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Part 2

In the sky of the late night plaza, countless lights were being lit.
What floated within that backlighting, was the figure of a man that grew horns on his head, and whose black mantle was waving.
Diablo shouted.
「Listen! You foolish people of the Races!」
With a loud voice that was amplified by magical power, he roused the sleeping ma.s.ses out of bed.
Wondering "What's going on!?", the believers in the twelfth district gathered in the plaza.
A great number of White Masks of the Inner Court also clung to the windows.
Turning the illumination lights that were prepared with magic at those people, Diablo confirmed that he had caught their attention.
──Uheeh, I'm getting nervous.
Actually, Diablo disliked being exposed to the public gaze. His mind would go blank when he was seen by a great number of people, and even breathing would become difficult.
A cold sweat ran down his back.
However, for the sake of this performance, he needed the attention from the people.
His heart was making a *baku baku* sound.
──Calm down……The current me is Diablo. The Demon King Diablo. When seen by a crowd of people, be majestic, and don't get timid! Don't falter! Laugh!
*Zawa zawa* The people exchanged words with each other.
He would lose if he minded it.
Diablo continued his Demon King role play.
「I, am the Demon King Diablo! Because you all have lost the truth of your faith, and desired your own destruction, I have descended upon this land!」
「D, did he say the Demon King?」「That's a lie!」「There's no way he could pa.s.s through the town's barrier!」
The believers unanimously voiced their dissent.
Them not believing him with just words went just as expected.
Diablo drank a boost-type potion in advance.
He swung his magic staff, the 《Tonnerre Empereur》.
「You d.a.m.ned nitwits who do not even understand who is friend or foe, there is no longer any value in any of you living! Be smashed to bits, 《Lightning Meteor》!!」
Several bolts of lightning came falling down from the jet black sky.
Lightning poured down onto the whole area.
The trees that were in the plaza, the sculptures of great people, the artistic objects……
The places that he aimed at beforehand were all hit in succession.
Believers raised screams, moving about in confusion and trying to escape.
Other than them, there were a lot of people that got on their knees and prayed. They offered their prayers to G.o.d, hoping they they themselves would be protected, and that evil would be driven away.
──The fact that there are many that rely on prayer, was just as expected. Things are going well.
Also, since there were surprisingly a lot of people that possessed fighting strength, flying-type Summoned Beasts and projectiles were fired at him.
He silenced them.
「Once more──《Lightning Meteor》!!」
This time, they were dropped to the feet of the ones that were attacking him.
Since there were a lot of targets, he would made a direct hit if he made a single mistake but……
He was caught by these believers, and was nearly executed. Moreover, right now, they were currently attacking with the intent of taking his life.
Ignorance and powerlessness would not be protective reasons.
He took the trouble to try and not kill as much as possible.
However, he at least thought "if you get hit, then curse your own bad luck". Even if he was a level 150 Magician, he was not almighty.
Having no way of knowing that Diablo was racking his brains over that, the believers on the ground, getting the wrong impression that he was performing a ma.s.sacre, panicked, ran about trying to run away, and prayed to G.o.d.
The number of people that believed that the Demon King had descended upon them, it increased everytime magic was shot.
Someone came out from the Inner Court. They raised a loud voice on the balcony.
「Douraah! Don't screw with me, b.a.s.t.a.r.d!」
It was a Pantherian Holy Knight, and he possessed a gigantic War Axe.
If he was correct, it was the man called Gadolas that was together with Guryuun. They met when he entered the confession room.
「……Finally, huh. I was wondering what I would do if you didn't come out, you know?」
Diablo muttered.
And then, for the sake of moving the scenario forward, he shouted with a loud voice.
「Fuhahahahaha! So you thought that those ordinary soldiers called Holy Knights would be a match for me! You d.a.m.ned fools! If you wish to defeat a Demon King, Then bring along someone like the High Chief Priest! Or could it be, were you all relying on the Cardinal Inst.i.tute!?」
「Who's an ordinary soldier, dammit!」
He was the type that didn't listen to the end of what people were saying. So even though he's a Holy Knight, even his brain was just muscles.
Gadolas swung his War Axe while shouting.
「Fall to the ground, you clown! 《Slash Axe》!!」
A gold shining blade came flying in.
