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Part 4

Shera's story was right and there was a path that a carriage could go through. However, the entrance was concealed by vegetation.
The kigurumi bears parted the vegetation, and it finally made it so that they could pa.s.s through.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, the path was opened up in an more easy to understand way, and it was even displayed with an indicator.
Thinking "I might have been shamed if I guided us with a triumphant look!?", Diablo secretly wiped off his cold sweat.
Rem asked a question to the kigurumi.
「……Sorry for asking this at this late point in time but, are you all Dark Elves?」
Maybe because it was the group's mediator, the grizzly bear nodded.
「That's right. Only we live in this forest. Other than us, there is nothing but beasts and insects.」
The kigurumi bunch really were Dark Elves.
They interacted with neighboring villages, and came and went through this path with carts. It seemed that by selling secret medicines and exquisite bows and arrows that used rare raw materials that are collected in Blackwood, they could barter for the villagers' crops and iron tools.
The grizzly bear pointed at the roadside gra.s.s.
「Be sure to not get close to the black gra.s.s. All of it is poisoned. When dressed lightly like you visitors, your skin will suffer damage. The horses are also in danger.」
「Eh? The black ones, all of them……are?」
Rem, who was holding onto the reins, asked that back sounding bewildered. As far as the eye could see, the green gra.s.s was more scarce, and it was mostly black gra.s.s.
「Even Demonic Beasts, they get hit with this poison, and rot, don't they?」
「……That Black Behemoth……So it was because of that.」
「The beasts of this forest, although they receive poison, there are many that ama.s.s it and use it as a weapon. If you ever fight against them, be sure to take caution. You can die with even just a scratch after all」
「……I am grateful, for the warning.」
So them using bows was for the sake of not getting close to enemies that possess poison. And then, it seems that those bulky kigurumis were equipment for the sake of protecting their skin from the poisonous plants.

After about two hours of continuing down the path that twisted and turned within the forest──
They came out to an open location.
Trees were cut down, and peoples' houses were lined up. Black vegetation couldn't be found.
The location was not particularly big, and it wouldn't take an hour to even walk the outer circ.u.mference. A village. It was on a scale that it could be called as such.
The Dark Elves in the MMORPG Cross Reverie hid in between the many trees and were stationed in spots that couldn't be called dwellings. In the game's case, it was probably because buildings and NPCs not needed for events don't appear.
It was completely different from the village he saw in the game.
Although he had a sense of anxiety for this unknown place, he felt that it was fresh as well, and actually looked forward to it a bit.
Shera stuck her head out from the carriage canopy.
「This is, the Dark Elves' country……right?」
He didn't know what the lifestyle of the Dark Elves was like, but the number of buildings didn't even reach 100. Going by the a.s.sumption that the basic composition of a single household could house six people, the village's residents would more or less number at 500 people.
「Isn't it a bit small?」
「I wonder about that. Maybe they have several villages like this and are a "country"……Or maybe, they only have this amount of people, and are treated as a subspecies of the Elves.」
「Ah, now I get itー」
Diablo's group's concern was in the Ceremony Magic that was handed down only amongst them. The number of the Dark Elves was not a problem.
Nevertheless, their lifestyle was unexpected.
「It's quite different from what we heard from you, isn't it?」
「Un, it's completely different, from the Greenwood Kingdomー. It's surprising.」
The Dark Elves lived in houses where wooden pillars were erected, boards were made into walls, and foliage was used for the roofs.
The basic structure was close to the buildings of olden j.a.pan.
However, the entrances were kept open and there weren't any entranceway doors or window boards. Only cloth and pelts were hung. Like this, they couldn't cope with the wind and rain nor the coldness.
He a.s.sessed that this was proof that calamities such as typhoons were scarce in this forest. The climate was probably warm throughout the whole year as well.
Come to think of it, with this completely black appearance, it was somewhat hot.
The level of humidity was high, making it hot and humid.
In order to let the wind pa.s.s through, Diablo rolled the canopy's hanging curtain up a bit. The back of a private house entered his eyes.
His eyes opened wide.
Maybe to to the dwelling being made of wood, the hearth was kept outside.
Next to the hearth, there was a kitchen table, as well as a water well. It seemed that they were for communal use for several neighboring houses, so there were several Dark Elf women gathered there.
They weren't in kigurumis.
Their characteristics were dark brown skin, curled black hair, and purplish black eyes. Their ears were long so there was no mistake that they were Elves.
However, maybe due to their figures that had a s.e.xual feeling to them, the impression they gave off was quite different from the Elves.
They were gathered around the water well, and while they chattered looking like they were having fun, they drew water in a bucket.
That was fine.
The problem, was their appearance.
Since a good amount of water would scatter about when pouring water into the bucket from the water well's well bucket, one would normally have an ap.r.o.n on but……

The Dark Elf women were topless.

