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Part 3

The men had bloodshot eyes.
Their appearance was that of having normal shirts and pants, but large holy symbols dangled around their necks. And then, they held maces in their hands.
One among them had pointed Horun out.
「This girl, is she one of Lumachina's companions!?」
To think that a believer would address the High Chief Priest without using any honorifics.
It was clear that those men were after their luggage.
A different one spoke.
「There should still be more fabricated doc.u.ments……We'll have you obediently hand them over.」
Horun wrinkled her eyebrows.
They should have brought all of the evidence.
The only one she could think of, was Alicia. She didn't hand over all of the evidence that she acquired.
So she had thought of the possibility that Lumachina would fail in the negotiations, and that they would get back the evidence.
「Although I was spot on, I'm in a pinch -ssu.」
Babylon swung a fist.
『What are you saying? Those guys' levels are around ten, ya know? Just go at them with a snap, a snap!』
「N, no……Even if you say that all of a sudden……」
A man drew near her.
「What the heck are you mumbling? Hand over the doc.u.ments!」
──I wanted to ask about the basis for why they thought that the fabricated stuff was "insufficient".
However, they probably didn't possess a normal way of thinking anyway.
They were doing what the Head Cardinal Professor Bishos told them to do.
They were puppets.
Even though the true righteous one should be Lumachina, Bishos manipulated the believers with deceitful words. If she were able to do something like that as well, then even she would be able to cut through this situation!
──If I could manipulate them.

『The level up bonus skill has been selected.』

When she turned her gaze towards her, Babylon was shaking her head left and right.
『That just now wasn't me, ya know?』
The mysterious voice resounded once again in her head.

『Skill 《Charm》 has become level 8.』

「What is it -su ka!?」
『Like I said, that wasn't me. Isn't it a bit confusing?』
「What is 《Charm》 -su ka!?」
The instant she shouted, pink hearts flew to the three men that she was confronting.
*Hyo hyo hyo hyo, pashun!* A relaxed sound was made.
The men raised strange voices.
*Howa~n* Their cheeks turned red.
Putting it bluntly, it felt creepy.
They started saying strange things.
「He, hehe……Ojou-chan, we're sorry for that somewhat harsh way of speaking, okay? It's not like we want to be hated by you, see?」
「That's right.」
「If we were to be hated by you, ojou-chan, we wouldn't be able to keep on living.」
*Zowah* A chill ran down Horun's spine.
──What in the world are these people saying!?
*Ketaketaketa* The G.o.ddess was laughing.
『The Skill 《Charm》! Kyahahahahaha! You, did you want to become popular that badly!? That's totally hilarious.』
『Anyhoo, since ya went and chose it, how about using these guys?』
「Uuu……I wanted to use attack magic just like Diablo-san -ssu……」
『Fu fu~n? I think that you have talent for that as well though.』
Horun spoke to the men.
「Um……If possible, I would like it if you didn't take away our luggage though. There isn't anything like evidence here anymore anyway.」
Would she be able to do something about these men with bloodshot eyes with words like this?
She was half in doubt about it, but they nodded looking delighted.
「I see, if it's you that says it, ojou-chan, then we won't take them away.」
「It can't be helped if there wasn't any evidence, can it? It's not like we're disobeying Bishos-sama's orders.」
「Yeah, it's not like we disobeyed him.」
It would seem that their loyalty towards the Cardinal Inst.i.tution hasn't changed. However, being charmed by Horun, it was at the level of "obeying if an excuse worked".
Babylon stirred her up.
『What're you doing, say it in a bit more cuter way. There is a "way of hitting" in both the sword and magic, right? Even for Skills, it's not fine if you just say the name. When the effectiveness is mild, the effect will vanish the moment you're gone, ya know?」
It was disgusting.
However, she had to endure.
Horun put both hands together, and tilted her head just a bit. She showed a smiling face with all of her heart.
「Kyan, Oji-sans, thank you! Horun, is so happy!」
──I wanna die.
The men's faces turned bright red.
「Buffoh! L-l-leave it to us, Horun-chan!」
「We'll protect the luggage of this place!」
「Nosebleed, nosebleed……」
「P, please do that! Thank youuu~~~~~~~~~~ -ssu.」
While saying that, Horun left from being in front of them.
She ran headed for the hidden door that seemed to be a the end of the third floor hallway.
She held down her mouth with her hand.
「I feel like I'm going to throw up -ssu.」
『Groーss. I'll curse you if you throw up in the Holy Grail, ya know?』
I absolutely won't say that I used it as a toilet──is what Horun thought.

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