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Part 2

He climbed down the large tree that the royal family bedchamber was in.
In Diablo's hand, there was a branch that shined with magic. It was something he borrowed from the bedchamber.
That light shined on someone.
──Who is it?
It was a young, black Pantherian girl.
She had slender limbs, a budding chest, and a lean body build. Her night scene eyes opened wide.
「Eh!? Diablo, why……!?」
「Why if it isn't Rem. You as well, what's wrong?」
「Ugh……U, um……When I though about how you and Shera, would spend the night together……I just couldn't calm down.」
Although he sagaciously nodded, he had no idea what she meant.
Could it be that she figured out that he was actually an inexperienced person, and was worried if he could do it skillfully? Or, was she concerned about Shera's body? No, was she worried about the Mazoku making another attack?
Rem's expression was dark.
「……Are you already done?」
Naturally! is what he was about to say, but reconsidered it.
Tomorrow, if Shera were to talk, it seemed like his bluff would be exposed. To put up airs saying that he did when he actually didn't……putting it moderately, it would be so d.a.m.ned uncool.
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「Shera had fallen asleep you see.」
Rem breathed a sigh.
「……That does sound like her. But, Diablo, you won't sleep together with her?」
It's because I would be anguished and unable to sleep! is something he couldn't say.
「I did not like the bed of leaves.」
「I see. You might not be able to calm down with that.」
「We will be leaving early tomorrow. You should also go to sleep.」
「……We'll be returning to Faltra City, right.」
She had returned to her usual intellectual atmosphere. Was she in a strange state a little while ago?
Starting from neither one of them, they started to walk to the guest house. They illuminated the pitch dark forest with the shining branch he borrowed from the bedchamber.
Diablo told her the plan.
「First, it is Faltra.」
「……After that, will we be headed to a different place? I believe that there was a request from Sylvie saying that she wanted us to partic.i.p.ate in the city's defensive battle though?」
The Fortress City Faltra was the front line base of the people of the Races.
It was a personal request from Sylvie, the Adventurer's Guild Guildmaster of that city──She wanted them to cooperate in the fight to protect the town from the Demon King Army.
「This is necessary for the sake of that.」
As things are now, he was doubtful that he could win against the Great Demon King Modinalaam.
The Modinalaam that appeared in the MMORPG Cross Reverie was an enemy whose attribute values were abnormally high.
Now that it was absorbing other Demon Kings on top of that, he couldn't even predict its strength.
At the very least, it was an event that didn't occur in the game.
──Well, a great gathering of defeated bosses, that would be a cliche development though.
Rem talked with a smallish voice.
「……If Diablo thinks that it is needed, then it's surely needed. I also intend on doing everything that I can do myself.」
Suddenly, a question welled up.
「Now that you mention it, this is something I hadn't asked about before but……Rem, why did you become a Summoner? Pantherians are a race suited for close combat. They excel in STR and AGI.」
「On the other hand, they are a race with little MP. It is not a suitable occupation, is it?」
During the time a Summoned Beast is used, MP is constantly consumed. If several were summoned at the same time, an enormous amount would be consumed.
Rem talked after being silent for a bit.
「……It is because I thought that among the Adventurers, that was the safest. It's because I had a body that wasn't allowed to die.」
The Demon King Krebskrum was sealed within Rem's body. Like a curse inherited from mother to daughter.
「……However, now, thanks to you Diablo, I was able to take the Demon King's soul out from this body. I don't feel like I'll be defeated just yet, but it might be best to study a Cla.s.s suited for me.」
「Will you try developing as a Warrior-type?」
「……I am thinking of aiming higher as a Summoner. However, as of right now, I have a sense of impending crisis of not being useful to everyone.」
「That much huh.」
「……In the fight against the Demonic Beings from this afternoon, I wasn't even able to chase after the enemy with my eyes.」
「It was an opponent of considerable level after all.」
She held her own shoulders as she trembled.
「……The truth is, I had noticed this long ago. I, am weak.」
Diablo was unable to reply to Rem's muttering.
Right now, she was around a level 50 Summoner. Her abilities were considerably increased with the equipment of the treasury, but it was a fact that she was unsatisfactory.
After thinking a bit, he told her.
「To win against the Demonic Beings from this afternoon, one needs to be above level 100. There is a need to surpa.s.s the limit of the Races.」
「……The limit.」
I also intend on develop abilities as a Warrior──are the words that Diablo swallowed.
He had told this to Rose, but he kept it a secret from others.
Training because the next enemy seemed strong didn't fit the image of a Demon King. Isn't waiting for the Hero to level up little by little what a Demon King does?
Diablo placed a hand on Rem's head.
「Do not worry. Advance onwards. No matter how far it seems, face towards your own ideals, and do not run away from the first step that is right in before you. If you do, then you will surely not regret it.」
「……It is just as you say. I had lost my objective after having the Demon King Krebskrum's soul taken out, and having personally seen the Demonic Beings' strength, I seemed to have been impatient.」
「For today, you should get a good night's sleep. As for what to do next, you should think about it tomorrow after you wake up.」
The guest house came into sight right then.

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