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Part 1

One month later, on board a ship──

A thunderous roar resounded.
A gigantic serpent blew up the desert sand. Writhing in pain, it eventually stopped moving. It was a Sandworm.
Its head was blown off by means of attack magic.
It was a st.u.r.dy monster, but as expected, it didn't come attacking again.
Leaning her body forward from the sand ship's guardrail, Horun shouted.
「Uhyoー, amazing -ssu! As expected of you, Diablo-san -ssu!」
「It's only natural.」
He sheathed the dagger that he held in his hand into its scabbard.
Although the staff that was his main force, the 《Tonnerre Empereur》, would increase the might several fold, the MP consumption was extraordinary.
Right now, he used the dagger 《Garuda Edge》. It increased HP, and had a moderate chance of cutting away an enemy's physical attack.
Weapons that possessed defensive type special effects were unpopular in the game. They were treated as loser items.
In the game, seeking after weapons that gave a lot of damage allowed Players to advance in quests with better efficiency.
However, in this other world, if one died, they would really die. There was no resurrection or continues.
Since there was the chance of receiving an unforeseen attack, it was equipment for caution's sake.
Diablo behaved as if he had nothing to fear due to his Demon King role play, but he was a Gamer on the inside. In many cases, Gamers that had stacked up a lot of experience were cautious as they were cowardly.
b.o.o.bs crashed into him.
Those two soft bulges struck the area around Diablo's stomach.
Shera the Elf had embraced him.
Normal Elves were slender and had small chests, but she truly had a figure of being a thin body with big b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
*Gyuu* When she clung onto him, he could feel the softness even though the clothing.
「You did it, Diablo!」
「U, umu……Are you injured?」
「I'm fine!」
Diablo turned his gaze to the surrounding area.
On the deck of the sand ship, the corpses of bird-type monsters that came to attack in great numbers were scattered about.
The ones that were petrified were due to the effect of Shera's bow.
It seemed that a majority of the sailors and soldiers who were Lamnites' subordinates were also safe. But since there was the treatment of the injured and the repairing of the ship left, it was still a strenuous effort.
A young Pantherian girl making a discontented face entered his eyes.
It was Rem.
Because he had given her new equipment the other day, she had changed her clothes once again. It felt as if the cloth surface had decreased even more.
The armor for use by women of the MMORPG Cross Reverie had a tendency to increase skin exposure as their level increased.
Rem didn't mind the increase in skin exposure all that much. She was delighted in how easy it was to move in. Maybe because she was a Pantherian, she seemed to possess a unique sense.
「……Stop clinging onto him for every little thing, Shera. It's improper.」
「You're like a mom.」
「……Anyone would feel the same way and say the same thing.」
「But, but, whenever you feel happy, or think something was amazing, don't you just want to transmit those feelings?」
「……I cannot understand the connection between that thought and the action of clinging onto him.」

