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Part 5

Shera eagerly raised her hand.
He carefully gazed at her from top to bottom.
「Fumu……I see……Yosh! There is nothing. On to the next one.」
「Ehhhh!? That's so mean, Diablo! It's alway Rem! Give something like clothes to me too!」
「Those are the clothes of Elven royalty, aren't they? They have several types of magical endowments applied to them.」
「If you had pa.s.sed over level 100, I would have prepared some fairly strong clothes for you. However, with your current level, that is the upper limit.」
Rose was nodding next to him.
「According to my appraisal, that full body armor is the 《Coat of Princess》.」
He had never heard of it. Was it armor not implemented in the game?
「Rose, you can tell the status of magical endowments?」
「Yes, Master……Her 《Coat of Princess》 has seven types of magical endowments. Things like raising every physical ability and strengthening Magic Resistance.」
──In other words, this is also an EX (Extra) cla.s.s.
It was equipment on the same level as the 《Hollow of Jet Black》 that Diablo had equipped. There was a suitable difference in level though.
Naturally, if it was in the base state that he obtained it in, there was no greater armor than that.
The same went with her weapon.
「Shera, on top of your bow having been strong to begin with, it has Krum's magical endowment. With your current level, there is no bow stronger than that.」
With Rose's appraisal of this as well, he learned that it had the t.i.tle of 《Sylvestre Bow・Darkness》.
In addition to increasing her power and accuracy rate, there was a high probability of causing 《Petrification》 together with the damage.
What surprised him was that it was suitable for those level 70 and up.
In other words, it meant that Shera was greater than level 70 as an Archer.
It was a figure that seemed like it would give Rem a shock if she were to hear it.
Shera dropped her shoulders.
「What a hopeless fellow. Since you learned that your own arms are strong, shouldn't you be delighted?」
「But, if only Rem gets presents from you, Diablo, it would be sad.」
Was it that sort of problem?
「You really cannot be helped. Come to think of it, there were some arrows. Go and use them. There are also some 《Squall Arrows》. About 100 of them.」
「Wawah, that's amazing!」
He gave the order to Rose to bring various types of magically endowed bows here.
Up until now, she had been using the store bought 《Evergreen Oak Arrows》, but she is surely able to act more effectively.
With the multicolored arrows before her, Shera expressed a whole faced smile.
「Is it alright for me to use these!? Wahー, this is troublingー. I wonder which ones I should take with me!? Thank you, Diablo!」
「With this, you are able to actively partic.i.p.ate more.」
「As an Archer.」
「……Wahー……How troubling. Should I use these or not.」
Her high spirits suddenly dropped. She was thinking that she wanted to become a Summoner.
He thought that it was about time for her to give her undivided attention to being an Archer though.
Diablo transferred his gaze to the next one.
「Now then, I have kept you waiting, Horun. I suppose we will start from your clothes.」
Suddenly, Shera stopped her eyes on an article that was on a pedestal.
It was a silver ring.
「Hey, Rem received a ring, right? I also want one, this sort of thing.」
「Do as you like.」
There weren't any articles that were cursed in the vicinity. It should be nothing but collection items of no use whatsoever. Because of that, Diablo didn't even check it.
At any rate, he would not use any of them himself other than the 《Demon King's Ring》 that he had equipped.
Shera delightedly placed it on the ring finger of her left hand.

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