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Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Sylvie Again – 

Part 1

The next day, evening──
Rem came out from Shera’s room.
「……It looks like she’s doing better than yesterday. She was able to eat a little after all.」
「Can she still not get up?」
She nodded at Diablo’s question.
「……She is barely able to raise her body in the bed. I think it will take a bit more time. But is seems that her feelings have calmed down.」
「I see.」
It was time for them to have dinner as well.
They asked to have their meals carried to the common room.
Rem looked around the room.
「……Is Horun still in her room?」
「Umu. It seems that she is reading the book that was delivered from Lumachina this morning.」
「……That sure is a nostalgic book. I also read that and learned the basics of magic.」
Diablo folded his arms, and made a pensive look.
For the letters of this country, as expected, he learned enough to know the names of goods and price tags, but he didn’t learn enough to be able to read a book.
──I thought about this before, but I wonder if I should try learning to read and write as well?
However, a Demon King that does studying at the same level of a child is probably uncool.
Although he had his own room right now, he would normally be eating and sleeping together with Rem and Shera. It didn’t seem like he would have much time to be able to study alone.
The door was knocked on.
Did an employee of the 《Phoenix House》 come to bring in food?
Rose the Magimatic Maid received them.
She turned the k.n.o.b.
The door opened.
At the height of her line of sight, rabbit ears swayed.
They were a Gra.s.swalker. They had red-colored hair and an amiable smile.
「Yaー, Diablo-san! I finally met up with you!」
Raising one hand up, they waved their hand left and right.
Their appearance was only having a small amount of cloth on, and was something close to being naked.

Diablo opened his eyes wide.
「Is that you, Sylvie!?」
「……Did you not figure it out until seeing her clothes just now?」
Having reproachful eyes turned towards him, he shed a cold sweat in his mind.
「H, hmph……Don’t say something so foolish.」
Diablo was poor at remembering the faces of people. He was good at remembering game settings though.
Rose made a confirmation.
「Master, is this person not an enemy?」
「Umu. You can’t let your guard down around her though.」
「Ahaha……Oh please, Diablo-san. I’m an ally, you know? You’re an Adventurer of Faltra City, and I am the Guild Master, right.」
She was an influential person who they could rely on.
However, with Krum’s case, there was also a time where she opposed them
Sylvie was an Adventurer that fought for the sake of the Races. Since it was not like she obeyed Diablo, it was also possible for her to become an enemy depending on the situation.
──For the time being, it doesn’t look like there’s any hostility, so then what did she come here for?
Since he didn’t know the reason why she came to visit, he was nervous in his mind. Even so, he dealt with her while seeming self-important with his usual Demon King role play.
「Hmph……To expressly come all the way to the royal capital from Faltra City, you must have some important business, don’t you? I shall at least hear your story.」
Saying “Pardon the intru~sion”, Sylvie entered the room. With a childish behavior, she went “Ei” and sat on the sofa.
Since she was a Gra.s.swalker, she had the outward appearance of a child, but it seemed that she had experienced the 《Races and Demonic Being War》 between the Races and the Demon King that happened thirty years ago.
At that time, the door was knocked on once again.
This time, it was for setting up dinner.
Plates of various sizes were lined up on the common room’s long table. A tasty-smelling scent wafted about.
Sylvie’s eyes sparkled.
「Fuwaah……Is there some sort of celebration today!?」
Rem shrugged her shoulders.
「……At this inn, all three meals are usually like this.」
「That’s amazing!」
「……Since you came over, you can eat some too. Shera and Rose’s portions will be left over after all.」
Since Rose was Magimatic, she did not take normal meals.
And then, Horun’s portion was taken to her room.
Sylvie tilted her head.
「Now that you mention it, what’s wrong with Sherchan?」
「……She is in poor physical health.」
「Arara, could it be, was it because she heard about her father?」
「……So you knew.」
「Gathering information is one of the jobs of an Adventurer after allー.」
While saying that, Sylvie moved a chair of the long table. She held a knife and a fork in her hands.
Due to having travelled together with Lumachina, Rem and the others picked up a habit of praying for a meal. Diablo also waited silently.
While having their meal, they ended up hearing Sylvie’s story.