「Our hearts get closer together, right?」
「In your case……the useless meat on your chest just gets pressed up against him!」
「That's so meanー!」
「……Shera,I am unwilling to have even our quality of character to be doubted because of you.」
「I get itー. In that case, it'll be fine if everyone hugs each other, right?」
「How did it come to that, you stupid Elf!」
「Ehー!? Even though I thought it was a good idea.」
It was the usual arguing back and forth of Rem and Shera.
There was someone glaring at that scene while gritting their teeth from a place that was a bit apart from them.
It was the Magimatic Maid Rose.
She could not move from the center of the sand ship where the main mast was. She was considerably heavy even at normal times, but during battle, gigantic arms would appear from out of nowhere. Those were also extraordinarily heavy. It was enough that the sand ship would slant if she were to carelessly approach the edge of the deck.
She was devoted to Diablo.
Seeming like the game's settings had taken over even the face that she makes normally, that was no longer just a theory, and she was now that sort of existence.
In proportion to her loyalty that was full of vim and vigor, her feelings of envy were strong as well, but he had ordered her to restrain herself.
He didn't want to see any fights among the group──That is what pacifist Diablo thought.
Surveying the surroundings, Diablo twisted his neck.
「Where is Lumachina?」
「……Not long ago, she was called by Lord Lamnites, and went to the cabin. It seemed that she was asked to treat some injured people.」
Rem answered.
Her healing was extremely superior to others. It was only natural that she would be relied on.
Horun clutched her fists.
「As expected of Lumachina-san -ssu!」
「……Horun, wouldn't it be better if you were also in the cabin?」
「Why -ssu ka?」
Although Rem looked like she had a hard time saying this, she said it.
「……It would be, better if you were in a safe place at the time of battle.」
Horun stiffened up.
Shera, who didn't really think deeply about things, said it quite readily.
「That's trueー, it's hard to attack when you're near the monsters. It feels like my arrows might hit you.」
「……Same here, it makes it hard for me to set my Summoned Beasts on them. That being said, it's not like you're strong enough to leave some monsters to you.」
Going *Uuu*, Horun shrank away.
She looked pitiful, but Horun was a Seeker. That is technically cla.s.sified as a Warrior-type, but it's a Support-type and is not a cla.s.s oriented for battle.
In addition to that, Gra.s.swalkers were a race who kept the appearance of a child even when they become adults, and were weak with close combat.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, it was possible to rely on equipment and magic for firepower, and by no means was it a misfortunate job but……
──To begin with, Horun is a twelve year old child, and her level is around 20 after all.
Diablo's companions were an a.s.sembly of considerably higher than average members. It couldn't be helped that she had an unfavorable comparison among the group.
They were probably saying that it would be better for her to do the things that she could do in the cabin rather than getting injured──is what Diablo also thought.

