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Part 3

This situation had made a turn around.
Speaking of which side had killed more, the Demon King's Army had killed overwhelmingly more people of the Races.
However, the numbers were different by more than 100-fold to begin with.
The Demon King's Army which was about 300 had become close to half of that number. In contrast with that, the Races were 30,000 in good health.
The chaos settled, and control had been mostly regained.
Doing things like pulling at least soldiers up from the sand ships that fell into the tear, the reorganization of the forces continued.

Diablo descended upon the sand ship that was at the lead of the forces.
His newly equipped boots called 《Empty Sky's Dance》 possessed a Flight Magic effect, but MP was needed to use them. He wanted to avoid unnecessary MP consumption.
However, there was a familiar face on the sand ship he descended upon.
──So this was her ship!?
Diablo concealed his internal agitation, and talked as if he had arrived knowing that she was here.
「So you are alive, Zircon Tower's Feudal Lord.」
「It is Lamnites.」
She was in the middle of doing first-aid treatment to her side. Even if an HP Recovery Potion were used, the blood that she lost wouldn't return. She was in a state of having lost a large amount of blood, and seemed to be anemic.
She was looking pale.
Diablo thought that her willpower to talk back to him even while she was dripping a cold sweat was praiseworthy.
Lamnites pointed at the enemy camp.
「You have my honest grat.i.tude for your a.s.sistance……However, do not lose focus! Things start from here!」
「The enemy's commanding officer is, the Demon King Army's commander-in-chief, Vanaknes. He does not die even if his heart is shot through. And then, it seems that among his subordinates, there is a powerful Magician and a powerful Healer. Be careful of the Demonic Being that comes out from people's shadows as well.」
Diablo nodded.
「Do not worry, this much was antic.i.p.ated. Well, if I strike a Maximum Magic at them, they will probably withdraw……」
He turned his gaze towards the direction that Lamnites pointed at.
It was a large sized Demonic Beast that looked like turtle.
On the sofa that was installed on its sh.e.l.l, a young man wearing a tuxedo was seated. He had the wings of a bat.
He was embracing a female Demonic Being that had crow wings.
Diablo stiffened up.
In addition, a female Demonic Being with a lizard tail had brought her face close enough that it seemed like she would kiss him at any moment.
And the female Demonic Being that looked like a mermaid next to her had her face dyed red. Goodness, the male Demonic Being's hand was grabbing her plump breast.
Diablo's head refused to comprehend it. He couldn't believe it.
He leaked out a hoa.r.s.e voice that seemed like it was not his own voice.
「You're kidding, right……?」

He is rub bing her boo bs.

He discovered silver rings on the fingers of the male and female Demonic Beings.
──Wedding rings!?
It was a couple.
Without a doubt, it was a couple. They were flirting and being lovey-dovey.
The inside of Diablo's head became blank.
He could hear laughter.
Who is it?
After a little while, he realized that he was the one that was laughing.
「Fuha, fuha, hahaha……Fuhi……」
「Wha, what is it!? What is wrong, Diablo?」
Lamnites shrank away.
Was he making that astonishing of an expression? He didn't know. However, from the depths of his chest, a pitch black emotion was welling up.
In the middle of his unconciousness, he pulled a special potion out from his pouch. It was a Boost type potion that increased his magical power.
He drank all of it up.
His magical power was strengthened to the limit.
Diablo commanded the staff in his hand, 《Tonnerre Empereur》[1]──to transform.
The black staff opened up like a pair of scissors. A purple lightning ran through the gap of the staff that was split left and right, and a blade of plasma stretched out. It became a large sword of light.
Due to his strange atmosphere, Lamnites asked her question once again.
「I asked what is wrong, Diablo!」
「……Ahh……There is no problem.」
「It does not look like it though?」
He had no idea what kind of expression he was making right now. Merely, he informed his intention, to the one that asked him a question.

「I'm going, to kill that guy, for a bit.」

Pouring his MP into the 《Empty Sky's Dance》, he activated the Flight Magic.
Maybe due to his magical power being strengthened, it was a speed that he did not have before.
Like a bullet, Diablo rushed towards the large sized Demonic Beast.
The young Demonic Being man, Vanaknes, stood up.
「Oya, you are surprisingly belligerent, aren't you? Moreover, even though you should be a pure Magician, for you to challenge me to close combat……」
Surrounding the large sized Demonic Beast that acted as the headquarters, flying type Demonic Beasts were protecting it.
Diablo swung the large sword of light, 《Tonnerre Empereur・Libéré》[2]. At the same time, he chanted.
「《Lightning Arrow》!!」
Due to the sword's effect, the magic was activated sevenfold.
With the consumption from the Flight Magic, the large sword of light, and the sevenfold magic, his MP was completely taken away. That is why, Diablo took an MP Recovery Potion out from his pouch, and replenished it.
He did not think about efficiency.
Things like cost vanished from his head.
The greatest amount of destruction! The strongest magic! Complete and thorough annihilation!
The 《Lightning Arrow》 that was fired at sevenfold turned all of the Demonic Beasts that covered the area over the large sized Demonic Beast and protected it into particles.
Vanaknes' complexion changed.
「What in the world is this……This Magician!?」

Translator’s Notes:
[1] French for Thunder Emperor
[2] French for Thunder Emperor・Released

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