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Part 3

The winds of autumn could be felt.
Before they noticed, it was already October.
The area around the royal capital headed towards winter and it suddenly became cold.
The top of the bridges that extended between the districts received especially strong winds.
Diablo held down the hood that covered his head.
Rem, Shera, Horun, and Rose also wore similar outfits.
Lumachina also wore one.
The plan was for her to confront the Cardinal Inst.i.tute as the High Chief Priest, but the troubles would increase if an uproar were to suddenly happen.
Right now, she had a hood on and was concealing her ident.i.ty.
The evidence of the Cardinal Inst.i.tute's evil deeds were placed on a wagon and pulled by a horse. Rem was gripping those reins.
「……This is the place, isn't it.」
The Twelfth District──
After crossing the bridge, the entire district was the Grand Chapel.
The gate that was there had its doors opened, and there wasn't anyone that seemed like a gatekeeper. It seems that it's closed at night though.
It was a declaration that they would accept anyone.
Surprisingly, a normal town spread out before them.
Since there were mostly no signboards, the atmosphere was different, but there were also restaurants, as well as shops that sold accessories and clothes.
Lumachina explained.
「Those are run by the believers, and a majority of the sales are donated. There are many customers that come to do some shopping from other districts as well.」
「……There sure are a lot of clothes and shoes stores. Moreover, they are really cheap. They are close to half the market price.」
「It's true. Those sandals, I might want them!」
Rem and Shera were surprised.
「It is because the manufacturers are believers as well. The store buildings are loaned out by the Church, and rent isn't taken.」
「……With the expenses of both manufacturing and marketing kept at a minimum, and not having any rent for the store building either, it's no wonder that the prices are abnormally cheap.」
「Both the food and the place to live, they are supplied from the Church at no charge. The people that live here are given some sort of duty, and it is made so that they have no troubles living here.」
「That's amazing!」
Shera clapped her hands.
Horun also gave high praise.
「Seriously -su ka!? Both the grub and the bed are free -ssu ka!? It's heaven -ssu!」
「……Don't the Elven villages have the same sort of feeling? If I remember correctly, they can take as many fruits and berries from the forests that were blessed to them by G.o.d.」
「Yup, yup, and the beds are the tree's branches. But, it isn't for "anyone", you know? Those who have been determined to not have enough ability can't live in the villages. They need to work away from home.」
「Ability?」 is what Rem asked.
「Since the Elven country would need to fight if enemies were to come, the young people would have to either be strong as soldiers, or work away from home outside of the villages.」
「……I see. Does this town, also have requirements necessary in order to live in it?」
Rem asked that, and Lumachina answered.
「Many of them are below 30 years old, and are students that will eventually become priests. Rather, since they do not possess the qualifications as priest, it could be said that they are spending time here.」
「……Now that you mention it.」
Rem surveyed the area around them.
Diablo similarly turned his attention to the surroundings.
The people that were going through the streets, a majority of them were young──It was hard to tell due to their races, but it seemed that it was a town filled with nothing but those under 30 years old.
Lumachina talked about it.
「There are many places to learn in the royal capital. With places like the Magician's Guild and the smithing neighborhood, the martial arts training spots, and the compounding cla.s.srooms, people that possess ambitions gather from all over the country.」
「Ah……Is it also possible to study magic -ssu ka?」
「Of course. The royal capital's Magician's Guild is oriented towards advanced pract.i.tioners, but there definitely are schools oriented towards beginners, you know?」
「Is that so……I see.」
Horun seemed to be thinking about something. She peeked over at Diablo.
──I wonder what's up with her?
Rem observed the people that were pa.s.sing by.
「……It would seem that there are some in their later years though?」
「It's because no matter what, with things like technical work and teachers, society cannot come into existence with only young people. Although they possess the qualifications as priests, they stay in the town as mentors.」
「……So the Grand Chapel's town, is like a gigantic school.」
「That's unexpected……」
Rose responded to Diablo's muttering.
