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Part 1

Horun ran away.
Frightened by the believers that drew near, she had started running before she knew it.
「Impossible -ssu! That sort of thing is impossible -ssu!」
Running through the town while shouting that, she couldn't remember where or how she came back but……
Horun returned to the inn.
It was already dusk.
Since she usually did nothing but follow along after Diablo and the others, she became extremely worried wondering if they would kick her out for coming into his high cla.s.s inn on her own.
Nevertheless, when she got as far as the 《Phoenix House》's lobby, a Dwarf woman politely greeted her.
「Welcome back, dear guest.」
「Ah, yes……I totally came back.」
「Here is the key to your room. A cancellation for your evening meal had come in, but shall we prepare it now?」
「No, it's fine -ssu.」
She didn't have an appet.i.te.
The plan was to march into the Grand Chapel and, no matter the outcome, they wouldn't return for awhile. In a certain way, she alone deviated from the plan.
Horun held the key in her hand, and ascended the stairway.
Returning to her own room, she fell onto the bed.
Staying there for awhile, as if it were it her own house……it didn't go that far, but it was a room that she had grown quite accustomed to.
She thought that what happened during the day could have been a dream.
She closed her eyes……
When she opened her eyes once again, the door was knocked upon.
She was called for by Rem, everyone was gathered in the common room, and they were talking about the Grand Chapel──she had that sort of reverie.
She was optimistic that no matter what happened, it would surely be alright. As for why, it was because Diablo was with them. No matter what kind of formidable enemy awaited them, he would definitely defeat them──That is what she believed.
The result was──a crushing defeat.
Horun muttered on top of her bed.
「……Deceived by such a……villain, something like believers that would try to capture Lumachina-san, he should have just knocked them down.」
She said that out loud, but there was no way the situation would be settled with just that.
That would be nothing but the "purification by the Demon King" that Alicia had mentioned.
To be unable to get anyone to agree with words, and make everyone be silent through violence……
Something like that would never bring about the "ideal situation for the Church" that Lumachina wanted to regain.
Diablo and the others being caught was probably the decision of saying that not fighting was for the best.
Horun couldn't come up with any other means.
「……Surely, if it's Diablo-san, then he'll be able to do something about it. If I just wait, surely, he'll come back with a face as if it was nothing at all.」
She closed her eyes.
The sound of a knock was made, and she thought that it was a dream again.
──It's not.
Hurriedly jumping up to her feet, she unlocked the door.
Outside the door, it was a female Dwarf. She was an employee of the inn.
However, the usual smile wasn't there.
「Dear guest……A person of the Church is……」
「Some gentlemen who are believers have come, and they say that they are here to take the luggage of you dear guests. What shall we……」
「Th-th-th-that's no good!」
So their inn was exposed. Or could it be that someone told them.
The female Dwarf nodded.
「Understood. The 《Phoenix House》 will protect its dear guests as well as their luggage with all of its might.」
「That's really appreciated -ssu!」
「However, in order to seek perfection, I would suggest going out from the back.」
「D, do you mean that it would be better to run away?」
「It would be fine if it were just gentlemen that are believers but……The opponent is the Church after all. In the even that even Holy Knights come around……With the security of this inn, it is unfortunate to say that we might be inadequate……」
She felt like she was going to cry.
Come to think of it, Holy Knights were said to be around level 100.
Incidentally, Horun was around level 20. Since she is a Seeker, she wasn't suited for battle.
The female Dwarf lowered her head.
「Please push the right side of the frame of the mirror that is at the end of the third floor hallway. It will turn into a hidden door.」
「Ha, hahi……」
After telling her what was necessary, the employee excused herself from the room.
A heavy sound was made, and the door closed.
Horun jumped at her luggage.
「Gero escape -jya baba!」
While blurting out unexplainable words, she opened up her rucksack, and shoved in her valuables.
Before that, it would probably be good to reduce the excess stuff and make it lighter.
Various goods rolled about on the floor.
Her hands grabbed a silver cup.
This was something that she borrowed at the 《Treasury》, but having dirtied it under certain circ.u.mstances, although she had thoroughly washed it, she still found it to be embarra.s.sing and held onto it without returning it.
What pa.s.sed through her mind, was their adventure at the dungeon, the 《Demon King's Underground Labyrinth》, that was in the desert.
It was a fun adventure like the ones depicted in her dreams.
It was the best!
She herself was weak.
She was weak to the point of trembling and wanting to run away just by hearing about the Holy Knights!
Tears came spilling out from her eyes.
A drop fell into the silver cup.
「B……but……everyone iz, a companion! We're companionsssss!!」
『And you want to save them?』
「Of course I do!」
After shouting that, she noticed.
「Wh, who's there!?」
『Ahー, over here -yon, here, here♪』
What was in front of her eyes was, the silver cup that Horun was holding with both hands.
A pretty woman was sitting on the rim. She only had the size of being able to ride on Horun's hand.
Her green hair was light and fluffy, and she wore clothes of a design that Horun had never seen before. As if she were a fairy, at any rate, she was small.

