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In a pitch dark room, she stood.
This place was, a place that was no where.
It was inside a dream.
She heard a voice.
From the bottom of the ground, a voice could be heard.

『Will you forget?』

It was not the voice of a person.
She must not listen to this.
Intuitively, she understood that, and covered her long ears with both hands.
Within the darkness, *botsun*, a bright place was made.
A child stood there.
It was a young Dark Elf boy.

『……Will you forget me?』

She opened her eyes wide.
Her lips trembled.
How many decades had it been, since she said his name.
The young boy talked.

『Are you going to forgive? Them? Even though I, died because of them!』

That was wrong, is what she understood in her reasoning.
The ones to blame were the Humans.

『In that case, after them, it’s the Humans. The Lifelia King cannot be forgiven.』

That too, it is already a thing of the past.
The young boy’s eyes became moist.

『So you’re going to forget……』

Nay. She wouldn’t forget. She would never forget.
But, they needed to continue on towards the future.

『Does that, mean that you, won’t forget your resentment?』

From the ends of the young boy’s lips, red lines flowed down.
From his chest, in contrast to that small slender body, a blade that was way too big, rushed out.
A spear that had a cross-shaped blade attached to it, pierced through the young boy from his back.
Blood gushed out.

『Even though I, hurt this much! Even though I was killed!』

A warm red liquid came flying.
It wet her cheeks.
She put her hand to it.
It had a viscous texture.

She screamed.

『Ack nowledge me』

Submerged in the bottom of the ground, a black lump’s voice, resounded inside of her head.

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