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Chapter 2.3

Part 3

Some people came out from the forest.
He expected that they would be Dark Elves but……
What came out were kigurumis. Their heads were large, their limbs were short, and they had fat bodies where a person could probably fit inside.
Bear kigurumis possessing longbows, he couldn’t see them as anything but that.
──These are Dark Elves!? They couldn’t be a different race, could they? They’re greatly different from what I imagined.
The group with appearances that he ended up feeling anxious as to whether or not he could communicate with them turned towards them and readied their bows and arrows.
「Don’t move!」
A m.u.f.fled voice was raised. It was a distant voice that seemed as if it was heard from a room next door.
So as he thought, it was a kigurumi.
Since it was a high-pitched voice, the person inside might be a young boy.
It seemed that conversation was possible, though the atmosphere wouldn’t say that it would be amicable……
Their number was about ten people.
While hiding herself in the carriage’s canopy, Shera raised a frightened voice.
「I, I wonder why? Why are they angry?」
Rem pouted her lips.

those Dark Elves? They have some strange appearances. Moreover, even though we exterminated the Demonic Beast, they have a reprehensible att.i.tude.」
「It looks we surprised them quite a bit, doesn’t itー」
Sylvie shrugged her shoulders.
Rose made a tightly gripped fist starting from her pink with her right hand. A *giri giri* sound was made.
「No matter who they are, pointing their bows at Master is unforgivable. It seems that there is no need to go easy on them.」
Since it looked like the set free Rose was going to attack, Diablo held the magic staff 《Tonnerre Empereur》 in his hand out in front of him.
Were the kigurumi bunch Dark Elves? They were surprised by the power of his magic, and had exposed their wariness.
Bringing down a large-sized Demonic Being in one attack might have been overkill.
They themselves did not desire to fight, and only wanted to be taught about the Ceremony Magic that was handed down amongst the Dark Elves──there was a need to convey that. Concisely since it was a strained situation!
「No problem.」
Diablo had secretly gained confidence.
In his original world, he had enough of a communication disorder that

that he could aim for an overall victory if there was a championship for it but……after coming to this other world, he had more chances to talk with other people, and he had gained people that he could call companions.
──With my current self, I might instead be strong at communication!
First, a smile. A friendly conversation starts from the facial expression. He felt like he could successfully converse with them this time.
However, taking it too lightly wasn’t good. Negotiations were things where one would be at a disadvantage if one was made light of.
He imposingly declared out loud.

「Fuhahaha! I am Diablo! I have an interest in the Ceremony Magic that has been pa.s.sed down in these lands. In short, it means I have no business with you all. You should lead us to the location of the Dark Elves!」

*Zawa* The kigurumi bunch was stirred.
Maybe because they were already used to it, Rem breathed a sigh, and Shera made a wry smile.
Rose made a face as if to say that it was only natural.
Sylvie held her head in her hands. Even so, she did not step forward. If the kigurumi bunch fired

bunch fired their arrows, it wouldn’t be enough even if she had several lives.
Among the group of opponents, a kigurumi that stood at the lead (a grizzly bear) made an inquiry.
「Oi, you! That thing from earlier, what was that!? To defeat the 《Lord of the Black Forest》 with a single attack……」
「Kukuku……It was merely Wind attribute magic, but it is not all that rare, is it? I do not mind showing you a different magic. I might burn this forest to the ground if I use Fire attribute magic though.」
「What did you say!?」
The group openly flinched.
If they were going to guide them, he didn’t mind showing them magic, and him saying that the Fire attribute was dangerous was done out of kindness but……
Could it be that his way of saying it was bad?
──This is gradually getting tiresome.
Diablo’s group was focused on the war with the Demon King and were in a hurry. If the preparations were delayed and they lost the war, then the Races might be destroyed. They did not have the leeway to take things slowly.
He was in a bit of a rush.
「How long to you long to you plan on standing around talking!? Hurry up and guide us. Do you want to be destroyed!?」
Several people of the kigurumi group leaked out woman-like screams.
The lead grizzly bear lowered its bow and arrow.
「I, I understand……I will guide you to the Dark Elf village. You only want to know about the Ceremony Magic, right? Could I have you promise that you won’t lay a hand on the residents?」
While expressing a smile of relief at how the negotiation was a success, Diablo nodded.
──As I thought, my communication skills have improved!
A different kigurumi (a mohawked one) uneasily asked a question.
「C, can we trust this guy!?」
「We have, no choice but to.」
「But to guide such a dangerous looking guy to the village!」
「He’s a Magician able to defeat the Lord of the Black Forest in one hit. What can we do! It’s better than him burning down the forest. Let’s leave the rest to the chief.」
The mohawk kigurumi cursed.
It seemed as if he had threatened them with magic, but Diablo satisfiedly nodded.
──I feel like I was able to ask them in a friendly way this time!

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