Part 2

「*Hagu* hagu* *hagu*……」
「Sylvie, do not just eat and speak of your business.」
「*Hanguh*……*Ngaguguh!* Puhaa! Don’t rush me like that. I urgently came to the royal capital after all.」
*Perori* Completely eating up the roast chicken, she licked her lips with her tongue.
Rem asked a question.
「……How did you determine that we were in this inn?」
「It’s because when you guys visited Faltra City, you all were bringing along the High Chief Priest. You also said that you would be heading to the royal capital. And so, after going to the Grand Chapel, I was told from the person herself.」
「……You say it as if it were so simple, but I am surprised. At Faltra city, Lumachina covered her face so that her ident.i.ty wouldn’t be exposed. Moreover, to have a face-to-face meeting with the High Chief Priest, several arrangements should have been needed.」
「I have confidence in my powers of observation. And although a face-to-face meeting would be difficult normally, after bring out your names, I was allowed to meet with her immediately.」
「……Doing something so dangerous……If we had failed and the Cardinal Inst.i.tute were still in control of the Church, what would you have done?」
「Of course, I completed my investigations on that part. Well, in regards to the source of information, I guess I’ll keep that a secret. They do say that “maidens with many secrets are more charming”, right?」
She expressed a childish smile.
Diablo encouraged her to continue her story.
Sylvie drank up some grape juice.
「*Gokun*, *gokun*……Puhaa! So bittersweet~, I’ve come back to life~. And so……one piece of my business, was about Sherchan’s father but, it looks like there’s no longer a need for me to tell you guys, is there?」
「……Just to be sure, I would like to confirm it. “Shera’s father, the Greenwood King has pa.s.sed away”, is that the information?」
「Yup. Although the queen who is her mother is alive, since she was married in from an outside house and isn’t of royal lineage, she has no inheritance rights. Putting it bluntly, if Sherchan doesn’t return home, the bloodline will come to an end.」
Diablo snorted.
「That is no concern of mine.」
「Haha……I thought you’d say that. But, don’t you think that Sherchan would want to go back home at least once? After having a parent die, people would normally think that they would like to offer a prayer in front of their grave after all. Diablo-san, you wouldn’t object to this either, would you?」
Even when they were in Faltra City, even though he had not met with Sylvie that frequently, she had completely seen through his personality.
Rem asked a question.
「……If Shera returned to her country, would she become the queen?」
「Who knows? I don’t know as far as the Greenwood Kingdom’s finer customs. Something like an Elven king pa.s.sing away while only having girls for children, as far as I know, this is the first time this has happened. Well, if you’re worried, wouldn’t it be fine if you just went along with her?」
「……That is what I intend to do though.」
「Fufu……You’ve changed, Rem-san.」
「In the past, you’d say “I don’t need specific companions”──and no matter which party invited you, you would refuse to join them.」
「……Th, that is……I had various circ.u.mstances.」
「Could this be an influence from Diablo-san?」
「……In a certain meaning, one could say that.」
「Did it also have any connection to the Demon King being sealed within you, Rem-san?」
Kicking back the chair, Rem half-rose to her feet.
Diablo was also surprised.
──Why did she know!?
However, he had his outward appearance remain calm.
「Sylvie, this story……Did you hear it from Celes?」
「Celes-san wouldn’t talk about secrets. Magicians are tight-lipped. Well, if I had to disclose the secret──I heard it from Krum-chan. After I gave her some Ralivel almond biscuits which were rumored to be the tastiest in the world, she told me various things.」
Sylvie knew that Krum was a Demon King.
That’s why she might have thought that it wouldn’t be a problem to tell her about some other things.
Rem’s facial expression went grim.
「……Kuh……As I thought, I cannot let my guard down around you.」
「That’s unfortunate. But Rem-san, it’s better than being unable to help you without knowing your circ.u.mstances. Why didn’t you talk to me about it? Even though I think of all of the Adventurers affiliated to the guild as family.」
「……It’s because I can’t trust your speech and conduct.」
「Aryarya. Can’t you do something about that──the most important business that I came to the royal capital from Faltra City was actually related to you, Rem-san.」
「To me……?」
「I do understand that you are being cautious of me after the case with Krum-chan though. I’d really like it if you trusted me this time♪」
Sylvie winked at Rem.
Rem seemed like she still couldn’t decide on what att.i.tude to take.
「……C……Certainly, the Demon

King Krebskrum was sealed within me. However, that is something of the past.」
「Is it really?」
「……Just how much do you know?」
Rem looked like she would run out from the room at any moment. Her triangular panther ears were down and flat, and her long and narrow tail was swaying left and right from nervousness.
Sylvie spread out both of her hands.
「Don’t be so vigilant. Why don’t I tell you everything that I know. The fact of the matter is, unless I am trusted by you, I can’t do anything, ‘kay?」
「……Let’s hear it.」
After taking a deep breath, Rem returned to her seat.
Sylvie started talking, as if she were telling an old story──


Part 3

In the era of legends, G.o.d smashed the Demon King and sealed him.
One of those fragments, 《Demon King Krebskrum》 was sealed in a woman who was Rem’s ancestor.
From mother to child, and then to the next child……
The Demon King fragment was inherited.
For the sake of the time when a Hero that could soundly defeat the Demon King would appear, G.o.d also left behind a method of undoing the seal but……
The unsealing ceremony was lost during the pa.s.sing of many months and years, and only a fragmented method was pa.s.sed down. When either the young lady who was the vessel died or a colossal amount of magical power was poured into the Demon King, then the seal would be destroyed.
And then, not too long ago──
Due to Diablo having poured magical power into her, the Demon King fragment was revived.
However, in the form of a little girl called Krum.
The unsealing ceremony wasn’t completely performed.
The Demon King Krebskrum was still asleep within Rem.

