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Part 1

Two weeks later──
Diablo's group was on board their carriage, and going down the plains.
Horun had enrolled in the royal capital's Magic Academy and left the party. Various things had happened but putting that aside……
Right now, Diablo, Rem, Shera, Rose, and Sylvie were travelling together.

Since it had become midday, they took a break.
They tied the carriage to a tree.
Taking tools out from the luggage carrier, Rem and Sylvie quickly made some food.
It was spit-roasted jerky and vegetable soup.
The meat was tough, but when it was thoroughly chewed, a taste with rusticity seeped out.
The vegetable soup was made with potatoes, onions, and carrots, so he ended up wanting curry powder. Even cream stew was fine.
Diablo wasn't all that concerned about food, but he would occasionally yearn for the cuisine of his original world.
──Once the matter with the revived Demon King is finished, it might be good to try out cooking.
Before, he had once tried using eggs, vinegar, olive oil, and salt to make mayonaise at the inn. That was really good.
However, when he tried thinking about it, that might have just been good luck.
The hen eggs that were circulated in j.a.pan had their hygiene thoroughly managed. There was a high possibility that salmonella would stick onto hen eggs that were in a close to natural state. There was no guarantee that it would be the same in another world but……
Raw eggs not being eaten in foreign countries was for that reason.
He thought that if he made cooking with a modern j.a.panese feeling in this other world that was similar to the Middle Ages where they did not have a habit of washing their hands before cooking, then corpses would appear due to the menu.
After all, kitchen waste is thrown away into the back alleys, and pigs that would eat that stuff were raised.
In fourth century Europe, a plague that could reduce the population by half was prevalent. In this other world, it was fine since priests of the Church could use a 《Purification》 miracle but……
He had a sudden thought but, in the event that 《Purification》 was used on mold cheeze, then what would happen? And although he didn't know if it existed in this other world, what if it was used on natto?
「What's wrong, Diablo?」
*Hyoko* Shera entered his gaze.
Although she was bedridden for a long time, she had become completely energetic, and was showing her usual bright expression. No, it felt like her distance was closer than usual.
「Mu? No……I have many things that I must think about.」
「I seeー. We are about to enter the forest after all.」
He was endlessly thinking about foodstuffs, but he kept silent about that.
「The forests of the Elves huh.」
「If it's Greenwood, it's just a bit further. I guess Blackwood is beyond that.」
Sylvie opened up a map.
「Un, won't we arrive in about one to two days? We can enter the forest with the carriage, right?」
Shera nodded.
「It's because the Dark Elves also use carriages.」
「So even their lifestyles are different from the Elves.」
「That's trueー. It's because in the Elven forest, we gather only the necessary fruits and berries, and there are plenty of hunting game. It's said that Blackwood is full of poisonous plants, and that there's nothing but poisonous snakes and poisonous insects, you know? I've never been there though.」
Rem caressed the bracelet that was on her left arm.
「……It would be nice if the bracelets that we received from Diablo worked though.」
It was golden and had a snake pattern carved into it. It was called a 《Madara Band》, and prevented the 《Poison》, 《Stun》, and 《Confuse》 Bad Statuses. It wasn't all that strong, but it was possible to equip it even with Rem's level.
Sylvie put a finger to her mouth.
「That's nice……At some point, you guys got equipment that I've never heard of before.」
「……It's because there was a lot of things in Diablo's treasury.」
「……It's in the Demon King territory, and since countless high level monsters prowl about it, it would be best not to get near it.」
「Ahaha……No matter what kind of treasure there is, I wouldn't turn Diablo-san into an enemyー. But, when push comes to shove, I'd be happy if you could lend them out to us.」
Certainly, if he gave out the weapons of his treasury to high leveled Adventurers, it would increase their war potential somewhat.
It was a collection that he had no plans on using half of anyway. Rather than letting the Races be destroyed, that would be much better.
If they were going to fight against the Demon King army, it might be alright to release those to them……
Making the carriage creak, Rose the Magimatic Maid came down from it.
Due to her not needing food nor sleep, she had transformed into an ornament on the carriage's reinforced reserved seat the whole time.
