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Part 4

「It would have been nice if I had some Summoned Beasts here as well though.」
Since Diablo was not a Summoner, he did not possess any Summoned Beast crystals.
Although it wasn't necessarily meant to be a subst.i.tute for it, but he prepared lightweight armor that seemed like it would suit Rem.
「……Th, this is?」
「It is the 《Layer of Secret Stone》. It is something that is fairly rare.」
It was an SSR (Double Super Rare) full body armor, and not only did it have high Physical Defense and Magic Resistance, it also had an effect of Increase Speed. If it was strengthened up all the way, it was possible to endow it with more various things but……since it was only placed into the treasury since the moment he obtained it, it was "convex-less".
Rem took the 《Layer of Secret Stone》 in her hands.
「……Is it really alright, for me to have this?」
「Try it out. You should be able to equip it.」
Weapons and armor endowed with magic could not be equipped unless one crossed a set level. The game had that sort of specification.
He had other things to hand over to her.
Rose brought over the articles that he indicated.
It was a ring with a rainbow-colored gem fit into it.
「Master, here is the 《Wild Animal's Ring》.」
「Good job. Rem, this is a ring that will strengthen Summoned Beasts. MP consumption will increase by thirty percent, but your Summoned Beasts' offense and defense will double.」
If she had exceeded level 100, he would have given her more superior items but……
The foundation of strength was one's level.
And then, there was no choice but to steadily increase one's level.
Both this other world and the game were not generous enough to let the weak live a cheating life of a succession of victories just because they possessed strong weapons.
Rem trembled.
「……Th, that can't be……If they become that strong, they would already become different Summoned Beasts.」
「That is how Summoners are. They strengthen their Summoned Beasts with their equipment and magic. If they did not, they would be compared unfavorably against a fully equipped high level Warrior after all.」
Even though Warrior-types are able to increase their fighting strength several fold with magic endowed weapons and armor, even if base Summoned Beasts are lined up next to them, the Summoned Beasts aren't all that useful.
Rather, since they aren't all that useful even if they are strengthened, Summoners were ridiculed as being a "romance cla.s.s".
However, this world was not completely the same as the game.
Even if Rem had the talent for close combat, he did not think that he wanted to leave the shield role to her. And even if she wouldn't die, the danger that she would bear injuries from a fight was high. Instead of that, using Summoned Beasts was safer.
Finally, he handed over gauntlets.
「These are called the 《Magic Hands of the Beast》. These also have an Increased Speed effect. In addition, it increases damage against beasts. Wild animals, Demonic Beasts, Summoned Beasts……There are many to fight against.」
「For the time being, try equipping them.」
「……I understand. Thank you very much, Diablo.」
「What is wrong? Is it insufficient?」
「That would be unthinkable……It's just, um……」
Rem's cheeks were dyed red.
「……It's hard to change clothes with you watching.」
Since it was equipment changing, he had completely forgotten. Full body armor, in other words, it was clothes. If she were to change into it, there was a need for her to be in nothing but her underwear at least once.
「……I will try them out.」
Holding the arms that were given to her in her arms, Rem hurriedly separated from him.
Diablo tore his gaze away from her retreating figure.
「Y, yosh, next is Shera.」

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