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Part 2

The time was one hour past noon──
It was the plaza in front of the large tree.
Decoration strings of various colors hung from up in the trees. Maybe there were gla.s.s beads tied to them as they sparkled and shined.
Flowers bloomed as if encircling the area. They weren't lined up in flowerpots, but bloomed from the ground as if from flower beds. However, this was a wedding ceremony that was decided on yesterday. Since there is no way they bloomed with great timing, they were probably transplanted.
Benches were lined up, and were covered in velvety cloth.
Those with n.o.ble positions even among the Elves took those seats. The others stood as if to surround the venue and watched.
A great number of Elves, enough to make one feel amazed that there were this many of them with in the forest, had gathered. A majority of the people that were in Greenwood had probably come here. Since the enthronement of a king concerned the forest's continuance, it was only natural that their interest would be high, and that they would think that they want to see the celebration.
A carpet stretched out at the center of the place of ceremony.
It seemed to be a carpet that used golden thread.
Although it preserved harmony with nature, an important point was that it also adopted a design that made one feel its extravagance. It was something quite splendid.
Rem sat down at the end of the front row as a guest.
Next to her, Rose was there with an open seat in between them.
She was restless.
「……Diablo, it looks like he hasn't come yet, doesn't it?」
「He cannot be sensed even with this Rose's sensor. It is due to there being too many people……Kuh.」
Without Diablo around, the Magimatic Maid was restless.
The ceremony was going to start soon.
However, the figures of Diablo and Rafleisha weren't there.
「……The two of them left separately, right?」
「Yes. The Dark Elf had left before dawn.」
「……With Rafleishsama's body, could something have happened? Even though she was asked by the Queen to attend……To think that the side that wants the promise to be kept, would be the one to break the promise.」
「Data is insufficient. A conjecture is impossible.」
「……Could it be that she was attacked by a wild animal or something?」
「I do not know, but wild animals able to injure people of the Races, I cannot sense any of them in the vicinity.」
「……It does seem like Elves do patrol the area after all.」
Rem breathed a sigh.
「……Diablo seemed to have some sort of idea. I think it would be fine if he talked at least a few words about it to me though.」
「I believe that he did not find you trustworthy.」
Going *Muー*, Rem glared at her.
Rose remained expressionless as usual, and faced forward like a stone statue.
Although she tried putting her displeasure on her face──she thought that what she said was pertinent. People were creatures that would take offense when the bull's-eye is pointed out. Things pointed out that were off point could be laughed off with just being exasperated about them.
Rem dropped her shoulders.
「……That might be true. Should we split up and try searching for him?」
「That is denied. This Rose was commanded by Master to "stick close to Rem" after all.」
「……Ahh, is that so.」
In other words, if it wasn't for her, Diablo would have used Rose as a p.a.w.n to move──is what Rem thought.
Wasn't she just dragging him down?
──How pathetic.
She grumbled that in her mouth.

*Jyaーn!* A string instrument rang.

The orchestra that was at the edge of the venue started a musical performance.
From a quiet sound that seemed like the warble of a songbird, the instruments steadily increased, and it changed into a magnificent composition.
Maybe due to doing nothing but that sort of thing all year long, the Elves' musical performance was done with superb competency. Even Rem who was not all that knowledgeable about music was able to understand that their skill wasn't common.
The composition completed its first stage.
The master of ceremonies announced the start of the marriage ceremony.
「Ooh, G.o.ds in heaven, Your Majesty, Queen, everyone in attendance, citizens of the Greenwood Kingdom, give your blessings to the wonderful day known as today!」
It was a clear tone that seemed like he was singing at the top of his voice.
A verse of the scriptures was read aloud.
And then next, Durango the bridegroom appeared from the right. They say that the clothes make the man, but even if a pig-faced man wears a pure white dress suit, the ambiance is……
「……As I thought, it's questionable.」
「I am of the same evaluation.」
「……It's rare that our opinions match.」
Durango exchanged bows with the priest that stood on the altar. And then, he also lowered his head to the Queen who was at the front row of the attendees.
The master of ceremonies raised his voice without any hesitation.
The bride enters!
Rem turned around.
The end of the central golden thread path was covered by a curtain. From there, a figure appeared──It was Shera.
She was a princess dressed in a white dress.
Rem was captivated.
Even the attendees were the same.
For an instance──Even the musical performance stopped, even the wind disappeared, and even the voices of the birds vanished. The venue was enveloped by a painful silence.
Before long, a stir was spread amongst the guest seating.
Occasionally, there were moments where she thought that Shera was beautiful, but due to her usual stupid speech and conduct, there were few times where she thought that.
Right now, she could clearly say it.
──She is beautiful.
It might be strange for someone of the same s.e.x to harbor this sort of impression. However, this wasn't in the meaning of s.e.xual attraction, and was an impression similar to when seeing a wonderful painting or scenery.
Even her un-Elf-like curves were in harmony with the design of the dress.
The design of being open around the nape of her neck was probably due to the 《Slavery Choker》 being there. Concealment Magic was cast on it, but since it still existed, she couldn't wear clothes that covered the nape of her neck.
It was a beauty that could make one sigh for her.
However, Shera's expression was dark and depressed.
Her true feelings were in a different place. Even so, she chose her duty as Queen. Rem knew that.
She was the one that urged her to do so.

