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Part 4

The Ceremony Magic would be performed immediately.
It seemed that it would be fine if only Rem partic.i.p.ated but……
Shera said that she wanted to be present, so she ended up accompanying her.
Since they had requested for the Ceremony Magic, they had no choice but to trust Rafleisha. Since she was promised some unexpected compensation, she probably wouldn't betray them.
However, what about the other Dark Elves? Would they be able to declare that they would absolutely not inflict injuries on Rem and Shera?
He felt uneasy about it being only Rem who was receiving the Ceremony Magic and Shera who was weak to surprise attacks.
Diablo told them.
「I will see it through as well.」
「Hohoho……Can you not trust me? You sure are a cautious gentleman. But, it would be troubling if there were too many people. The s.p.a.ce in the altar is a narrow place after all.」
「Understood. Rose and Sylvie, stay at the carriage.」
For an instant, Rose made a pained face, but she bowed her head very deeply.
「I have received, your order, My Master.」
「Un, we will wait outside. Try not to act violently, okay, Diablo-san.」
The two of them left the building.
Taken along by Rafleisha, Diablo, Rem and Shera moved to the inner rooms.

The other side of the large tree──
It was a room that wasn't all that s.p.a.cious. There were two entrances, the door that Diablo's group came in, and another one that was at the back.
There were no windows, and it was much darker than the previous location. Once again, 《Light》 Magic was used for lighting.
At the center of the wooden flooring, there was a pond surrounded with rocks Fish were swimming within the water.
Surprisingly, not one person came as Rafleisha's guard. There wasn't anyone else in the room either.
Are the guards on the other side of the wall? Or was he unable to notice their presence?
Being unable to sense them would be uncool but……If he pretended to have discovered them but there really were none, that would be stupidly lame. That would be way too laughable. How should he ask so that it would not injure his Demon King-like majesty!?
Diablo snorted.
「Hmph……Your guard……What is the meaning of this, Rafleisha or whatever?」
She expressed a soft smile.
「This place is called the 《Purification Room》. Since the only ones allowed to enter are me and the ones receiving the ceremony, the guards are not here.」
So as he thought, there weren't any.
「For you to trust us this easily, it's surprising.」
「Hohoho……It is because we have already become friends after all.」
When Diablo made an unconvinced face, Rafleisha added to her words.
「For the guest that came from another world, you might find it hard to understand but……royalty has sworn to G.o.d. That is serious. For example, it is much more serious than the exchanging of money.」
「So it is that sort of thing.」
「It is because the ones that were awarded G.o.d's special divine protection and are able to make the country affluent are royalty. And then, this time, no matter how you think of it, it is a promise advantageous to the Dark Elf side. So long as that kind of proposal was made, if we were to do nothing in addition to that, we wouldn't have pride or anything, right?」
「Certainly, a single Ceremony Magic for a forest three times as big as this village is……」
Shera cut in.
「You're wrong! The Elves and Dark Elves will get along! It was that sort of promise.」
「That's true……The citizens are still half in doubt though……If we were to live in a rich and blessed forest once again……If Princess Shera's promise were fulfilled, then I'm sure we'll be able to get along. The places we'll live in will be close after all.」
Rem made a long face.
「……Is this really alright? I'm, worried about the emotions of the Elf side which will be losing part of the forest.」
「It'll be fine.」
She confidently a.s.sured her. Though, since they were the words of Shera who usually doesn't think things through, there was a bit of anxiety.
Rafleisha squinted, and scooped some pond water.
Smelling its scent, she then held it in her mouth.
「Nn……There is no problem. Now then, please do the purification.」
「……What do you mean by problem?」
Rem asked a question.
「The spring water of this land, it is usually safe, but seldomly, there are times where the forest's poison mixes in. That is why we judge it by the smell and taste. Having the fish swim in there is also for that sake.」
「……Is this pond water going to be used in the Ceremony Magic?」
Rafleisha nodded, and then asked a question back.
「Pantherian guest──Rem-san, was it? Do you, trust me?」
「……That's difficult. We have just met, and moreover, you have heard about the details of my past after all. But, this is a chance that Shera risked her life to make. I, am thinking of leaving everything to you, Rafleisha-sama.」
「Hohoho……You are a wise person.」
「……I will be in your care.」
Diablo recalled something.
──Ceremony Magic huh.
When he poured magical power into Rem, it had turned into something incredible. He had put that into her that and did that……Would it turn into a act similar to that this time as well? Would these two get locked in a grapple?
Maybe because Rem also that the same thought, her cheeks dyed red as she asked a question.
「U, um……Will you be doing things like touching my body?」
「Why would I? G.o.d's ceremony is performed through having proper posture and words of prayer. There is no need to touch you.」
「……So I just have to stand there? Just words? You won't touch me?」
「There is an altar to the east of the village. You pray there until the sun rises. It is also fine if you stand, but since it will go on all night, sitting is much easier on you. Well, if you want to be touched no matter what, I can do that though?」
「No! I will do it the normal way!」
「Hohoho……Let's do that.」
「Ahh, thank goodness. I had prepared myself for various things but it looks like I won't get disgraced this time.」
Rem breathed a sigh as if she were relieved from the bottom of her heart.
「Thank goodness I have received your consent……Well then, purify yourself with the spring water.」
Rafleisha placed her hands on her own sash.
*Shuru* She undid her sash.
Her layered clothing gently spread out, and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s that could be seen as enormous even when she was wearing clothes were now freely exposed.
Rem raised a strange voice.

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