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Part 2

They advanced within the forest.
When compared to the forest on the outskirts of Faltra City, the density was much higher and the visibility was bad. There was undergrowth that grew to knee-height, and since the ground couldn't be seen, one could be tripped up by the unevenness of the soil.
The one that took the lead was Shera. After her was Diablo and Rem, with Rafleisha following after them. Rose came along at the end.
The current party members were these five people.
Shera turned her head back.
「Heyー heyー, it's going to be night, you know?」
「……Since this is a deep forest, we cannot walk like you Elves.」
Rem made a counterargument.
「I chose a place that's pretty easy to walk through thoughー.」
「……Kuh……I could leave you behind in an instant if we were in the plains though.」
It would be bad to leave her behind.
Diablo got worried.
「We've walked for quite a bit but are we going in the right direction?」
「This area is already something like a yard to meー.」
Calling it a yard, Shera smoothly advanced forward while still looking back.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, one was able to run with the same motion whether it was level ground or a forest.
In reality, their speed had fallen by more than half.
It was fine since he had the body of a level 150 Adventurer, but if he were in his original body, his legs would have surely become unable to move. It was that hard.
──Nn? Wait a sec?
It was about something that could be done easily in the game.
It was difficult if he was conscious of it but……
He remembered when he was making potions. When he concentrated on other things, his hands would become those of a 《Skilled Compounder》, and could do the job in an instant.
At that time, he turned his senses to Shera's b.r.e.a.s.t.s as she was bent forward, and he had succeeded in it.
Right now, Shera was several steps in front of him, and it was difficult to see her face and figure. Since Rem was next to him, should he try turning his consciousness towards her?
As he was thinking that, a voice called out from behind.
「You two, since it seems there is a level difference in the path ahead, be careful.」
Diablo turned his head to the back.
Rafleisha the Dark Elf was walking right behind him. As expected of a race that lives in a forest, she has a lot of composure.
And then, the two gigantic orbs on her chest projected out with a *zudon*.
With every step, *guwaran, guwaran*, those gigantic, Demon King-cla.s.s bulges shook.
He was involuntarily captivated by them. At that instant, he turned his consciousness away from his feet. Just as he predicted, Diablo started to walk through the forest with footwork and defensive body movements that would put the Elves to shame.
However, since his consciousness returned to his walking when he was aware of it, he nearly tripped the moment it did.
「This is surprisingly difficult.」
「Ara, do you have some sort of business with me?」
「That is not really the case but……」
「Hohoho……If you stare at them like that, it gets somewhat embarra.s.sing, you know? Ah, could it be……」
Thinking that he was caught staring at Rafleisha's demonic b.r.e.a.s.t.s, he became fl.u.s.tered.
「Diablo-san, were you trying to imitate the Elves' way of walking? Those movements just now, they felt pretty good.」
「Is, is that so.」
Rafleisha lined up next to him.
When he looked at them from a place that felt like his hands could reach them, they had an immense impact to them.
*Dotapun, dotapun*
Moreover, since he had seen them naked once before, he could imagine what was underneath the layered cloth. Diablo's heart rate suddenly rose.
She courteously gave an explanation.
「Even if it's called undergrowth, it varies, and from the leaves' direction as well as thickness and length, the location and the angle of the ground it grows in can be grasped.」
「Since it is slow and tiring when it reaches knee level, you let the tips of your shoes pa.s.s in between the blades of gra.s.s and──Ara, even without teaching you, you are walking skillfully. As expected of you.」
「Nn? O, ou……Naturally! I am a Demon King after all!」
Using Rafleisha's teaching as a reference, Rem's feet also speed up. For Rose, it wasn't at the same level as the Elves, but she followed along with a stable pace.
They had increased their pace, but even so, Shera's figure vanished into the s.p.a.ce between the trees. She was just too fast.
──I guess it can't be helped.
It was enough that she got a fever from hearing of her father's death. In truth, she probably wanted to return to her motherland directly without getting close to Blackwood.
Rem grimaced.
「……I can understand her feelings but, we'll be in trouble if she lose sight of her. Should I call her back?」
「If it's to the Greenwood Kingdom, then I also know the way.」
「Is that so……That really helps.」
「At this rate, it will be about half a koku.」
「……Ugh……So one hour huh.」
Rem looked up at the sky.
Diablo was able to get the hang of it. It was hard to say that he got the hang of walking through the forest but……burning the sight he saw from peeking at her shaking demonic b.r.e.a.s.t.s into his mind, he enjoyed remembering it. Instead of understanding what he was seeing through sophisticated technique, it seemed that he was able to avert his consciousness away from his manner of walking.
I wonder if I've crossed over another one of this other world's walls, is what he thought.


A scream could be heard from the front.
Diablo's consciousness was completely separated from the way he walked. The information that it was hard to walk through here was blown out from his mind, and he accelerated as if he were running on level ground.
Pa.s.sing through the gaps of the trees like wind, he arrived at the location that the scream was raised.

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