「And well, this is as far as I know.」
As if to say “what do you think?”, Sylvie’s bunny ears bobbed about.
Rem nodded.
「……Most likely……it is probably as you say. It seems that you are more well-informed than me.」
Diablo was surprised once again. To think that the Demon King Krebskrum still remained within Rem!
「What’s the meaning of this?」
「……I am sorry, Diablo. I should have told you earlier……However, I was only told that by the Black Dragon that we fought in the dungeon, and there wasn’t any positive proof of it.」
「……If I were to tell you about it like this, you might not have believed me. However, I had no intent on hiding it from you.」
「It is fine, we have been together up until today, so I can tell without you saying anything. Being thoughtful of Lumachina and Shera, you postponed the matters concerning yourself, didn’t you.」
「……That might be true.」
After conquering the dungeon, they fought against the Demon King army that attacked Zircon Tower City, and ran about to rectify the corruption of the Church. And the news of the Elven King’s death immediately followed afterwards.
Rem didn’t have the time to calm down and discuss this with him.
He could probably tell whether or not the Demon King’s soul really remained within her if he observed her magical power afterwards but……It was most likely there.
「Sylvie, did you hear that story from Krum as well?」
「So that means that Krum knew that a portion of herself was remaining within Rem.」
「It seems that she noticed when she was revived. But she said that since it was better as things are now, she didn’t care.」
Rem’s facial expression went grim.
「……Kuh……That girl……Just what was she planning on doing if I died without knowing that」
「Isn’t it because both her appearance and way of thinking are childlike?」
「……What a blunder. I should have tried asking Krum about it when we had stopped by Faltra City. To think that she kept silent about such an important matter.」
「Well~, it might be a serious matter to the people of the Races, but serious matters to Demon Kings are probably different.」
「……That’s true.」
Krum’s common sense seemed to be different from themselves.
Regardless of having the self-awareness of being a Demon King, she stopped her dispute with the Races for the sake of biscuits. Most likely, she probably found things other than biscuits to be trifling matters.
Sylvie breathed a sigh.
「To be honest, I’ve been making it so that I don’t get close to Krum-chan. So that I wouldn’t poorly interfere with her and cause her to awaken once again……But, I’ve become unable to say that anymore.」
She sent her gaze to the west.
Diablo muttered.
「A new Demon King, seems to have been revived.」
The Demonic Being Vanaknes had said so. Going by their battle array, it probably wasn’t a lie.
「Un……I’m thinking that there will be a war with the Demonic Beings in the near future. We need more information and war potential. If we don’t hurry…Then we’ll lose this time.」
Rem gulped at Sylvie’s words.
Diablo concealed his inner unrest.
「Lose you say?」
「Last time, we were lucky. The Demon King wasn’t all that warlike, and people of the Races that could be called heroes were in great numbers. It was a great generation. Right now, I guess we’re a bit insufficient.」
She had a bit of an indifferent tone, but it felt serious instead.
Since she, who had experienced the great war, was the one saying it, the present was surely much more unfavorable in terms of war potential when compared to those days.
「Diablo-san, you’ve fought against both Demonic Beings and people of the Races, right? You also partic.i.p.ated in the Zircon Tower City fight, didn’t you? What do you think?」
He remembered his past battles.
The Faltra Feudal Lord Galford and the Head of the Holy Knights Baduta, who had most likely died, were strong. It was because they had come with various tactics. That wisdom might be the strong point of the Races.
However, looking at the defensive battle of Zircon Tower, in terms of individual ability, the Demon King Army was overwhelming. In particular, the Demonic Being Vanaknes was strong.
If Diablo had not come rushing, the army of the Races probably would have been stampeded over.
「Most likely……In terms of war potential, the Demon King Army is stronger.」
「That’s right.」
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there existed several “towns destroyed by the Demonic Beings”.
However, there weren’t any “the town is destroyed” events.
Having a town be destroyed for Players that cleared a certain scenario and having the town still be going strong for those who had yet to clear it was hard to implement in an MMORPG system.
──But, this place is different from the game.
Although this place was another world, it was still reality.
Diablo had witnessed the Zircon Tower City be abandoned. He had also seen how a great number of victims came out after the Demonic Being Gregor rampaged in Faltra City.
That’s why he was able to understand how Sylvie, who was an Guildmaster of the Adventurer’s Guild, harbored a sense of impending crisis.
「I’ve been thinking that I want to increase the war potential of the Races. But, what is just as important is that is to make sure that the enemy doesn’t get stronger. If two Demon Kings were to appear, then the situation would be absolutely unavoidable. I want to prevent Krebskrum from completely reviving.」
Rem nodded.
「……Sylvie, I can understand your aim. I feel the same way. Do you have some sort of specific plan?」
「Of course! If I didn’t, I wouldn’t expressly come all the way out to the royal capital.」
Sylvie pulled an envelope from her pocket.
──Where did that just come out from?
Diablo looked closely at her. The envelope was bigger than Sylvie’s clothes that only covered the minimum amount of area. It bothered him, but with the situation being as it was, he decided to not make a retort about that.
Rem accepted the envelope.
「……So it was Celes.」
「That’s right.」
Celestine Bordorel was the head of the Faltra Magician’s Guild. Not only was she the supreme leader of it, she was also the magical power source that maintains the protective barrier.
If she were to die or to leave the town, then the barrier that protects Faltra City from Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts would disappear.
That Celes favored Rem as if she were a little sister. She also knew that the Demon King was sealed within her.
After reading the letter that came from her, Rem’s eyes went wide open.
「……This is!?」
「What’s wrong?」
「Ah, sorry. Here.」
Rem held the letter out.
With a composed att.i.tude, Diablo turned his head to the side.
「Hmph……Celes’ letter, a majority of it is surely a long-winded greeting. You should make a summary of it.」
──I can’t read the letters.
He couldn’t say that though since it would be uncool.
Rem nodded.
「……The greeting certainly is long. Erm……It seems that she’s learned of the method to take out the Demon King Krebskrum that remains within me.」
「……That Ceremony Magic is, handed down in the Dark Elf country, is what it says.」
「Did you say Dark Elf!?」
When compared to Humans, Elves were small in number. And what is even scarcer than them, are the Dark Elves.
It was believed that Dark Elves were a variety of Elves that had Demonic Being blood mixed in. The authenticity of it was unclear.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, Elves had white skin, blond hair, blue eyes, and thin bodies. Dark Elves basically had tanned skin, black hair, and black eyes.
In the game, it was possible to customize the color scheme of one’s skin and eyes but……
──In this other world, I wonder how it is? I still haven’t met with a real Dark Elf.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there was one more significant difference between Elves and Dark Elves in their physical characteristics.

