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Part 8

The dining room up in a tree, it was quite different from what they expected after hearing that it was the Queen's dinner party.
How the apex of the large tree had become flat was the same as the royal family's living room but……
Large leaves were lined up on the floor.
And on top of those leaves, fruits and berries of various colors were served.
Having no tables or chairs, it was like a picnic.
The Queen and Shera sat down waiting.
Guards couldn't be seen, but they were most likely hidden in the surrounding foliage. If they were to take strange actions, then arrows should come flying.
The Queen pointed at the area around the cuisine with one hand.
「Please, sit wherever you like. You might not be accustomed to Elven etiquette, but please do not mind the minor details.」
The "mother of another household"-like atmosphere that she had when he first met her had vanished, and she now had the face of a representative of a country.
Someone that was responsible for something, they had it difficult.
Rem made a courteous greeting.
「……We are grateful for your hospitable treatment and invitation to a dinner party despite our sudden visit.」
Rafleisha sat down opposite of the Queen.
「To be surrounded by leaves like this, it truly is nostalgic.」
Diablo sat down saying nothing.
For his Demon King role play, he probably should have thrown out a self-important word or two, but if he did that, it would definitely turn into destroying even a coherent conversation with explosion magic.
Unusually, even Shera was silent.
Their gazes connected.

Even though she had various things she wanted to say, she couldn't put them into words very well. And even though she was troubled, she couldn't even ask for help──That was the sort of face she was making.
Diablo breathed a sigh.
The discussion might have already been settled, in a form that she didn't wish for.
The Queen held a wooden cup that had fruit wine poured in it in her hand.
「We show thanks for G.o.d's blessing and for this meeting. Although we cannot have a toast due to being in mourning, I would be happy if we could have a leisurely chat.」
Just like that, she brought the cup to her mouth.
Diablo and the others did the same.
Rem introduced herself.
「……To do this formally, I am called Rem Galeu, an Adventurer of Faltra City. I am acting together with Princess Shera.」
「Yes, I have heard some stories. Like how you saved Shera.」
「……It is because we are companions. It is only natural to help each other.」
The Queen knitted her eyebrows at the word "companion", but she did not fuss over that any more than that. Next, she turned her gaze to Rose who was separated from the circle.
However, royalty did not put servants into the head count.
Rafleisha pulled the trigger.
「Since probing each other's true intentions will make the fruits you kindly prepared bitter, let us do away with the digression and hear it. Princess Shera's promise──will you keep it?」
She suddenly got to the heart of it.
The Queen unexpectedly showed a smile.
「Yes, of course!」
「Ara ara……What pleasant words!」
「I have also thought about it, you know? Elves and Dark Elves are close races after all, and although various things happened in the past, it would be nice if we got along from now on.」
「That sure is true. The past is the past, and the present is now.」
「And so? Which area will we receive? And when will it happen?」
She forcefully pressed her.
The Queen made a pensive look.
「Nnー. For the place, let us both send out responsible parties, discuss it, and decide then. As for the time, would it be alright if it happens after the new king is enthroned? Let's have everything decided before the next winter. And with that, in celebration of the reconciliation of the Elves and Dark Elves, I was thinking of holding a festival.」
It seemed that Shera also approved of that suggestion. Her expression that had been stiff the whole time loosened up.
The temple of Rafleisha's forehead convulsed while she still had a smiling face pasted on.
「………………You are serious, right?」
「Queen, are you saying that you are……seriously going to keep Princess Shera's promise? I believe that……the Elves……that they hate the Dark Elves.」
「Most of the Elves, they feel that they want to be on good terms with the Dark Elves. Although I am sure that there are still some that fear them. Even I feel that I would like to reconcile with you all. I mean, we did live peacefully together in the past after all.」
Rafleisha clenched her fists.
「In that case, why, at that time……!?」
「Could you calm down?」
「Why, did the Elves, abandon us!?」
The Queen took a deep breath, and spoke.
「You are talking about the Holy Army, aren't you. He……The Greenwood King opposed them. But, he didn't win.」
「With the King taken hostage, we Elves could only obey the Holy Army. Even though we knew that the Dark Elves would go through a bitter experience because of that. I am sorry.」
「Wh……why……Do you think……I would believe that……at this late point in time!?」
「There is no proof. That is why, we weren't believed at that time. Rafleisha-san, is this your first time hearing about this? Although we had told the Dark Elves several times, they did not believe us the whole time. It is because, in the end, there was no changing the fact that many lives and a lot of the forest were lost.」
「Certainly, even now, I do not believe it.」
「Even so, if it is possible to reconcile, then I believe that it would be a very good thing to do.」
「I can't believe that!」
Rafleisha glared at the Queen.
Although both Shera and Rem revealed feelings of uneasiness, they didn't get in between them.
The silence continued.
Diablo was bad with this sort of atmosphere.
Going "Good grief", he opened his mouth.
「You should calm down, Rafleisha. You are surprisingly emotional, aren't you──The easy-sounding action of "look at the other party", people are actually unable to do so. They first transcribe what is in themselves onto the other party, and look at that──They are unable to anything but that. That is why, if your heart is dyed in hatred, the other party will be reflected as also harboring hatred.」
「Are you saying that, it was our subjective impression?」
「When you were burning with resentment to the point that you thought that you would not forget it for a thousand years, did you ever think "the other party didn't have any ill will"? If you could not consider that possibility, then you surely cannot be said to have a presence of mind. Of course, it seems that there is no proof for the Queen's words. The story that the Elven King fought but lost──Whether you believe that or not is up to you. You should do as you like.」
This problem, in the end, was on the Dark Elf side. It was about how they would take it, and how they would move.
It probably wouldn't be settled with Diablo's words who was an outsider. He was self-aware that he was not that skilled in the art of conversation.
Rafleisha stood up.
She made a dry laughter.
「Ha, haha……The things that we lost were too great, and we became unable to see what was around us……Is that how it is? Not possessing ears to listen, and doing nothing but bearing resentment……?」
The Queen talked sounding apologetic.
「So this means that you had resented us that much. I am sorry. But, I am waiting for the time where we can get along, you know? And then, right now, you have surely changed.」
「When I heard that Shera had gone to the Dark Elf village, I was truly surprised. I mean, if it were in the past, you would have shot her after simply seeing her figure, right?」
「Then this means that time has pa.s.sed.」
「This sure is a pathetic story. So in the end, it was our misunderstanding.」
「It is a fact that we had we had forsaken the Dark Elves. I think that it cannot be helped if you felt bitter towards us, you know?」
「However, the Greenwood King had……」
Fought for the sake of the Dark Elves.
Rafleisha close her eyes, and for a short time, she kept silent. That might have been a silent prayer.
「……I have come to yearn the wind a bit. Since my talks have finished, I will excuse myself ahead of you all. Although it seems that Princess Shera has a marriage partner in mind……To speak of it with my position in all of this, then that would surely make the relationship between our races worse after all.」
It seems that she had been watchful of even Shera's state. That part of her, as expected of a leader of a race.
The Queen leaned her body forward.
「Rafleisha-san, I am glad that we were able to talk.」
「Your earlier story……I will believe it. I want to believe it, that is how I feel.」
「Thank you. Shera's marriage will be carried out in a few days. Could you come and celebrate it?」
「Of course.」
Rafleisha turned her back to her and started walking.
While seeing her off, Rem let out a sigh.
「……Now that the Demon King has awakened, there is a need for all of the people of the Races to cooperate and fight against him. If this has turned into a step towards that, then that is great.」
「It would be nice if the negotiations go that smoothly though.」
Rather, the real thing started from here.

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