He opened his mouth……
But decided to stop.
Since he was a poor-talker, it was certain that he would make a mistake in his way of talking and hurt Horun's feelings.
People could learn.
It wasn't like she did it in his place, but Rose opened her mouth. Going *Hmph*, she smiled.
「Useless tools will be thrown away, you know?」
Horun became teary eyed.
──Wait, wait, wait!
If it's like this, it would have been better if he himself had said something! (probably) Thinking that, Diablo panicked.
*Ban* He waved his mantle.
「Hmph! What are you saying? Since when did I count you all as war potential? To me, the strength of you all is equivalent to nothing. There is no better or worse to nothing.」
Everyone, get along!
He thought that it would be great if his feelings got across to them but──everyone got along and held their heads down.
Rose groaned.
「It is just as you say……In front of Master, this Rose is nothing more than fallen dust in the corner of a hallway. I am terribly sorry for existing.」
Rem and Shera also looked depressed. Horun also kept her gloomy face.
Diablo panicked in his mind.
「Th, therefore, you should at least work hard so that you do not drag me down.」
「……You're the same as usual, aren't you, Diablo.」
Rem shrugged her shoulders.
Horun pushed out a fist.
「Got it -ssu! I will do my best and work hard so that I don't drag you down -ssu!」
「Umu, strive for that.」
He was delighted that his feelings were somehow transmitted to them. His efforts were rewarded.
Rose made a pensive look.
「If it is Master's desire……Although this is not Rose's real intention, there is a means to increase a subordinate's abilities.」
An unexpected proposal came up.
Diablo tilted his head.
In this other world, although there were some mysterious things, a majority of the components resembled how things worked in the MMORPG Cross Reverie.
He had never heard of anything that could increase a party member's abilities.
Of course, if it was something temporary in the middle of battle, it was possible to increase them with Support Magic but……She probably didn't mean it in that meaning.
「I will allow it, tell me about it in detail.」
「Certainly, My Master. It can be done by being linked together with this treasured article right here, the 《Master and Servant Contract》. By doing so, the servant will be strengthened depending on the abilities of the master. I believe that even a roadside pebble could be a bit useful to Master as a paperweight.」
What Rose took out was a choker.
It was a black-dyed leather choker.
Since magical formations were carved into it, it had a Goth-loli-type obscenity to it.
「The 《Master and Servant Contract》 you say?」
Diablo recalled the game's specifications.
Something like that shouldn't have been implemented.
──No, but, that sort of feature was in a different game that would be its rival game, wasn't it.
With a system similar to an apprenticeship, existing Players became able to guide newcomer Players. If the coaching side was strong, the support effect would become even bigger.
Putting it simply, it was a "help measure to make it easier to play with invited friends on the same stage".
Was there a similar system in Cross Reverie and was it just not implemented?
Or, could it be that the good parts of the rival game were harvested, and going to be implemented in the future?
He thought that this other world was the inspiration for Cross Reverie. Even now, there was no change to that conjecture.
However, if the features of that different game had an influence on Cross Reverie, and that was reflected with the 《Master and Servant Contract》……
Just what kind of existence was this other world?
Putting aside the speculation that had no answer, Diablo thought about Horun.
「It would be good if she merely became strong though. But isn't there compensation that needs to be made?」
「There are not any. Since Master's registration has already been finished, all she needs to do is place it on her neck.」
Rose declared that.
──I'm registered? But I don't remember having registered for that sort of thing though?
It turned into a talk as if it were a suspicious street sale. What is up with that, so scary.
Rem forced her way into the conversation.
「Please wait a second! I have also heard of that. This is my first time seeing that tool, but the servants that enter the 《Master and Servant Contract》, in exchange for receiving the master's divine protection──if the master dies, then the servant also dies, isn't that the case for that tool?」
That was some outrageous compensation.
Rose tilted her head looking like she found something strange.
「And what of it? To have only yourself live when the master pa.s.ses away, that is unthinkable. Since you would commit suicide anyway, it couldn't be called compensation, could it?」
「……That might only be the case for you though.」
Rem breathed a sigh.
Shera made a troubled looking face.
「U~n, something like a place where Diablo would die, I can't really imagine one though……」
「About how strong would I become?」
Horun chimed in.
Rose raised up the ends of her lips.
「You will become the servant of Master who has none that rival him in this world you know? It is obvious that there will be an immense effect that cannot be fully described with human speech.」
「Ooo……Amazing -ssu! So awesome -ssu!」
Rem remonstrated her.
「……Calm down right now. You are twelve years old, and no matter how you look at it, Diablo is older. It might be laughable for an Adventurer to think about reaching old age. But it isn't something you should ignore, you know?」
「O, old age -ssu ka!?」
「……Besides, putting on something like a choker, what do you plan on doing for things like marriage?」
「Marriage -ssu ka!? That is……I……」
Horun turned this way, and suddenly met eyes with him.
Her face went red.
Seeing that, even Rem and Shera had their cheeks dye red.
He didn't understand what was going on.
Rose wrinkled her brow. Even though she was a Magimatic that was sold as furniture, she was a girl with an abundance of facial expressions.
「On second thought, let us not do this. This Rose will not allow it……Something like letting riffraff approach the Master!」
「Eeeh!? What's up with that all of a sudden -su ka!?」
「To begin with, this Rose intends of having this choker placed on her by Master……So I will absolutely not had it over!」
Rem looked at her with reproachful eyes.
「……Would it have an effect on you? You are a machine, aren't you?」
「Th, there wouldn't but……Only all of you have chokers on! It's unfair.」
「Ehー!? We don't have these on because we like them you know!?」
Shera grabbed her choker and emphasized it.
「To have it forced onto you by Master……Something such a envious thing done to you. Are you boasting!?」
The girls became loud and boisterous.
Diablo cut off the conversation.
「Enough! I have no complaints with Horun's work. There is no need for the 《Master and Servant Contract》.」
If there wasn't a significant support effect, there's no mistake they would be disappointed.
Even if that weren't the case, he was anxious about making Horun who was not suited for battle become strong with half measures and then sending her out to battle.
And above all, being entrusted with someone else's life was way too heavy!
Maybe because she thought that their opinions matched, Rose smiled looking delighted. She then immediately returned to being expressionless, and bowed.
「At your will, Master.」
Horun looked like she had a bit of reluctance, but she didn't insist on it.
「Got it -ssu……」
「……Doing it this way is better. Since you are still young, steadily work hard.」
Rem patted her shoulder.
Shera hugged Horun.
「Let's do our best, together!」
Half a month later, the troupe returned to Faltra City.

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