Dark Elves have voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

They weren’t exceptions like Shera, all of them were big breasted……No, their setting was “enormous breasted”. That was the

the game’s story. He had no idea how they were in this other world.
──I am incredibly curious about it!
「Rem, do you plan on trying to visit the country of Dark Elves?」
「Let’s see……I would even if it was only to confirm if the ceremony was truly pa.s.sed down. Merely, I do not know the location of that country.」
「Isn’t it near the Greenwood Kingdom?」
In the MMORPG, the Dark Elves lived in the same forest as the Elves.
Sylvie nodded.
「Diablo-san, you sure are well-informed. That’s how it should be. I haven’t gone there though.」
「Hmph……I am a Demon King after all, so of course I am.」
Thank goodness he wasn’t mistaken.
Rem nodded.
「……I would like to try visiting the Dark Elf country. Right now, I do not know how things will turn out, but there are no other clues.」
Sylvie approved.
「I think that’s good! However, since the Dark Elves don’t welcome outsiders, you need to be plenty careful.」
「……It is because they are discriminated against similar to Demons. It might only be natural that they would be vigilant against other races.」
「In the past, it seems that they were treated as Demonic Beings, and were attacked by the Lifelia Kingdom army.」
「So that sort of thing had happened as well……」
「There’s a suitable reason why the Dark Elves are so fewー.」
Diablo placed his elbows on the table.
「Re, if you are going to visit the country of the Dark Elves, I do not mind going together with you, you know?」
「……Thank you very much, Diablo……But, Shera should be wanting to return home as soon as possible. That is why, I was thinking of trying to visit the Dark Elf country alone.」
「What did you say!?」
「……After being told by Sylvie, I remembered. I am originally an Adventurer that acts alone. After having summoned you, Diablo, it was always the three of us but……If the need is there, then I have no objections against acting separately.」
「However, they are Dark Elves, you know?」
He was curious as to if their b.r.e.a.s.t.s really were voluptuous──Ah, no, that wasn’t it, it was because it might be dangerous.
He was genuinely worried about her. He did not have a single shameful feeling. At least he shouldn’t.
Rem was surprisingly stubborn about it.
「……It is alright. Since I will only inquiring about the Ceremony Magic, even if the Dark Elves are said to not welcome outsiders, I should be able to talk with them at least. More importantly, Diablo, please be at Shera’s side. Right now, that is surely what is needed for that girl.」
Certainly, the circ.u.mstances of the Greenwood Kingdom are obscure. Sending Shera back alone was impossible.
To head to the Dark Elf country after straightening up Shera’s matter was……inefficient.
For Rem, the fact that the Demon King Krebskrum was within her was a problem that could influence life, and was the biggest matter of concern and interest for her. It was only natural that she couldn’t postpone it.
It was reasonable to act separately.