「Who, are you?」
『Ara, you sure are rude. I, who am awe-inspiring and reside in the Holy Grail, am a G.o.ddess! You are facing this Babylon-sama!』
「What do you mean……by Holy Grail?」
『It's what you're holding, this thing, you know?』
She couldn't even imagine that it was such an impressive thing.
『Fu fu fu……Could it be that you didn't know about it? Well~, since it's a sacred treasure from another world, I guess it can't be helped.』
「From another world……」
It was something outrageous.
Before, being unable to hold it in any longer──She had used this as a toilet.
Horun's face turned pale.
『Has it been a hundred years since I last manifested? Since I'm in a good mood, I'll give you a special service♪ I'll give you a level up!』
「Heh? Seriously!?」
『Fu fu fu……To begin with, I'm the G.o.ddess of Level Ups, see? Since your level is low, you've got some surplus, ya know?』
「Could it be, will I be able to go to Diablo-san and the others' aid!?」
『I don't really know about that.』
「Ahhh……Jeez, that's fine as well! Just do, as much as you can! Quickly!」
『……Haa……That might be downing my motivation~. Ya need to properly as me like you're asking a G.o.d. Although I'm from a different world, I'm a pretty awesome G.o.ddess, ya know?』
Placing the Holy Grail on the floor, Horun prostrated herself and rubbed her forehead on the floor.
「If you would please do it -ssu!」
『Ah, a nail is chipped. That's a super downer -poyo~』
Babylon did nothing but look at her fingertip with a cold gaze.
*Kon kon!* Horun head-b.u.t.ted the floor.
「I beg of you -ssu!」
『Wawah!? You, blood is coming out, ya know? Doesn't that hurt?』
「It doesn't hurt -ssu. It's because, if I stay doing nothing like this, and only run away……It'll hurt even more -ssu……My heart will!」
『Well, I get it. I did say that I would raise your level, see? I received your compensatory offering after all.』
「……Offering -ssu ka?」
『Yupー yupー. Fu fu fu……In order to preserve this loveliness of mine, the lifeblood of a maiden is required~』
『It had a bit of a strange taste, but it had a good flavor.』
「Wh, when was that!?」
『Erm……It was about a month and a half ago, I think?』
「……What, was, that?」
Wasn't that about the time that Horun borrowed the Holy Grail?
What she poured into the Holy Grail, wasn't blood. It definitely wasn't.
Come to think of it, the liquid she poured into it vanished right before her eyes. Was that because the G.o.ddess that resided in the Holy Grail had drunk it!?
She started to gush out drops of sweat.
『Yuーp. Now then, from here on, I'll bring about a miracle, just・for・you♪』
It was a miracle that had a non-serious mood to it.
Babylon flutteringly waved her hands.
A small light flew towards Horun.
It hit her chest──and vanished.
Horun tried clutching her hands, and jumping in place.
「Th, the level up……did it happen -ssu ka? I don't really get it but……It kinda feels like my body's light? Could it be, can I move my hands much faster than usual!?」
*Sha! Sha!* She made sword swinging movements.
Babylon shrugged her shoulders.
『It failed -ppo~』
「Hogehー!? What do you mean by that -ssu ka!? Is this a scam -ssu ka!? Getting my hopes up like that !?」
『I'm telling you it was a legit miracle! I totally don't know why that happened either, ya know~? Totally the worst.』
Horun held her head in her hands. Could it be that the fact that what she offered wasn't blood but urine that was the problem!?
Fortunately, Horun was a maiden. At the very least, within her memories, she had no experience.
「……Um……The blood, about how much do you need -su ka?」
『About two liters?』
「If, if it's that much……would it work!?」
『Ahー, since you would die if you did it, I feel like I wouldn't really recommend it.』
「I would die -ssu ka!? That would be totally meaningless -ssu!」
『Normally, ya might make a living sacrifice?』
「That's absolutely no good -ssu! That sort of thing wouldn't be for a G.o.ddess -ssu! That's a devil -ssu! That's unforgivable -ssu!」
『Kyahahaha! So serious. That's totally hilarious.』
「Kuh……It was a mistake to rely on such a no-good G.o.ddess -ssu……As I thought, I have no choice but to do my best with my own strength!」
『Hold on!? What's with that, I'm totally not no good, ya know!?』
「The level up, did fail after all.」
After being glared at with reproachful eyes, Babylon averted her gaze.
The cause of the failure might have been due to the offering not being blood but a different liquid, but to begin with, with the requirement being a lethal amount of a maiden's blood, she couldn't use it.
*Pan!* Babylon clapped her hands.
『Well then, I'll tell you about the other method! Kyaha!』
「What is it -su ka?」
『You know, since I'm an excellent Level Up G.o.ddess, it means I can sniff out the potential for it~. It smells -waー. It totally smells -waー.』
「I'd really like it if a girl didn't say that it smells -ssu……」
『A super level up smell is coming from the room next door!』
「Haa……What are you saying……」
After grumbling, *Ha!*, she realized it.
Next door was Rose's room.
And then, unlike Diablo who possessed that miraculous pouch, everyone else left their personal belongings in their rooms.
Even Rose's belongings, they should be in her room.
──The 《Master and Servant Contract》!?
Horun grabbed the Holy Grail and rushed out into the hallway.

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