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Part 1

The next day──
Maybe because they had slept late at night, it was already past noon when he woke up.
Comforting sounds could be heard.
When he raised the upper half of his body on the bed, Rem, who had slept next to him, rubbed her eyes.
「Nya……nn……Ah, good morning, Diablo.」
「……For some reason, it is bustling, isn't it?」
「We'll probably know the reason if we ask Shera.」
There was no way that a princess who was about to be married would be allowed to sleep in the same room with another man. Shera wanted to act together with Diablo's group like she had done up until now, but she should have slept together with the Queen last night.
Rose stood alongside the wall.
She did not require sleep, and obtained magical power from Diablo.
「Good morning, My Master. Please give this Rose any sort of order you wish.」
「Umu. What is this uproar?」
「I shall do away with them and have them quiet down.」
「That is not what I meant.」
A knock could be heard.
Rose opened the door to their private room.
Rafleisha the Dark Elf raised one hand.
「Good morning, everyone. After hearing your speaking voices, I thought that you all had woken up. Hohoho……For Adventurers, you sure are late risers.」
「Hmph……A Demon King cannot move so easily. Indulging in indolence is also one of my responsibilities.」
「Meals have been prepared. Have you still not slept enough?」
Going "I will have it!", Rem slipped out from the bed. Diablo also put on his clothes and moved to the common room.
They surrounded the table.
As usual, the meal was nothing but fruits.
He did think that they were delicious, but he was impressed that the Elves didn't get tired of them.
Rafleisha, who sat on the opposite side of him, placed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s on the table with a *dosun*.
「Ara, this in itself is quite comfortable. I wonder if they could put it in my room, this thing called a teibul.」
「So they really are heavy.」
「Hohoho……Want to try lifting them? They totally are.」
Diablo involuntarily leaned forward.
Rem turned cold eyes towards him.
「……*Jito* (Stare)」
He felt an uncommon negative aura from Rose as well.
Although he regretted it, Diablo used all of his might to scornfully laugh and pretend that he wasn't interested.
「H, hmph……I have absolutely no interest. I am a Demon King after all!」
Rem turned her gaze outside.
「……By the way, what is that uproar? Is it something that happens everyday in the Elven country?」
「The singing and dancing are usual things. But, that is probably special. It is in celebration for the wedding after all.」
「……What do you mean by wedding?」
「Of course, Princess Shera's. It seems that the ceremony will happen the day after tomorrow but……Did you not know about it? The Elves here and there have been speaking of it, you know?」
「It is that quickly!?」
The arrangements for even a normal wedding would take close to a year. Even if it was sped up, it would take about three months. It wouldn't be strange for the wedding of royalty to have a preparatory period of several years. Not to mention that Elves lived long lives.
「Half a month has already pa.s.sed since the king's death. What do you think would happen if you didn't water a flowering plant for half a month?」
「……Is that a reason to hurry it up? What a ridiculous story. Shera's life isn't just water for gardening.」
「Hohoho……It is because leaders and slaves are similar. For the sake of the livelihood of the citizens, they seek out things to sacrifice themselves for, and are not allowed to run away.」
「……But this is way too hasty. Even if it is for the sake of the forest.」
「It might not just be that, right?」
「……I do not know many details about the Elves. Rafleishsama, could you please tell me what you know?」
She placed both of her hands on her oversized b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and then put her well-shaped chin on top of that.
「Since I am not an Elf either, I have nothing but stories I heard from long ago though.」
「I do not mind.」
「I have heard rumors that the Greenwood Kingdom was entrusted with an important thing from G.o.d, and that they have been protecting it all this time. And that the existence of the king was essential for that.」
「An important thing……is it.」
Diablo bit into a fruit, chewed it, and then swallowed.
And then, he stood up from his seat.
「We will get nowhere with nothing but guesses and hearsay. Let us get an explanation from Shera and the Queen. I do not know if they will agree to that though.」

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