「That sort of thing is, no good!」

The door opened, and what came in together with the shout was──Shera.
She was still dressed in her sleep-wear, and she had bed hair. Her complexion had returned when compared to a few days ago, but her cheeks were thin as if she were emaciated. Since she had done nothing but sleep the whole time, and did not have proper meals, it couldn’t be helped.
Shera drew closer to Rem.
「Going to Blackwood alone is absolutely no good, Rem!」
「……Calm down, Shera. Is your physical condition doing better?」
「Ah, un. Since I was feeling a bit better, I was thinking that man, I am hungry~……And then, there was a nice smell.」
「I understand……First of all, have a seat, and be sure that you don’t suddenly overeat. It should be alright if you start from the soup.」
For the first time in a while, Shera sat down in a seat for a meal.
Sylvie raised one hand.
「Yaa, Sherchan! It’s been a while, hasn’t itー」
「Ah, it’s Sylvie-san, it’s been a whileー. What’s up?」
「I had some business with Rem-san.」
「That’s right, Rem! Blackwood is dangerous, you know!?」
The point of the conversation hectically changed.
Both Rose and Horun were the type that didn’t talk all that much on their own. He got an actual feeling that it had been a while since it was noisy by three women.
In contrast to Shera who looked to be somewhat agitated, Rem calmly replied.
「Blackwood……Is that, the country of the Dark Elves?」
「Un, although it isn’t big enough to be called a country! It is right next to the Greenwood Kingdom.」
「……It looks like it was just as Diablo said. However, are you saying that it is dangerous to go there alone?」
「That’s right. It’s because it’s said that Dark Elves eat people of the Races! Elven kids are disciplined by telling them that “bad kids will get eaten by Dark Elves”.」
「……Have there been Elves that were actually eaten?」
「Although I haven’t seen it, whenever someone disappears, it gets rumored that they were eaten by Dark Elves.」
「……Negative rumors that have no proof is called “gossip”, and one sidedly a.s.suming the race as the reason is called “discrimination”.」
「But, there are kids that have disappeared, you know?」
「……Thinking about it sensibly, if a person of the Races disappears in the forest, you should suspect monsters.」
「I seeー……Come to think of it, my elder Nii-san was eaten by a Demonic Beast, wasn’t he.」
「……Ah……I’m sorry.」
「Nn? Ahh, don’t worry about it. That’s a story that happened before I was born after all? Since he was a Nii-san that I hadn’t met, it’s at the level where I feel “so that kind of thing happenedー”.」
「……I understand that Elves are negative about Dark Elves. And then, after receiving such treatment, it’s only natural that the Dark Elf side would be vigilant towards Elves and other races.」
「It’s dangerous!」
「……So it would seem. It feels that the cause was on the Elves’ side though……However, I want to investigate the Ceremony Magic as soon as possible.」
「Then, let’s go there!」
Rem was dumbfounded by Shera’s proposition.
「Eh? But, your father is……」
「Of course I want to go home immediately, you know? But, Rem, you can’ go to Blackwood alone! It would be alright if Diablo went together with you though.」
「What are you saying! Did you forget how you were abducted by Prince Kiira!? We fought against more that 200 Elves in order to help you out of there. Sending you back to that sort of country alone, that’s not possible. Shera, you’re the one that should move together with Diablo!」
Before, they used to quarrel with each other saying “I was the one that summoned Diablo”.
Now, they were quarreling saying “you should be together with him”.
They were the same as usual.
Sylvie asked a question.
「Diablo-san, are you able to split yourself with magic?」
「That’s impossible. If it’s just an illusion, then I can make one, but it could only separate about ten meters away from me.」
「Although I only tried asking that as a joke, that in itself is amazing! But, this is troubling.」
「It is possible that the Greenwood Kingdom will try to restrain or detain Shera in the country. That being said, Blackwood also seems to be dangerous. I cannot let either of them go alone.」
「Haha……You sure are overprotective, aren’t you, Diablo-san.」
Being teased like that, he felt like his face was going to involuntarily go red.
After he grabbed a thick sausage, Diablo thrust it into Sylvie’s mouth.
「Don’t say such a foolish thing! Both Rem and Shera are my property. Whether they are Elves or Dark Elves, if they lay a hand on them, then I only have to annihilate them. That is all!」
Holding the sausage in her mouth, Sylvie’s eyes darted about.
「Fuarehokafuongogofue……Ngu ngu……Puhah! Making me hold something thick in my mouth so suddenly, you’re so mean, Diablo-san. My mouth, since it’s child-sized, it’ll break if you go overboard, you know?」
「You sure do eat a lot. Where does it all go?」
「Ahaha……My stomach sticks out and swells.」
After he talked with Sylvie, Rem and Shera drew near him.
「Are you listening, Diablo!?」
「Listen properly, Diablo!」
Reflexively being taken aback, the chair that he leaned his well-built body on creaked.
「Mu? What?」
「……Shera is saying to go to Blackwood first. Please do something about her.」
「I mean, there’s nothing I can do even if I hurry back home.」
「……You had enough of a shock that you got a fever, didn’t you?」
「Rem, it’s not important enough that I can just let you go to Blackwood alone!」
It seemed that while he had thrust something long and thick into Sylvie’s child-like mouth, Rem and Shera continued their conversation.
Diablo folded his arms.
「Hn……If Shera is saying that she is fine with going afterwards, would it not be fine to do that? It is not a place that is all that far either. Let us first go to Blackwood, and then go to the Greenwood Kingdom after that.」
「Rem, you are surprisingly the type to prioritize other people.」
*Piku!* Rem’s ears stood on end.
「Th, that sort of thing is……I believe it is normal.」
「Or could it be, are you afraid that if you prioritize yourself, then you will seem selfish?」
「……No, I have no intention of that……It’s merely, Shera’s problem is a family matter, while my problem is a personal matter.」
In regards to Shera’s home, along with the matter with Prince Kiira, they had heard various things. However, in regards to Rem’s past, she had not talked about it.
Diablo was poor at communication. Whenever he would start a conversation himself, his mind would end up going blank.
However, when it came to other people, he was able to calmly observe them.
──When it come to one’s own desires and