「Permission denied. Those are various articles that are Master's property, are only allowed to be used by Master, and has had their custody entrusted to this Rose. Originally, no one would be allowed to even touch them no matter who they may be……Even though it felt as though my power circuits felt like they would burn-out when even a portion of them was lent out to the subordinates.」
Rem shrugged her shoulders.
「……I am Diablo's companion, not his subordinate.」
「Companion? In that case, why don't you stop doing nothing but receive things from Master, and try being on the giving side?」
「Mu……Right now, the skewer that Diablo is eating, is something that I made.」
「Fu, so you mean you're a kitchen maid.」
「Wha!? You d.a.m.ned overweight maid.」
Becoming expressionless, Rose looked at Diablo's direction.
「Master, I have identified a hostile existence. Requesting permission to use 《Asterismos》.」
「……Diablo, let's leave the no good maid behind. The carriage's speed will become several times faster.」
When she is quarrelling with someone, Rem has a mercilessly wicked tongue.
He replied with a sigh.
「You guys never give up. How many times is this now? Rem worked on the carriage preparations, and she is useful even in battle. And then, I also rely on Rose. I──unless they are someone that personally separates themselves from me, I will no longer……keep anyone away.」
Rem dispersed her anger, and expressed a shy-looking smile.
*Furu furu* Rose's body trembled.
「M, Master has……said that he "relies" on this Rose……ッ……Rose will permanently preserve the recording of this moment, and continually replay it in my mind.」
He didn't plan on saying anything that outrageous though.
Shera came hugging him from the side.
「Diablo! Diablo! Diablo! What about me!? Am I useful!? Do you rely on me!?」
「Yeah, I do, I do.」
「Uuー……Isn't that kinda crude!?」
When she pressed those bulges of her chest up against him, even now, his heart rate went up. He averted his gaze away from Shera.
Sylvie made a wry smile.
「Fufufu……You're properly acting as the leader, aren't you, Diablo-san.」
「Leader, you say? What a foolish thing to say……I am a Demon King, you know.」
「Then, you should have just ordered them. Rose-san is obedient, and Rem-san has the 《Slavery Choker》 fitted on her after all.」
Certainly, the iron chokers that were on Rem and Shera's necks dully shined.
When he had first met them, he had made the two of them who were quarrelling get along with each other through a command. He didn't think that there would be a compulsory effect though……
It would be fine if he only did something similar.
Diablo shook his head left and right.
「Do not say something so foolish. It is not like they are monkeys, and they are able to understand if I speak with words, right? A Demon King's command is something to be sent for much more lofty matters.」
「I see, I get itー」
Although she spoke in a way that seemed like she a.s.sented to it, Sylvie's eyes were still smiling.
Shera made a proposal.
「Then, it's a handshake with a smile! Between Rem and Rose.」
「……I refuse.」
「Rejected. A foolish act such as that.」
Although Rem and Rose seemed displeased, Diablo nodded.
「Umu, so you want them to show that they understand my words, don't you?」
「That's a nice idea, Shera-chan!」
Sylvie clapped her hands.
Rem and Rose exchanged looks.
「……Kuh……Fine, I will prove that I surpa.s.s you in terms of patience.」
She held her right hand out first.
Rose became expressionless.
「This is Master's command, is what I have concluded. As such, the labor of elevating my right hand to a 60 degree angle is no obstacle.」
Putting aside the wills of the people concerned, Rem and Rose's right hands overlapped each other.
Shera raised her voice saying 「Smile! Smile!」.
Showing her usual carefree smile, Sylve said 「That's just 30 points♪」 and gave a harsh a.s.sessment.
*Gishi gishi* With movements that seemed like creaking could be heard, Rem and Rose somehow made smile-like expressions.
Diablo raised the hand that held a skewer up to shoulder height.
「The meat has cooled, you know?」
With signs of fatigue greater than from any battle they had in their travels, Rem and Rose lowered their hands.
Sounding like she was having fun, Shera raised her voice and laughed.
Suddenly, Sylvie asked a question.
「Shera-chan, you don't quarrel with Rose-san, do you? Doesn't being called Diablo-san's subordinate bother you? He did call you a companion earlier though.」
「Nn? I'm fine being a subordinate or property, you knowー. I mean, if we travel together like this, then we're companions. By being together with everyone, then everyone has fun!」
「I see, that's quite farsighted. Let me give you a second helping of soup.」
Finishing up their slightly longish lunch, they resumed their journey once again.
The forest came into view.

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