they angered the other party.
He decided to leave the negotiations to her.
Rem stepped forward.
「……I am an Adventurer known as Rem Galeu. Might you be the king of the Dark Elves?」
A composed female voice resounded.
「Hohoho……King you say? I am a mere village chief.」
Just like the women that guided them, her speech had a bit of an accent.
However, this was another world, so she as well as the others should be speaking with the words of this other world. Only Diablo heard it in j.a.panese.
So although they were words of the Races, just with their country being different, there was a difference in p.r.o.nunciation. It might be expressed like that.
Rem asked a question.
「……May I hear your name as well?」
「I’m known as Rafleisha S Orangewood……Please just take it easy and call me Rafleisha.」
「……I understand. Rafleishsama, is it.」
「Hohoho……No need for that scary face. Right, right, being this dark, it’s uncomfortable for guests that aren’t Elves, isn’t it? I’ll put a light on.」
She used magic.
Near the ceiling, *pa*, a light was created. It was the magic 《Light》. It became as if a lightbulb were there.
With the sudden light being dazzling, Diablo glared at the other party while narrowing his eyes.
He gulped.
──C, certainly, that is a surprising appearance!

Rafleisha, had demonic b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Ever since he saw the residential women, he had thought that might be the case, but it was a volume that surpa.s.sed his expectations! It wasn’t in the realm of just being unable to hold it in one’s palm. They were

a size where they needed to be carried with both arms.
She had an outfit of layered cloth, and wore a sash.
If her stomach stuck out with this, she would seem like a frog monster or something, but her waist was thin and narrow like a cork bottle. It was enough to make one worry if she could support those weighty things that were on the upper half of her body.
Diablo ended up staring.
Her hair wasn’t black like the other Dark Elves, and had a feature of being a white that was close to silver.
What everyone was thinking but no one would say, Shera mercilessly said straight out.
「Rafleishsan, your b.o.o.bs are huge, aren’t they!」
「Hohoho……Guest, you as well, aren’t yours big enough to think that you aren’t an Elf?」
「Eh? Ah, erm……Ahaha……」
Shera made an ambiguous laugh.
Even though she was concealing her body with a robe, she was seen through so easily. Maybe they should say as expected of her, as she did not seem to be a woman who merely had humongous b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
Rafleisha narrowed her eyes.
「Hmmn……This is a surprise……You’re Elven royalty, aren’t you? You have that sort of aura.」
「Ah, uu」
She was at a loss for words. Shera had a personality that couldn’t make lies.
The ones that responded with saying 「What!?」 were the Dark Elf women that were in waiting on the side.
It seemed that several soldiers were hidden in the shade of the large tree. Most likely, they were bow using soldiers, and he thought that there were about 4~5 of them but, were there more than that?
Elves hiding in trees and shrubs, their location couldn’t be grasped so easily even for Diablo.
Rem grabbed Shera’s shoulder.
「Are you stupid! Why in the world didn’t you deny it!?」
「B, but, it’s true that I’m a princess, right?」
「……Dark Elves are said to hate Elves! The fact you’re royalty of them, if they were to know that!」
「B, but, Rafleishsan, she seemed like a good person……」
「Acting since she “seemed like”, what would you do if she had malice!?」
「It’s because Diablo is hereー.」
「This is just……」
*Gakkuri* Rem hung her head down.
Having been born blessed, Shera was optimistic. On the other hand, having been

been forced to fight alone for a long time, Rem was pessimistic.
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
──Well, it doesn’t feel bad to be relied on though.
A young Dark Elf girl readied her bow. It was the mohawk bear girl.
「You, did you say you’re the Elven Princess!?」
Not only her, the other Dark Elves also nocked their arrows and drew their bows.
Rafleisha’s expression was stern.
「Dark Elves, were once betrayed by the Elves……We harbor resentment to the current Elf King in particular, you know?」
「Ehh!? This is my first time even seeing you all, you know!?」
「Right……But, even if the ones that did it forget, the ones that had it done to them won’t forget. Whether it be one hundred years or a thousand years.」
「No wayー.」
Shera’s ears drooped lower than usual, and Rem gritted her teeth.
「……That’s why, you are stupid.」
Rem extended a hand to a belt pocket and touched a summon crystal.
Rose and Sylvie looked like they were only standing, but they had sharpened their nerves so that they could move at any time.
Diablo breathed a sigh.
──So it’s the same as when we were at the Grand Chapel. Once I withdraw to the back and leave the negotiations to them, it turns into the worst case situation before I know it.
He believed in his companions, but in the end, acting like a Demon King suited him.
He pulled the 《Trial-Made Great War Scythe》 out from his pouch.
It would probably be bad if he used the 《Tonnerre Empereur》 against the ones that they wanted to learn about the Ceremony Magic from. Even if it was just a considerably low level magic, it might kill them.
Diablo stepped forward.
「All this chatter is bothersome──Listen, you Dark Elves! I am the Demon King of another world, Diablo! I do not care about all of your pent-up resentments. If you value your lives, then you should just obey me!」
「Demon King!? As, as I thought, Elves can’t be trusted!」
The former mohawk bear young lady released her arrow.
She had fired at him.
There was also a voice saying to stop from the surroundings, but it didn’t make it in time.
It was an attack from point-blank range.
Even if it was an