desires and another person’s convenience, it sure is difficult to put them on a balancing scale.
Although Rem had also went as far as to summon Diablo, it seemed that she was an Adventurer that preferred independent action. Although she excelled at negotiations, she was not used to being friends with others. Even though this and that are explained, those that are bad at communication would be unable to agree. As for why, it is because what controlled one’s actions was not reasoning but emotion──anxiety.
Wouldn’t they be disappointed in me? Wouldn’t they make fun of me? Wouldn’t they get angry? Wouldn’t our current relationship be broken?
Since there was no correct answer, the anxiety wouldn’t disappear after thinking about it.
That is why one’s own desire would be first thing to be postponed. It is because if the other party is prioritized to the maximum degree, then that anxiety is at its lowest.
As a result, they will seem stubborn by those around them though.
──But, even if I said this theory out loud, there wouldn’t be any meaning to it.
The current Rem was afraid of prioritizing herself and disappointing Shera. What was needed wasn’t persuasion.
Diablo stood up from his chair.
「You all are mistaken. When did I allow you to discuss this? I am the Demon King, I am the leader, therefore the one to decide will be me! We will first head to Blackwood. I shall destroy those that oppose me!」
「N, no way……!?」
Shera put her hands on Rem’s hands as she had half-risen to her feet.
「Look! Since Diablo decided it, there’s no other choice!」
「……Are you really fine with this?」
「Yeah. Although the stuff about Tou-san, was a bit fast and surprising……I had resolved myself for it, ever since I left home. That’s why, it’s alright. Right now, Rem’s thing comes first.」
「……I’m sorry.」
*Gyu* Shera put strength into her hands.
「That’s wrong! It’s “thank you”, you know?」
「……Ah……That’s true. Thank you very much, Shera.」
「And then, Diablo……To you as well.」
「Hmph……It was not for your sake. I had merely grown an interest in that country of Dark Elves or whatever. There is no need for grat.i.tude.」
Rem’s eyes became wet.
「Fufu……You are always like that……」
Diablo turned his back to her.
──Well, in actuality, it’s still too early to be thanking me. Even if we go to the country of Dark Elves, we don’t know if they do have the Ceremony Magic that will take the Demon King remains out from Rem.
Sylvie raised her hand.
「I’ll go too!」
「Not only were to you deliver the letter, you were also to act as an escort, that was Celes’ request──Is that how it is?」
「As expected, you have good judgement. That’sー howー it is.」
To have the Guildmaster of the Adventurer’s Guild move herself, a large reward must have gone into it.
Rem sighed.
「As usual……Celes, you’re so meddlesome.」
「It can’t be helped. Since the Demon King might revive if this all fails, it’s only natural to be cautious.」
With the conversation of the girls at his back, Diablo left the common room behind.


Part 4

Lifelia Kingdom Calendar Year 164, September 30──
Diablo walked through the streets of the royal capital.
Only Rem was beside him.
「……Going out with just the two of us, this is the first time, isn’t it.」
When she tried saying that, there were several times where he went out alone with Shera, but he had no memory of being only with Rem. There were many times where he ended up being alone with her at inn room though.
「……Why, is it only me?」
「Horun is in the middle of studying──And Rose, on top of her appearance standing out, she would cause trouble in negotiations after all.」
In Rose’s case, if someone were to make a remark that looked down on Diablo, she would immediately try to use force on them. She was reliable when monsters appeared, but she would be troublesome in the town.
And Shera was still on the sickbed.
「Also, it seems that Sylvie had some business to take care of.」
She was showing her face at the town’s Adventurer’s Guild. Since she had very few chances to come to the royal capital, she said that there was someone that she wanted to meet with. She also said that she would visit the king for the sake of of showing grat.i.tude for the solatium from the other day.
Rem made a wry smile.
「……How unfortunate. I was hoping that it was because you wanted to go on a date alone with me.」
「Wh, what?」
「Fufu……It’s a joke. And so, what do you mean by negotiations?」
After being strangely conscious of it, it felt like his cheeks were getting hot.
He remembered the advice that was circulated on the internet together with cruel failure stories.
”Those that take a female party member’s joke seriously, die”
Diablo hid his agitation, and snorted.
「Hmph……Saying such foolish things. Listen well, the negotiation I speak of……is to buy a carriage.」
He had learned of the distance to the Greenwood Kingdom from Shera, but it would take too much time on foot.
And then, Blackwood was even further.
Rem made a displeased face.
