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Part 8

She had Babylon take a look in the key room.
It seemed that Babylon could separate about five meters away from the Holy Grail. It made Horun think that she could be the strongest as a scout in a dungeon or indoors.
As expected of a G.o.ddess of battles.
『I went and took a look for you. You're the first user to use me this roughly, ya know?』
「……I'm really grateful -ssu.」
Horun lowered her voice and responded to her.
Babylon's voice could only be heard by Horun, but if her own voice that she used to reply to her were loud, she would be discovered.
『The result, wanna know it? Wanna know it? Nn fu~, if you take off your panties, then I'll tell you.』

Horun silently put her hand out the window.
The Holy Grail was exposed to the night sky.
『Hiiii~~~~~!? It was a joke, a joke, stop! How could you do something that asks for punishment!?』
『He was there! The Holy Knight called Guryuun from earlier, he was reading a book at the back!』
She put the Holy Grail back to the belt on her waist.
『To threaten this Babylon-sama……What a terrifying child!』
「Please stay quiet -ssu.」
Horun put her concentration to the max, and erased the sound of her footsteps.
Pa.s.sing by in front of the key room, she moved on ahead.
Stone walls like that of a dungeon continued on.
──There's no one here?
She thought that there would be someone on the lookout, but there wasn't the figure of anyone around. Was it because it was the middle of the night?
Several doors were lined up.
If she hadn't heard it from Gadolas, she probably wouldn't have know where her companions were locked up.
It seemed that Diablo and the others were in the thirteenth confession room.
However, she didn't know about Lumachina's whereabouts. According to what she heard from the White Masks, she was locked up in a different room but……She probably had no choice but to think about that later.
While confirming the number of the doors, Horun headed deeper inside.
「It's here!」
The characters 『013』 were on a heavy looking iron door that was not appropriate for something called a confession room. She rushed over to it.
「Danna, are you there -ssu ka!?」
Horun called out.
There was no response.
This time, she tried hitting the door.
As expected, there was no response.
──Could it be, saying that it was thirteen, was that a lie?
Gadolas didn't look like the shrewd type that would lie but……
There were a lot of doors. She thought that it would be impossible to quietly visit them all in a way that the Holy Knight in the control room wouldn't notice.
Sweat that rose to the surface of her forehead fell down.

「……Horun, is that you?」

Rem's voice came from the other side of the iron door.
「AHH! Yes!」
「……It can't be……Just how, in the world, did you get here? Did you get caught?」
「Various things happened……」
Inside, the voices of the others came as well.
「What? Did you say Horun?」
「Wawah! Could it be, did she come to save us!?」
They were Diablo and Shera's voices.
Horun searched the bundle of key for the one that had 『013』 written on it.
「Right now, I'll open up this place -ssu, so let's hurry up and run!」
She inserted the lead colored key into the keyhole.
Behind her, the voice of a child was raised.

「──Book of Helena, Fourth Pa.s.sage of the Third Chapter──《Merciless Claw》」

Getting startled, Horun turned around.
Filling up her field of vision, a black tiger drew near.
She stooped down to avoid it.
Her field of vision was turned over.
An impact ran through her, and for an instant, her breathing stopped.
Before she realized it, she was at the edge of the corridor, leaning against the wall──Horun crumbled down.
She couldn't put strength into her left arm.
Looking at it──the area of her left shoulder, was deeply torn.
Lukewarm blood, was gushing out.
『Hang in there, Horun-chan!』
Babylon, who usually had a tone like she was joking around, raised a stiff sounding voice. It made her have a real feeling that this bleeding was a dangerous amount to lose.
Rather than the damage to her body, Horun felt a shock and fear from the amount of bleeding that she had never seen before, causing her to lose her composure.
「Die……I'm going to die……?」
*Kotsu, kotsu* Making the sound of small footsteps, they came walking from the end of the hallway.
「Naturally. I attacked with the intent of killing you after all.」
It was the Holy Knight called Guryuun.
He was a Gra.s.swalker and had the appearance of a child, but right now, he was wearing blue armor. A sword was hanging at his waist.
Wearing gla.s.ses, his gaze was fallen onto the book he held in his hand.
「As I thought, so you had outwitted Gadolas. He is weak-headed after all.」
「U, uuu……」
「Please don't think bad of me. I have no resentment against you, but since it was Bishos' order……」
「Bi, shos.」
Only now did Horun get an actual feeling of the strength of the opponents that she was confronting.
She didn't have any regrets in her actions that were done for the sake of her companions but……Didn't she overestimate her abilities after having leveled up?
Why did she make enemies of monsters like the Holy Knights?
Her field of vision was warped by her tears.
Guryuun talked while reading his book.
「The smell of blood is in the air……You seem to be bleeding terribly. With that injury, you surely won't last long. I will put you at ease, right now.」
「──Book of Helena, Second Pa.s.sage of the Fifth Chapter──《Starved Old Wolf》……」
A pitch black wolf came out from his book.
At that time──
A voice came from the other side of the iron door that had 『013』 written on it.

「Fall in decay! 《Rust Burst》!!」

It was Diablo's Charge.
The iron door changed into a reddish brown. Countless cracks ran along the stone walls.
With a kick from inside, the door that became brittle collapsed, and broke down into very small pieces on the ground.
Diablo revealed his figure.
「I will not allow you to injure my property, any more than that……You Holy Knight brat!」
Guryuun raised his face from his book for the first time.
He raised his gla.s.ses with his middle finger.
「Who are you calling a brat? I turn sixty this year, greenhorn──If you come out from the confession room without permission, I will kill you, got it?」

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