was an arrow fired by a powerless girl, I will probably receive a bit of damage, is what Diablo thought as he prepared himself for it.
However, like sudden gust of wind, Rose was able to cut in and knock down the arrow with a hand blade. Her eyes had opened so widely that he thought her eyes might fall out.
「To make an attack on Master……What an incredibly foolish creature. The price for that is certain death!」
「Rose, do not kill her!」
Diablo gave a strict order.
At almost the same time, Rafleisha shouted.
However, her restraining voice instead became the trigger for a simultaneous attack.
The other Dark Elves also shot their arrows in succession.
A rain of arrows.
It numbered to about 30.
Before, he had defended against a rain of arrows using 《Volcanic Wall》, but if he were to use Fire attribute magic here, he would end up burning up this large tree and paG.o.da. Even if he was doing a Demon King roleplay, that would surely be overkill.
He felt like they had completely provoked them but they didn’t come here to fight in the first place……
Diablo held up his War Scythe, and fired his magic.
「《Sonic Wave》!!」
It was Wind attribute Defense Magic.
The shockwave repelled the Dark Elves’ arrows.
Without stopping at only that, a ma.s.s of air spread out into the surroundings.
The one who was at point-blank range──the young lady who had fired her bow first, completely took the magic and was blown away. Her back struck the wallboard.
When close by, it would be a good amount of damage.
However, when a bit apart away, it was a magic that was at the level of a gust of wind.
Although it ended without injuring Rafleisha, this wouldn’t be able to kill the Dark Elves that fired from the shadow of the large tree.
──No, it would be bad to kill them though.
In order to make them powerless without killing them, Diablo chose his magic.
It was at that instantaneous gap.
From the ceiling, a Dark Elf Warrior holding a broadsword fell down. It was a woman wearing leather armor.
「I will not let you get close to Master!」
Rose met with the enemy.
Due to her /> Due to her companions being so close, she did not bring out the 《Magimatic Soul》. She pushed up her double-headed sword.
Right before that attack hit, the female Dark Elf Warrior swung her sword.
The sword’s path turned into a shining blade, and came flying.
《Sword Slash》──It was a level 60 and above Martial Art that could fire a slash at even long range through the use of SP.
They were quite the powerful person. It seemed that the Dark Elves did not only use bows.
Rose twisted her body and avoided the shining blade.

Although she had dodged it well, her skirt that had a spread out design was cut up.
The female Dark Elf Warrior that landed thrusted her sword towards Shera.
「Don’t move! If you move, the Princess will──」
If she used a bow, Shera was a high leveled Adventurer. However, when an edged tool was pointed at her, she would freeze up.
It was a situation where she might be taken hostage, but right before it became like that, Diablo fired his magic.
「《Lightning Bullet》!!」
The bullet of light gouged the Dark Elf Warrior’s flank.
It easily pulverized the leather armor.
The female Warrior spit air out from her mouth, scattered blood as well, and was blown away. She also crashed into the wallboards.
The additional effect of the magic activated, and the bullet of light burst open, giving her even more damage.
──Oh c.r.a.p! Did she die!?
Since it was on the spur of the moment, he unconsciously chose a magic that activated quickly and had power behind it. She seemed to be a high level Warrior, but could it be that he killed her?
The collapsed female Dark Elf Warrior let out a groan.
Diablo felt relieved.
But he took the exact opposite att.i.tude on the surface.
「Ha! You are surprisingly tenacious, aren’t you. Ku ku ku……Who wants to be blown away next? I wonder if I should try out Darkness attribute magic this time.」
He flourished his mantle.
His EX (Extra) cla.s.s equipment, the 《Call of Darkness》, had an effect of granting 《Fear》 to all enemies.
The female Warrior that he defeated seemed to be outstandingly skilled even among their group. The Dark Elves openly faltered.

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