「……You haven’t forgotten that I am weak with vehicles, have you?」
「If it’s a large-sized carriage, then it would be somewhat better, wouldn’t it?」
「……Well, as long as there is very little shaking.」
When they rode on small-sized sand ships and wagons, Rem was in an uproar, but she was calmer on the large-sized sand ship and stagecoach. It seemed that there was “shaking she disliked”.
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「Although it will be somewhat expensive, since we have a lot of people, I intend on buying a large-sized carriage. Also, when you become useless, the troubles increase after all.」
「Ah, how about everyone runs over there!? ……No, nevermind.」
It seems that even she thought that what she blurted out was ridiculous.
Rem cleared her throat and corrected herself.
「……When headed to a distant place, you would either use a stagecoach, or accompany a caravan but……since it seems that the Greenwood Kingdom does not have a highway, it cannot be helped. It is ironic how going to a country of the Races is much more troublesome than going to Zircon Tower City which is in the Former Demon King territory.」
「There wouldn’t be any difficulty if I were to go alone though.」
「……Diablo, if you were alone, then there wouldn’t be any reason for you to go to the country of the Elves to begin with.」
「That in itself would be boring.」
「……Since we are buying a carriage, it seems like it will be a little while before we depart, doesn’t it?」
It wasn’t just because this was another world──Carriages are not simple vehicles that one can take from the place that one bought it and immediately be able to depart. Including both the horses and the frame, some sort of preparations were needed.
「It is because Shera had not made a full recovery yet. This is just perfect, isn’t it?」
Incidentally, Horun had been given homework from Lumachina, and has shut herself up in her room at the inn.
It seems that she will be able to enrol in the Magic Academy in several days.
However, since the first-year student lessons started at the beginning of September, she needed to catch up on that nearly one month delay.
Walking beside him, Rem peeked over and turned her gaze at him.
「……At that time, if I had succeeded in the Summoning alone at 《Starfall Tower》, I wonder if I would have walked alone together with you through the town just like this.」
「Maybe. Could it be, are you still quarrelling with Shera as to which one of you had summoned me?」
「Of course not……As you’d expect, I already understand. That, had surely succeeded because there was the two of us. At that time, I had thought that Shera was a mere novice but……That girl is a genius.」
「So it would seem.」
It seemed that Shera could see the flow of magical power. The ability that people with a fair amount of talent would pile long times of practice and then finally acquire, she was somehow able to use it since childhood.
Rem was in the middle of training for it, and it seemed that it would still take some time for her.
「……If Shera studied correctly, then she would surely become a first-rate Summoner. Well, with her talent with the bow, I feel like she could become a heroine with it but……How regrettable.」
「She has mistaken her path.」
Shera was an outstanding Archer. She wasn’t measured at the Adventurer’s Guild, she was most likely at around level 80 in it. Since Elves lived long lives, if she had settled on the bow, she would have had the calibre to be a heroine.
Rem abruptly asked a question.
「……Diablo, do you remember? I was attacked by a Demonic Being in Faltra City, right?」
「Something like that did happen, didn’t it.」
「In the fight against the Demonic Being Gregor, I nearly lost my life. If things had gone wrong, Celes would have also been killed, and the barrier protecting the town might have been lost.」
At that time, thanks to Emil rushing over and persevering, Diablo was able to make it in time.
「What of it?」
「……Isn’t Shera stronger than Gregor?」
「Fumu. It would depend on the way they fought, but she might be able to win.」
If it was now, since she had the Magic Bow that she received from Krum, it would surely be an easy victory.
「As I thought……」
Rem nodded.
Even if they were companions, having felt the difference in their talents, it probably couldn’t be helped that she was feeling down. Rather, it was probably because they were companions.
Diablo placed a hand on Rem’s shoulder.
「You are a plenty high leveled Summoner. Since leveled Summoner. Since you also have the equipment that I had given you, you would surely win against Gregor as well if you fought now.」
Rem stared at him.
「……At times, you are surprisingly kind.」
Certainly, cheering up a sullen little girl wasn’t Demon King-like.
Diablo averted his gaze.
「Hahn! I merely stated facts. Do not be mistaken.」
「Pardon me for that……」
While saying that, Rem remained expressing a delighted smile.
The carriage store that was recommended to him from an inn employee came into view.


