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Chapter Epilogue


At the time when the wings of light spread out in Faltra City’s North District──
Alicia Cristella was inside of the large army of Demonic Beings.
Surrounded by those strange-looking beings of various sizes, they were on standby with the intent of attacking Faltra City.
Edelgart was next to her.
「Ohh, Krebskrum-sama is~!!」
She raised a voice of delight, and those in the surroundings were in agreement with her.
「Just as~, Alicia said!」
「No, I simply did what I was instructed to do by Priest-sama. I made a person important to Krum-sama, and then devised a plan that would destroy that person.」
「Difficult~, thing……Incredible」
「For me, who is a weak person of the Races, I can only do this much……」
「If Demon King-sama, revived~, everyone can receive magical power! Even wounds can be healed! Can win against Races? Can win!」
Hearing Edelgart’s words, the Demonic Beings raised their voices.

The light wings that appeared in Faltra City stabbed the heavens.
A magic formation developed in the sky.
That itself is proof of Krebskrum-sama’s existence! is what the Demonic Beings clamored.
Alicia’s set up had succeeded.
Her ambition was being carried out.
She calmly waited for the moment of delight.

The Demonic Beings were waiting for Faltra City’s barrier to be broken.

If Demon King Krebskrum, who

had awakened inside of the town, destroyed either the Magician’s Guild or one of the barrier’s towers, the Demonic Beings would rush into the town.
Faltra City would surely become the place of the festival that congratulated the Demon King’s revival.
There were many Demonic Beings that got on board with Edelgart’s proposition. It wasn’t just the 100 Demonic Beings of the Edelgart faction.
The Demonic Beings of the Baal faction had also come.
Ourou had also come.
The light wings had appeared. The magic formation that indicated the Demon King also spread out.
Just when would the barrier be broken!?
The moment of delight──
didn’t come.

Everything returned to silence.

Edelgart muttered 「Krebskrum-sama’s presence became smaller」, and Alicia discerned that her strategy had failed.
The one that drew near to where those two were first, was Ourou.
A gigantic owl that had grown a single horn and was flying in the sky raised a stern voice.
「What is the meaning of this? Demon King Krebskrum-sama’s light wings and magic formation have vanished?」
It was a tone that was criticizing them.
The Demonic Beings that were in the surroundings also started to blame Edelgart and Alicia.
The Baal faction thought about nothing but killing people of the Races. Once they understood that that was impossible, they

they quickly withdrew to the forest.
However, maybe because they had a grudge from the battle the other day, the Ourou faction didn’t calm down.
「We shall have you take responsibility for having a great number of Demonic Beings undergo a fool’s errand.」
Going “That’s right! That’s right!”, the Demonic Beings raised their fists overhead.
The Demonic Beings of the Edelgart faction had those that advocated for her, but conversely, those that supported Ourou also began to appear.
That was probably inevitable.
This was the second time that Edelgart’s dispatching of troops had failed.
Not once had they pa.s.sed through Fort Bridge Ulg.
And then, the failure of this strategy was also Alicia’s responsibility.
However, to be killed by Demonic Beings out of revenge for the failure without destroying the Races, it was too meaningless.
Alicia was mortified.
Edelgart whispered into her ear.
「Once signal made~, run……to town?」

Going *waa waa*, the fellow Demonic Beings quarreled.
They were originally beings that were rougher than the Races. Because of that, they normally lived separated from each other so that they wouldn’t face each other.
Even though the quarrelling would change into them killing each other, it didn’t require that much time to do so.
Naturally, the Demonic Beings bared their fangs at Alicia, who was

who was the cause of the failure as well as a person of the Races.
Edelgart made her lance rotate.
「《Swing Spike》ッ!!」
Suddenly using a 《Martial Art》, she mowed down the Demonic Beings that drew near.
The opening of hostilities began.
With their companions knocked down, the Demonic Beings of the Ourou faction pressed forward to Edelgart.
At that time, the one that kicked the Demonic Beings about and came running was, Edelgart’s favorite mount.
It was the Demonic Beast 《Grand Dragon》.
Possessing a st.u.r.dy body, it could dash across the earth faster than any monster. Naturally, even the Demonic Beings couldn’t overtake it.
Being ordered to do so, Alicia ran.
She didn’t look behind her.
She might have her upper half of her body taken by a Demonic Being’s fangs in the next moment.
But even so, she couldn’t do anything but believe in Edelgart.
It was fine if she became the cornerstone for the sake of annihilating the Races.
However, becoming prey of a diversion in a place like this, it was nothing but dying in vain.
An impact ran through her on her flank.
──I was killed!?
It was enough of an impact for her to think that her internal organs were smashed.
However, what hit her flank was, an arm that an arm that held her.
It was Edelgart.
Blood was gushing out from her head.
「WHA!? Were you severely hit, Edelgart-sama!?」
「Don’t ta~lk……you’ll bite tongue.」
「Even I have an understanding of horsemanship. I am not that much of an amateur.」
She was at least able to talk without injuring her tongue while on horseback.
Edelgart nodded.
「Then……could it be.」
Alicia was pulled up, and she straddled the Grand Dragon.
After that, Edelgart suddenly collapsed.
If the Grand Dragon hadn’t supported her with one hand, she probably would have fallen off.
Alicia frantically grabbed the reins.
With there being a countless number of small thorns on it, and her not wearing any gloves, a sharp pain ran through her hands.
When she supported Edelgart who had collapsed, her hand became sticky with blood.
They separated from the Demonic Beings that were chasing them.
The Grand Dragon was strangely fast.
They pa.s.sed through Fort Bridge Ulg but──surprisingly, the guards were gone. Could it be that there was an evacuation order because the number of Demonic Beings was too large?
They approached Faltra City.
Alicia bit her lip.
She wanted to annihilate the Races. She wanted to see a world of beautiful Demonic Beings.
However, the current Alicia wanted to save Edelgart with all her heart.

To be continued

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