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Part 4

「I want you to take me up -ssu. P, please!」
The surroundings had already become dark.
It seemed that the coming and going of the Inner Court was active even at night.
Horun tried using 《Charm》 on a man who was driving a wagon and headed to the entrance church.
Calling out to him in the shadow of a building, she asked that favor to him.
The man's cheeks turned red.
「Eh, no……even if you say that……Even I, just want to hand over vegetables to the White Masks.」
Was it too difficult?
Babylon stirred her up.
『Hey? Horun-chan, are you the serious type? Your exposure, it's lacking, you know~? Even if you are just twelve years old, aren't you underestimating the world?』
The G.o.ddess said something like a vulgar cameraman.
It seemed that her figure couldn't be seen by anyone other than Horun, nor could her voice be heard by anyone else.
*Guh……* Horun gritted her teeth.
She pinched the hem of her miniskirt.
A small amount of her thighs became exposed. Even though it was embarra.s.sing enough for her to be wearing such a short skirt, to do something like this──It was embarra.s.sing enough for her to die!
「P, p, ple, ase.」
「Guhoh!? It c-c-can't be helped……Since they only check the top box, get into the cabbage box below. It can get you as far as the Inner Court.」
「Oji-san, thank you -ssu!」
*Fufu……* Babylon smiled.
『This Level Up G.o.ddess will acknowledge it, and shall grant you the t.i.tle of 《Ossan Killer》.』
「I don't need that s.h.i.t -ssu.」
The man who was doing the work of emptying the cabbage box turned around.
「Eh, what?」
「Awawa……It's nothing -non! Teheh!」
The self-hating Horun pulled off a cute pose in an instant.

One hour later──
After having Babylon check to see if there was anyong around, Horun came out of the cabbage box.
「Uwahー……The smell of cabbage is……」
『You better not infect the Holy Grail with the smell, got it? Something like a cabbage-smelling Holy Grail, it'll make me unpopular with the hunks.』
Ignoring Babylon's words, Horun examined the surroundings.
It seemed to be a storehouse.
Since there was almost no light, it was pitch dark.
However, that was no problem. Even with just the starlight of a small window, Horun was able to get a grasp of the surroundings.
She was able to see in the dark so well that it surprised even her.
Since she experienced the sensation of going up while inside the box, this place should be a storehouse in the Inner Court.
When she tried to remember……
「Eh? I, remember.」
How far she was carried through the pa.s.sages, how many times and which way turns were made, she remembered it all in detail. There is no way her perception and memory should have been so excellent up until now.
Horun was bewildered by her own changes.
Babylon used a small make-up kit that she had pulled out of nowhere, and talked while tending to her nails.
『Mapping is one of the basics for a Seeker, isn't it? When you're level 80, even if you fall into a pitfall, you wouldn't lose sight of your own location, normally.』
「……What do you mean by level 80?」
『It's yours.』
『Your current level.』
『The 《Master and Servant Contract》 is an item that raises even the servant's level so that they can be useful to the master. It just means that the owner of that thing is at an amazing level~. The type whose level is about double 80?』
Horun stared at her own hands.
She recalled several things.
「…………I, was in a town called Zircon Tower -ssu. It was a town in the former Demon King territory, where there were a lot of pretty strong people. At that place, the person who was said to be the strongest Warrior, was level 80.」
『Hーn? Great for you.』
「That's a light att.i.tude -ssu ne.」
『Well, seeing it from a Level Up G.o.ddess' point of view, the true part of leveling up come after you've broken through the limit. It all starts from here, right from here.』
『Fu fuーn♪ For normal people of the Races, level 99 is the limit. Although they can relatively get it up that far if they have the motivation, if they break through the limit, it becomes 100.』
「Ah……You mean like the Holy Knights?」
『I don't know about that though. To go beyond 100, it gets around ten times harder than it took to get there -yo ne~』
「Ten times!?」
『Well, in exchange, if for example a level 100 and a level 110 went at it, there would be a seriously awesome difference between them.』
「Seriously -su ka……」
『Super seriously. Both the Martial Arts and Magic they learn, it would be, like, becoming able to fight against large crowds and against large type Demonic Beasts, or something?』
Even her own level right now, she was above the clouds compared to how she was during the day.
Something like breaking the limit and going above level 100 on top of that, it seemed like trying to reach the moon.
──Most likely, Diablo-san is probably at that point.
『Ah, like, someone's come~』
Horun concealed herself in a hiding spot.
With her current level, as long as she was in the pitch dark storehouse, she had no fear of being discovered.
However, she was unable to achieve her objective only by hiding.
There was only one person who entered the storehouse, and they were wearing a white mask.
Judging from their figure, they were a male Dwarf.
「I'll go ask that person about Diablo-san and the others' location -ssu.」
『Ahan, so you're going charm them again? Make sure to make them fall in love with you using your vivaciously young twelve year old skin and your level 80 techniques, 'kay~?』
「I'd really like it if you didn't say such weird things -ssu……I'm only going to increase my allies with the Skill 《Charm》 -ssu.」
The time of starting something, was when one would be the most nervous.
She went out in front of her opponent from her hiding place.
The White Mask noticed her and turned his gaze towards her.
Horun showed her best smiling face.

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