「Is something the matter, Master?」
「I thought that this place would be, a more inhuman place with no lived-in feeling to it. Kind of like they would always be doing nothing but praying.」
At the very least, the Grand Chapel in the MMORPG Cross Reverie was that sort of place.
When a Priest-type Cla.s.s was chosen, it seemed that they would have to visit frequently.
Lumachina made a wry smile.
「You aren't all that off. This is a story supported by the people of this town but……The Inner Court has that sort of feeling. They are always doing nothing but praying.」
「I see.」
It seemed that Cross Reverie simplified the city life and then implemented it. After all, if it were to perfectly recreate a town of this scale, it would become a different type of game from an MMORPG.
However, even if this world was used as inspiration, would the game have thorough knowledge of even the Church's innermost areas?
For example, if Diablo were to return to the real world right now, just how much of this other world would be able to be reproduced in the game.
Putting aside talent as a game designer, even if it took them their whole lifetime, to be able to get a complete understanding of this other world, there's no doubt that it would be impossible.
If that were the case, the one who created Cross Reverie……just what kind of guy were they?
His eyes stopped on one of the holy symbols that were everywhere in the Grand Chapel town.
──No, it couldn't be.
Diablo stopped his speculations. Right now, Lumachina's complete protection took maximum priority. He needed to make sure that he didn't lose focus. On the opposite side of having high firepower, Magicians were weak against surprise attacks. A moment's delay in reacting was fatal.
「There is no reason to make any detours. Let's head to the Inner Court.」
Lumachina nodded, and the others didn't have any objections.
They walked through the town.
A young Pantherian man came approaching.
「Excuse me. Please let me make a prayer for you.」
「Sorry, but we're in a rush.」
After making a cold response, the other party made an extremely surprised face.
──c.r.a.p! I ended up responding in the same way I would when dealing with those kinds of approaches in front of the station.
This place was a town of believers.
Even the people that were around them made faces that said 「Eh!?」
Shera and Horun's faces went pale.
「What do we do? What do we do?」
「Is this b-b-bad -ssu ka!?」
Rem controlled Lumachina who tried to step forward.
「……Stop right there. If your ident.i.ty is exposed, it would turn into an uproar.」
「S, sorry.」
Concealing her face, Lumachina withdrew.
Rem confronted the Pantherian youth.
「……That was rude of us.」
「No, um, just what did that person mean……?」
「……We have come from the former Demon King territory, with a request for the priests of the Inner Court, and have just finished our long journey. Since we are feeling a bit impatient, please excuse our impoliteness.」
「Ahh, so that's how it was! From the former Demon King territory!? That must have been a real ordeal.」
「……Not really.」
If they were to believe the Demonic Beings' words, since it seemed that the Demon King has already revived, it is not the former Demon King, but the Demon King territory──That's how it would be, but there was no need to expressly tell him that.
People started to shuffle in and gather around them.
「……Wh, what is it?」
「You have done well to come from such a distant place. This is a small show of hospitality.」
Bread wrapped in leaves were handed over to them from an unfamiliar male Dwarf.
From another person, they were asked if they needed any water.
Before they realized it, they even started a prayer for them.
At this rate, it seemed like they would be rooted to the spot until night.
Rem planned on forcing their way through.
「Th, thank you all very much! But we are in a hurry! Now then, I have grat.i.tude to G.o.d and to all of you!」
Cutting through the crowd of people, they ran so as to run away.
「Please wait! We are still in the middle of our prayer……」
The Pantherian youth chased after them.
Saying *Annoying!*, Rem's eyes changed into that of a carnivore. Quietly muttering, she dropped a crystal in her robe.
「……《Shadow Snake》」
Oi oi, doing that to an ordinary person──is what Diablo retorted in his mind while he carried Lumachina in his arms as they ran.
Receiving the status effect 《Bind》 with the Summoned Beast's effect, the prayer youth became unable to chase after them.

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