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Part 5

Diablo's group got down from the carriage.
They looked up at the castle.
Wooden board walls stacked up, and built up the form of a castle. It had an appearance as if several wooden houses were piled up. It was a building that looked like something called a 《Five-storied PaG.o.da》 in j.a.pan.
A wooden paG.o.da.
From the windows that had no boards and remained open, thick branches extended outside and had leaves growing thickly on them.
Rem knit her brows.
「……This is, could it be, did they surround the area of a large tree with boards?」
Sylvie nodded with a face that said she understood.
「I see! So it's a natural large pillarー.」
Going *Hoeー*, Shera raised an impressed sounding voice.
Diablo had the same impression as Rem.
──Like this, isn't this just something made to look good superficially? I want my "admiration" from earlier to be returned.
Since it wasn't like they had come here on a request to fortify the place, no matter what kind of person lived here, there was not much meaning to it.
The grizzly bear kigurumi that was guiding them took off its head part.
Black hair fell out, and hid their slender nape.
Their face was unmistakably that of a woman, and she had a virile atmosphere about her. She had dark brown skin as if she had gotten a suntan. For her age, it was obscure since she was a Dark Elf, but if she were a Human, she looked like she was about 25 years old.
Rem also probably thought it was surprising.
「……So you were a woman.」
「Yeah, there were various circ.u.mstances. The Dark Elves that are in this village would be nothing but women if not for the babies. The Dark Elf men have gone out far away and are working away from home.」
The others also took off the heads of their kigurumis.
All of them were women.
「……So the men aren't here. For me, since I am a female Adventurer, I do not think of that as reckless, but if you are going to fight against Demonic Beasts, I would want a st.u.r.dy vanguard.」
「I won't deny that. Well, it is because the Lord of the Black Forest coming so close to the village is very rare. Normally, it would leave if we threaten it……For its eyes to be that bloodshot, I wonder if something happened……?」
For an instant, she had a pensive look, but she brought her senses back to her current role.
「At any rate, to have the visitors defeat the Lord of the Black Forest, you have our thanks! However, we do not welcome other races. Elves in particular.」
Having her sharp gaze turned towards her, Shera hid behind Diablo.
Having a physical appearance of having big b.r.e.a.s.t.s even though she was an Elf was rare, and if it was exposed that she was the Greenwood Princess, it would probably become troublesome. That's why, right now, she had put on a robe.
Maybe in order to change the subject, Rem asked a question.
「……Is that fur meant to help prevent suffering damage by the poisonous plants? Is this place safe?」
She pointed at the kigurumi's abdomen.
「Oh, this! We call it 《Black Cloth》. Since Blackwood is filled with poisonous plants, it is needed when hunting. But, it would be bad if someone with an unknown face entered the castle. Therefore, it is a rule to take them off here……Of course, poisonous plants don't grow within the village.」
Diablo once again looked up at the castle.
「So in other words, the leader of the Dark Elves is here.」
「Our chief is here.」
「Fumu……I shall allow it, show me their face.」
The young woman that took off the mohawk bear head raised her voice at Diablo's words.She was a young lady with a shortcut hairstyle and sharp eyes.

「That's rude, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!」
If she were Human, she would be about 15 years old, and she looked like she was of the same generation as Rem and Shera.
However, even if he got scolded, since he had come doing his Demon King role play this whole time, there was no way he could just change into a courteous character at this late point in time.
Replying to intimidation with intimidation is what a Demon King did.
When Diablo was about to open his mouth, Rem and Sylvie managed to hurriedly get in between them. They were probably able to generally guess what kind of words he was going to let out.
「Please excuse us! Could you announce our arrival to the chief?」
「Ahaha……It's because Diablo-san is from a different race as well as a person of a different country and different culture. More or less, see?」
It seemed that the young lady did not desire a fight either, so she meekly withdrew. If she's going to make a bluff where she withdraws in the middle, then she shouldn't have done it in the first place.
──That girl, her character is wavering.
The woman who was a grizzly bear took off the bottom part of the kigurumi as well.
Diablo reflexively did a double take.
She had an appearance of having an undershirt that looked like a tanktop and amazingly really low-rise pants.
「Fuu……Although it can't be helped since it's for the sake of protecting against poison, it's really hot and tiresome.」
Rem frowned.
「……Aren't you a bit too lightly dressed?」
「Haha! The village is nothing but woman after all, so there isn't anyone to worry about it!」
「……Diablo is a man though!?」
「He's a different race, right?」
She seemed to really not mind it.
「……He's a person of the Races you know!? It's not like he's a pet.」
「You say some strange things once again. You guests, you also have similar appearances, don't you.」
What Rem had equipped on was the 《Layer of Secret Stone》 that Diablo had given her. Its high efficiency was considerable, but its exposure was also something considerable.
He didn't worry about it since she had the build of a little girl, but Sylvie also only wore a small cloth, and even Rose had her back greatly exposed.
──Is this party lacking in cloth!?
That being said, do the Dark Elves not mind being seen naked by other people? They did take off their shirts even when drawing water after all.
No, it didn't seem that was really the case. The place wasn't full of people courageously laughing away.
Among the women, maybe because she was bothered by Diablo's gaze, there was also a young lady that had her cheeks dyed red and had turned her back towards him.
──Wait, it was the mohawk bear girl!?
Seeing how the young girl that quarrelled with him with stern eyes was being embarra.s.sed with her mostly nude appearance, it was something quite indescribable.
「Uuu……Don't look this way!」
The former grizzly bear woman invited Diablo's group to the castle.
「It's this way, visitors! I ask that you be friendly with the chief, okay?」
The att.i.tude of that former mohawk bear girl wasn't friendly at all though?
Diablo returned a smile.
「Do not worry. I am plenty friendly, aren't I? If you were enemies, at this point, I would have burned you all together with the fore──」
Going *Wahー wahー*, Rem and Sylvie once again cut in front of him and said this and that to try and mediate.
──Huh? Could it be, would the talks go faster if I just keep quiet? That's strange……A person strong in communication……even if I can't go that far, I thought that I had overwhelming growth to be at an intermediate level at least. Could it be, do I still have a communication disorder? No way!?
Diablo lost the self-confidence that had sprouted.
They entered the castle.
It was dim.
The windows were blocked with the tree's branches, and the building was covered in the leaves' shadows.
Maybe because it was made of wood, fire wasn't used for light.
Rem whispered into his ear.
「……Elves excel in the dark, and seem to be able to see without any problem even in this darkness.」
There was that sort of setting as well, wasn't there.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, since information needed for game progression didn't become unseeable no matter what race they were, he hadn't really worried about that.
Since Elves and Dark Elves hunted in the dim forests, night vision was a base ability.
The guide stopped.
「The one here is, our chief.」

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