Part 5

It was a place that was down a side street from the main street.
It was at the edge of the Sixth District. It was on the inner part of the rampart, but there weren’t that many people, and warehouses could be seen here and there.
There was a body height fence, and a lawn was spread out inside of it.
Horses were there.
Some were ashen and some were olive brown, and their legs were thick and short. They were cart-horses. Although they weren’t all that fast, they specialized in transporting heavy luggage, could walk a long time, and were st.u.r.dy.
At the edge of the site, there was a building made of bricks. So that was the carriage store. Most likely, there were carriages inside of it.
The large doors that were like castle gates seemed like they were for carriage use.
Next to it, there was a small iron door.
Rem knocked on it.
After a little while, there was the sound of a lock being undone from the inside, and the iron door opened.
A male Dwarf that had grown a long beard showed himself. He had loosely drooping dog ears, and a bushy tail.
Looking at Diablo and Rem, he talked rapidly.
「So you’re Adventurers! This is a carriage store. If you’re looking for a stagecoach or a horse-drawn cab, go to the main street.」
「P, please wait! We came to purchase a carriage.」
「What, so you were customers! Well then, come on in.」
His att.i.tude suddenly became friendly.
Going through the iron door, it ended up looking like a small bar.
There was a wooden counter, and it was lined with chairs that were waist high. On the walls, things related to carriages such as wheels and whips were hung as items of artwork.
The Dwarf salesperson went behind the counter.
「Incidentally, who were you referred by?」
「……An employee of Phoenix House.」
「What? Did you stay there?」
「……We’ve stayed there for about ten days already.」
「I’m surprised! You guys are some outrageous Adventurers. Did you discover a mountain of treasure or something!? Ahh, what would you like to drink? Ale? Wine? I also have whiskey, you know?」
「No, alcohol is a bit……Could I have some coffee.」
While Rem was talking, Diablo looked around at the inside of the store and waited.
He was poor at chatting. Their objective was confidential, and communication skills were excessively required.
If I’m going into a store, I want to be shown a merchandise catalogue──is what Diablo earnestly desired.
Unfortunately, the shopping in this other world wasn’t impersonal, but rather, it was completed through dialogue.
Rem asked a question.
「……Do you have a stock of carriages? One that does not shake as much as possible.」
「We have a whole bunch! It’s because we have an extensive scale that goes from military use ones to ones oriented to n.o.bles. By the way, do you really not need any alcohol? I also have brandy, you know?」
「……Coffee please.」
「So how many people, and how far?」
Finally, it seemed that they entered the negotiations.
Having had Rem turn her gaze towards him, Diablo answered.
「We are entering the Elven forest. Since we will be going as far as the country of Dark Elves──Blackwood, we want a carriage where about five people could board it and load heavy luggage.」
The Dwarf knitted his eyebrows.
「The Elven forest!? Blackwood you say!? You’re better off not going, their nature is the worst!」
「I will not say it again.」
When Diablo glared at him, the salesperson drew his head back.
「Got it. Our horses are able to enter the forests, and are smart enough that they won’t run away even if monsters come out. Next is the frame huh. We have some that can board six people. By the way, what do you mean by heavy luggage?」
Rem took over back the talks.
「……Since one person, is a bit heavy……If chairs are not possible, then a luggage carrier is fine as well.」
「And about how heavy are they?」
「About a knight equipped with full plate armor.」
About as heavy as that riding on a horse as well──is what Diablo appended. Before, when he ended up in a situation where he had to support her with one hand, it was enough where he was unable to support her even with his level 150 physical strength. There was no mistaking it.
The Dwarf guffawed.
「Wahahaha! That sure is heavy! Heavier than a cow! What a heavy guy!」
「……Yes, that’s true.」
Rem breathed a sigh of relief, thinking “thank goodness we didn’t take Rose along”. Since she hated being criticized as “heavy”, she would have driven her double-headed sword into this Dwarf salesperson.
There wasn’t a horse that Rose could mount. That is why they needed a large carriage.
Laughing to the point that he was choking a bit, the salesperson finally got back to the discussion.
「I do have carriages that could carry that stupidly heavy fellow, but I recommend a four horse coach. When pulled by any less than that, they will be immediately exhausted. Since Blackwood is far away, their legs might go bad.」
「……What would the price be?」
「What do you want for the interior design? For n.o.bles, they would put money into the interior design. Do you want curtains and lace added?」
「Please do it at the bare minimum?」
「Oya? You have money, don’t you?」
「……I hate wasting money.」
「It isn’t a waste. A splendid interior design will enrich the spirit.」
「……Since I do not possess a spirit that is poor enough that it wouldn’t be enriched without a splendid interior design, it is fine.」
「Wahahaha! You say some good stuff. Got it, I’ll put an interior design only needed for travel. Since it would be better to keep the wind and rain out, I’ll put a canopy. You’re fine with benches and blankets, right?」
「That’s fine.」
「And wine casks will be beneath the seats.」
「No, that isn’t needed.」
「What? So you won’t be drinking alcohol in the middle of your travels? Then why are you traveling?」
「……It’s because we have an objective.」
Rem held her forehead.
Really, it’s worrying to tell if they would be alright with this store.
The Dwarf salesperson took a blueprint out from underneath the counter.
It was for a six person, four horse, medium-sized carriage.
He added some memos with a quill pen.
「It’s better to put the heavy things above the rear wheel axis. It will shake a bit, but it will less the burden on the horses. And then, the foothold when getting on board, the floor, the bearing, and the wheels……The places that will bear the heavy load will all be reinforced.」
「……Reinforced huh.」
「It’d be best to use parts of large-sized carriages. Those can carry tens of people, and since the military uses them to transport soldiers, it’ll definitely be durable.」
「I see. So how much will the estimate be?」
「Ahー, with this……Well, including the remodeling, I suppose it’ll be about 20,000,000 F (Furis)? If I do the more detailed calculations, it might increase a bit more.」
Rem froze up.
Diablo nodded.
「We’ll take it.」
「Thanks for the business!」
The Dwarf salesperson showed a smile.
Rem jumped up.
「Ple……Please wait! That could buy a house in Faltra City you know!?」
He had expected a large sum of money.
It was possible to buy a carriage even in the MMORPG Cross Reverie. It was a bit cheaper, but that was probably for the remodeling.
Since Diablo emphasized efficiency and used Transfer, and since he didn’t travel with a party, he had never bought a carriage before but……
「Are you serious!? Do you plan on using most of the reward that we received from Lumachina!?」
「It is because there is no telling how long it would take if we were to walk there.」
「……I won’t be frugal with labor, you know?」
「What I am frugal with is time. The movements of that bothers me. It would be best to quickly finish up and return to Faltra City.」
Going *Ah……*, Rem also noticed.
What he meant by “that” was naturally about the Demon King that was said to have awakened.
「Th, that’s true……Diablo, it’s just as you say……It would be best to hurry.」
The Demon King army that tried to make an onslaught on Zircon Tower City might come to Faltra City next. There was a possibility that Diablo’s absence at that time would have a large effect.
This time, there was Rem’s gathering of information on the Ceremony Magic, as well as Shera’s returning home, but they also had to prepare for the imminent outbreak of war.
They asked the Dwarf salesperson for a detailed quote.
「Osh, I’ll calculate it right away. However, the remodeling will take about ten days, you know? Even the horses, I’ll have to arrange some oriented for long trips.」
「……I understand. However, I will be taking the estimate to other carriage stores as well.」
「Wahaha! As expected of a first-cla.s.s Adventurer, you sure are shrewd! But I’ll say this right now, in terms of skill, I’m the best.」
「Fufu……I will take that into account.」
As he thought, Rem was reliable in negotiations.
Since the discussion was settled, they decided to take their leave from the store.
Just as they had opened the iron door, the Dwarf salesperson verified something as if to make sure.
「By the way, do you really not need the wine casks?」

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