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Part 4

「Ah, I see it! That's it! That's the Greenwood Kingdom!」
Shera raised a lively voice.
The national flag was tied to a tree.
Although buildings couldn't particularly seen, it seemed that they truly had arrived. Two hours had pa.s.sed since the battle.
Naturally, Shera had already fixed her clothes. Adventurers were people that at least carried around clothing repair tools.
「Good grief……We got too lost in the forest.」
「There's nothing I could do about thatー. Although I remember the forest around here, Diablo, you turned it into a mess after all.」
Due to him having pulverized many trees through 《Heaven's Fall》 when she was caught by the Napper, until she got a grasp of their current location, they walked in circles for a while.
Moreover, they weren't able to meet up with Rem and the others. With just the two of them, Diablo and Shera came to the Greenwood Kingdom.
「I wonder of Rem and the others are alrightー?」
「There should be no problem. Rafleisha said that she "knew". They might have arrived ahead of us.」
「That's trueー.」
Suddenly, Shera cast her gaze up.
「Ah……Is someone coming?」
Is it another enemy──is what Diablo thought as he put himself on guard.
Before long, someone jumped down from the tree branches.
They were Elves.
There were about six of them.
Were they the Elven elite that he had hostilities against before? All of them carried bows on their backs, and they wore tight green clothes. Their looks were much too beautiful that they could be mistaken for women, but all of them were probably men.
「Eh……!? Could it be, are you Shera-sama!?」
The young man at the lead raised a surprised voice.
Shera waved both of her hands left and right.
「Wawaー, everyone, it's been so longー.」
Acting way too lightly, it was the return of the heir to the throne.
The young Elf man knelt down.
「Shera-sama! Thank you very much for coming back!!」
「Un. It looks like things have been kinda difficult……so I'm sorry about coming so late.」
「This person is Diablo.」
「We are aware. We, had battled against him at Faltra's Lake East after all.」
「Ah, I see.」
It was when she was taken by Prince Kiira. It seemed that these Elves were attached to the elite forces. Since Shera was caught at the time, she didn't see the fight.
It was nice that he didn't have to go through the trouble of making them understand his ability and position.
The young man talked once more.
「At that time, thank you very much for protecting Shera-sama.」
「Is that something to say thanks for? It seems like I was seen as stealing Shera away from Prince Kiira though?」
「In regards to the prince's actions, there is nothing I can say with my position. However, after that──there is is the matter of how you saved Shera-sama and us from Faltra's Feudal Lord. I cannot suppress my feelings of grat.i.tude.」
「Hmph……That was only because Galford challenged me that I kicked him about. No matter who they are, those that oppose me will be shown no mercy.」
Shera said 「He's being bashful」, adding those unnecessary words.
One hour later──
Guided by the elite soldiers, they walked into the Greenwood Kingdom.
Diablo involuntarily leaked out a voice of admiration. It was just that magnificent.
The graphics of the MMORPG Cross Reverie were wonderful as well, but as expected, actually seeing it with his own eyes, it was moving.
There were gigantic trees that overwhelmed the other trees in the forest, and there was scaffolding around them. Countless thick branches were used like rooms, and the Elves lived in them using the leaves as carpeting.
They played instruments, read books, and talked with each other……
At times they were hungry, when they stretched out their hands, fruits or berries would be growing there. They had fruits as their staple food.
There were some that would occasionally hunt as a hobby, there were also some that would serve meat, and instead, it seemed that works of art made with the bones of animals were lionized.
It was a complete paradise.
Shera gazed at the country of the Elves and muttered.
「Everyone looks like they're depressed.」
──Eh? With this?
Diablo couldn't see it as anything but an elegant NEET lifestyle though.
The elite Elves nodded.
「Yes……With the death of His Majesty, it feels as though the flower have lost their color, the instruments have lost their sound, and the b.u.t.terflies have lost their wings. However, now that Shera-sama has returned, I am sure that everyone will regain their energy.」
「It would be nice if they did.」
「Will you be going on an adventure again?」
Shera said something that was hard to say without hesitation.
The elite spoke in choked voices.
「In, in regards to that matter, we will talk later on……Right now, let us go to the Queen.」
「Kaa-san, is she well?」
「With the death of His Majesty, the one who has been most dispirited is the Queen. Please cheer her up somehow.」
「I seeー.」
After that, she asked about Rem and the others. They confirmed it with the Elves that were on lookout, but it seemed that they had not arrived yet. Since they seem to be lost in the forest, I want you to search for them──is what Shera asked them to do.
Even though Rafleisha said that she would be able to guide them, could there have been some sort of trouble?
He was worried but……
Leaving the search to the Elves who were well versed with the forest, he decided to meet with the Queen first.
Shera headed to an especially tall huge tree.
Diablo tried to go there too.
However, the guards that protected the king's living room came to block his path.
「Halt. Only Elves are allowed to walk past here──That is the law that G.o.d had decided upon in the era of legends.」
「Ahh, come to think of it, there was that kind of setting, wasn't there. There is a test of strength, right? Against the country's best Archer or something.」
It was the MMORPG Cross Reverie's main story.
After winning in the test of ability, the princess is kidnapped by a Demonic Being, and a Rescue Quest starts. Even if it was called a Demonic Being, it was only an underling though.
The Elven guards flinched. It seemed that they knew of Diablo's ability as well.
「N, no, a test of strength would be……」
「In that case, do not obstruct me. You are mere escorts. If you take foolish actions, then I might turn this land into scorched earth!」
Looks of fear rose to their faces.
──This is it! This is the proper response towards my Demon King role play!
Recently, Rem and Shera had grown accustomed to it, and even if Diablo used coercive speech and conduct with them, they would be calm.
Since it wasn't like he wanted to bully them, that in itself was fine but……As he thought, against a "threatening Demon King", he wanted the response of "scared people".
A role play only exists due to the presence of the correct reaction after all.
「Ku ku ku……」
Shera, who had gone ahead, waved her hand and beckoned him over.
「Diabloー, hurryー. Come on, come on!」
「H, hey……Do not destroy the atmosphere.」
While saying his complaint, he chased after her with a quick pace.

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