For their outer garments, they were clad in tree branches, had their long black hair tied up, and only had knee-length skirts.
Their chests, the expression "abundant" was probably too conservative.
Even just one side of them had a size close to his own head. Enormous b.r.e.a.s.t.s. No, it should be 『Enormous! b.r.e.a.s.t.s!』.
They were, amazingly, big.
Diablo almost involuntarily let his voice out.
At nearly the same time, Shera, who was next to him, talked.
「Hoeー, sure is big.」
To be caught gazing at the b.r.e.a.s.t.s of the Dark Elf women, how embarra.s.sing. Diablo hurriedly averted his gaze.
「H, hou……Is that so? I, had been looking at the forest so…」
「Over there! Look, this is my first time seeing one so big.」
Shera brought her body close.
Although they lost in size to the Dark Elves, the bulges of her chest that had springiness to them were tightly pressed up against his arm.
──Oya, is this place paradise?
He unconsciously felt like he was going to extend his hand.
「Look! Even though it's a tree house, it's that big!」
「Umu umu……Round, big, boo……Nn? Tree house?」
Diablo's consciousness, which was at a dangerous spot, returned from the pink world. That was close. He almost blurted out something outrageous.
He looked at where Shera was pointing to.
On the carriage's path, a large building came into view.
Its peak was much higher than the trees around it.
It didn't seem like the houses where boards were put together for them.
The royal capital castle and the Inner Court were much larger, but those were made of bricks and stone. What towered up on their path had an impressiveness to it if it were made of wood.
「Hmph……It would seem, that is the Dark Elves' castle.」
「It sure is bigー.」
Shera was carefree.
Rem muttered.
「……The soldiers at the castle's windows……They've pointed their arrows at us.」
「Well, isn't it only natural for them to be on guard? We are a group of other races after all.」
Sylvie was composed. So this was the difference in experience.
Diablo also acted like he was imperturbable, but he was nervous in his mind.
──The pressure of this place is different from the game.
There was no prior information, nor was there any balance adjustments done by the the administration, and retries weren't allowed. If a kill on first sight trap were prepared, would they be able to safely breakthrough?
Even if this place was another world, it was reality. A redo after failing the capture, something like that was impossible.
If it was just Diablo alone, it wouldn't be a problem even if there were a lot of traps.
However, right now, he was acting in a party. In order to protect all of his companions, negligence was forbidden.
For the initial response, they would probably end up relying on Rose who specialized in close combat and wouldn't be outdone even by high leveled Warriors.
*Chirari* He turned his gaze to the back.
──Eh? What is she doing?
Rose had placed both of her hands on the bulges on her own chest.
*Muni* She raised up her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
Since she had an outfit where both sides were widely open, it seemed like they would spill out at any moment.
「Wh, what are you doing?」
「Master, I was a.s.sessing that this Rose was also not on the small side……Rather, I believe that I am larger than the average size of the Races but……Are you dissatisfied with this size? Or do you prefer the Dark Elves' dangling flesh that's pulled by gravity?」
「Buffuoh! I have no idea wh-wh-wh-what in the world you are saying! Th, there might be traps, so do not let down your guard.」
「Please pardon me.」
Her reply was polite, but without changing her position, *muni muni*, she raised up both b.r.e.a.s.t.s, groped them, and emphasized them.
Diablo tore his gaze away from the distorted bulges on Rose's chest.
Not as a joke, he had to be vigilant right now. If they weren't aiming their bows at them, he would have gazed at her for a while though!
Diablo's irritation unconsciously leak out from his mouth.
「……Dammit, you d.a.m.ned Dark Elves.」
His bloodl.u.s.t turned into magical power and overflowed out.
Rem and Sylvie turned around with startled expressions.

「N, now now, Diablo-san……Since some unknown people have come to visit, they're just a bit scared.」
Did they misunderstand something?
However, being unable to explain his inner thoughts, Diablo folded his arms and reclined back.
Shera, who went at her own pace, was still looking outside.
「Waahー, Diablo, they're so big!」
「Ahh, that's true. It sure is a big castle for being a wooden building, isn't it.」
「That's not what I mean. The Dark Elf women, they're b.o.o.bs are big you know!?」
So it was about that this time!
Rem made an exasperated face.
「……Just what in the world are you saying, Shera.」
「I mean, isn't it amazing!? This is my first time seeing them so bigー. Dark Elves, they sure are amazing.」
「……In this situation where all of our lives might be in danger……That's so imprudent!」
「Th, that's trueー. But they really are amazing.」
Shera fl.u.s.teredly made an excuse.
In his mind, Diablo replied to Rem's words.
──I am so terribly sorry!
While they were being distracted by b.o.o.bs, the carriage arrived in front of the castle.

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