"Choosing a partner that can bless those around you right now is for the best──that is how I feel."

Even now, she felt that was the correct opinion.
However, Rem's chest hurt from seeing the submerged in despair expression that Shera was showing for the first time.
──I, might have made a terrible mistake.
Didn't she misjudge what it was that she truly should be protecting?
Her hands trembled.
Shera slowly advanced down the golden carpet.
Once this wedding ceremony finished, Durango would obtain Shera, and become the king of the Elves.
When she thought that he would certainly have the face of a winner……
He was furrowing his brow.
He was biting his lower lip, looking mortified. Or, it was an expression that made one feel pity.
Rose muttered.
「……It seems that in order to overcome a long-established custom, you threw yourself into dangerous adventures, and now you have finally expelled the Demon King's soul from yourself, correct?」
「Eh? Yeah.」
「……So that means that next, it is that Elf's turn to be tied down by a Demon King.」

Rem half rose to her feet.
Rose didn't make even the slightest movement.
「What is wrong? Correct things are, correct, are they not?」
「……I, I, made a mistake!」
As if to drown out Rem's sorrowful voice, the sound of the musical performance grew louder. As if to say that voices that would interrupt the ceremony that had started wouldn't be allowed, countless instruments shook the air.
Maybe because Rem had stood up──An Elven soldier that hung a long sword on his waist came rushing over to her.
「Milady, are you feeling sick?」
「That's not……」
「Come this way, milady. It is the middle of the ceremony right now. Either leave your seat, or please sit down.」
The life or death of the Greenwood Kingdom was hung on the balance in this ceremony. He was a guard that protected the ceremony.
Rem sat down.
Right now, leaving the place of ceremony was the same as running away.
Although he left a vigilant gaze on her, the Elven guard returned to his original position.
──I, am foolish, and powerless.
All the current Rem was allowed to do was keep quiet and hold still.
Shera, who had slowly advanced forward, stopped her feet.
She was already in front of the altar.
The priest raised his voice.
「Do you, bridegroom Durango……take the princess as your lifelong spouse, in both sickness and in health, in both joy and in sorrow, when there are blessings and when there are losses, to love her, to respect her, to comfort her, to help her, as long as you live, do you vow to devote your true heart to her?」
「Yes, I do.」
「Do you, Shera L. Greenwood……Take this man as your spouse?」

With her mouth remaining open, Shera didn't say anything.
The attendees made puzzled faces, and became a bit noisy.
The Queen, who sat in the frontmost seat, gave an instruction with her chin.
The priest made a small nod.
「O bride, deep in modesty, answer with silence as an affirmation──Do you take him as your spouse?」
「Very well! I have ascertained both of your feelings. Now then, in front of G.o.d, make the oath kiss!」
Durango nodded.
He approached one step away from the bride.
Durango grabbed Shera's arm as she tried to step back.
「Prepare yourself.」

Shera made a face that looked like she was going to cry.
In a place where she could reach her with ten steps if she ran, even though her companion was making that sort of face──Rem could do nothing but sit there.
She couldn't.
「……Kuh……I, have made a mistake.」
「Is that so.」
「……So what about the country. So what about the Demon King. I had, resolved myself to break away from those shackles!」
「Rose, had evaluated your opinion as correct.」
「……That's right! It's because it's correct, that I was mistaken!」
Rose, who had only faced forward the whole time, turned only her head this way. She pulled up the ends of her lips, and expressed a smile.
「Of course it is. And Master knew this.」
In the sky, something dazzlingly shined. The foliage of the large tree was blown away, torn to pieces.
──An explosion!?
The shock wave scattered the sound of the musical performance.

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