His level was quite good.
However, something like a Martial Art that is fired from a long distance, it could be easily avoided. When Diablo thought that, the shining blade chased after him to the place he evaded to.
「It's tracking me!?」
「Yeah, go die!」
「Hmph……《Sylph Shield》!」
A shield of atmosphere sprung forth.
It stopped the Martial Art.
He does some pretty clever stuff for a Pantherian──is what Diablo thought as he made a wry smile.
It looks like it would be fun to challenge him in close combat, is what he thought as his desire to experiment reared its head.
However, right now, he wasn't allowed to have even a hard fight.
A Demon King had to be overwhelming. It's because that is what instills fear into people.
Diablo recalled the Inner Court's blueprint, and predicted the position of the Holy Knight Gadolas and the stationing of the people around it.
There shouldn't be other people near him.
It should be alright even if he more or less destroyed it, is what he ended up always guessing, but he didn't have the flexibility to only expect perfection.
「Realize the power of a Demon King. ──O Darkness, destroy everything! 《Darkness Rain》!!」
Jet black arrows that infinitely appeared poured down on Gadolas.
He raised a scream.
──Nn? It became plainer than I thought it would be. I thought that a Demon King would have the Darkness attribute, but unlike the game where effects are scattered, with it being night, the black arrows can't be seen.
As he thought, being sparkling bright was flashier.
Diablo fired a different magic.
「《Lightning Escalation》!!」
Several light bullets of condensed magical power went flying.
With them sparkling bright and thunder resounding, it was flashy enough to make those that saw it tremble.
Gadolas was down to one knee with the 《Darkness Rain》 but,
While howling 「Uoooh!」, he warded off the light bullets with his War Axe.
──Ah, that idiot, don't avert them!
Hitting the Inner Court, it collapsed in a flashy way. That flashiness was unexpected.
Going 「HIIiiii!?」, the believers raised screams as if they had received injuries on their own bodies.
It seemed that the Inner Court was that important to them.
Going "if it's like that", Diablo fired magic at a place in the Inner Court where there weren't any people.
「Fuhahahaha! Fear the Demon King! 《Lightning Arrow》!!」
Small light bullets steadily destroyed the Inner Court.
Gadolas once again came attacking.
「Stop it, you d.a.m.ned cowardddddd!!」
「You're too loud, you small fry! 《Flare Burst》」
The attack that could blow away even a Demonic Being made Gadolas scream.
──Whoops, was that too strong? But when going up against a Holy Knight, I can't really hold back, so I guess it can't be helped.
He couldn't bring out his full power like usual and end things in an instant. If he was too fast, the ordinary people probably wouldn't be able to comprehend.
He needed to thoroughly show it, and drop the believers into the depths of fear.
A pure white light fell upon the body of Gadolas who was kneeling down.
It was a healing miracle.
──Oh, so his companions came out.
Other Holy Knights appeared. Moreover, there were three of them.
They were the three Holy Knights that were protecting Bishos when Diablo had visited the plaza below the Inner Court. They had drawn their swords, and had unleashed their own respective techniques.
「To damage the Inner Court, that is just asking for punishment! Who are you!?」
「Kukuku……I am the Demon King! It is because you all have desired your own demise that I have come to make my descent! You Holy Knights are not worth mentioning. If you wish to defeat me, you had best bring someone who is closer to G.o.d!」
──Hurry up and bring Lumachina out. Even Bishos is fine, you know? If they bring out either one, this performance can continue on to the next scene.
Gadolas, who he had went to the trouble of silencing, made a full recovery.
The number of Holy Knights increased, making it so that he was facing four people at once.
If each of them had at least Guryuun's level of ability, it would be bothersome but……
He couldn't use too strong of a magic, and drop the Inner Court. He needed to be careful.
Diablo waved his staff.
「Be crushed. ──《Dark Press》!!」
「Nuooooooh!? Like h.e.l.l I'll give in, super abssss!!」
Gadolas, who was pressed down on the floor, shouted.
It was there that one of the Holy Knights raised a hand over head.
「O G.o.d, save us! 《Dispel》!」
A white light erased the effect of the 《Dark Press》.
──Yosh, so that's their Healer.
Diablo determined his target.
「First, I'll start from you! 《Flare Burst》!!」

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