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Part 2

Beyond the door that was back behind the throne, there was a vast s.p.a.ce that seemed like it was infinite.
It was utterly unbelievable that something like this was beneath the desert.
It seemed that it was either similar to the pouch that Diablo possessed and was magically connected to a different place, or maybe the s.p.a.ce itself was created with magic.
Countless stone pedestals were lined up. Enough to think that they continued on forever.
Various articles were placed on top of the pedestals.
Rem narrowed her eyes.
「……It's almost like a cemetery.」
「Diablo, is this also something that you created?」
Being asked that, he shook his head side to side.
「I only indicated the things that I required, and had them brought to me. In the other world that is.」
「Wahー, it's like you were a king.」
「Naturally. I am a Demon King after all.」
That was how it was in the game, and he only had to choose the necessary items from the item lists, but even if he were to explain it with that, they probably wouldn't understand.
Gazing at the countless articles, Diablo had an extraordinary feeling.
A sorting function for type and rarity……He guessed that there was no way there would be something like that.
「What would you be searching for, Master?」
「The 《White Cow Statue》.」
It was a reward for a limited-time event, and its cla.s.sification was 《Important Item》.
Rose nodded.
「In that case, it is this way.」
──Ooh, so you memorized it! Rose, so capable! I'm sorry for thinking "So you're a roo○ba" when I deployed you in the game!
Concealing his internal grat.i.tude, Diablo nodded like a Demon King.
「I allow it, guide us there.」
「Certainly, My Master」
Courteously bowing, Rose started to walk.
Before long, he spotted something that he recognized sitting on top of a pedestal.
It was the statue of a white calf.
It was dimly and weakly shining.
He almost broke into a run for it on reflex but……
──No, no, that wouldn't be Demon King-like. Calm down.
Diablo was doing a Demon King role play. It was because if he didn't do that and make up his character, it would be impossible for him to converse with other people. Whenever he tried to talk as his original self, he would become unable to say anything else but things like 「uhー」 and 「ahー」. The unpleasant blunders of the past would rush about through his mind, and normal thoughts would not endure and disappear.
This current self was Demon King Diablo.
His performance was essential.
Finding the treasure that was their goal, and rushing over to it──That sort of thing was totally something a novice Adventurer would do.
He did his best to approach it without changing his stride.
He laughed with the depths of his throat like a Demon King.
「Kukuku……It sure did take us quite a bit of time.」
「……Is this it, Diablo?」
He nodded at Rem's question.
「Umu, it is the 《White Cow Statue》.」
Going "This is!", Rem and the others raised their voices.
Shera and Horun had their eyes sparkling, and Lumachina knelt down and put her hands together.
Rem asked a question.
「……In what way is this used?」
「What, you do not know?」
──Actually, I don't know either.
In the scenario in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, this 《White Cow Statue》 only lit up. The screen would go white and cut the scene short, it was a performance that happened often in the game.
And then, it would stream only into the conversation where he would be thanked by the recovered NPCs.
Lumachina stepped forward.
「Um……It's vague, but I know how.」
「As expected of you. I shall allow it, go and use it.」
While making it so that he didn't let out a surprised face, DIablo allowed her to go in front of the stone statue.
Lumachina touched the head of the 《White Cow Statue》.
「I feel it……Kami-sama's……warmth……」
She closed her eyes.
He didn't know what sort of things she was thinking inside of her heart.
The stone statue started to shine white.
Shera's eyes sparkled and she leaned forward.
Conversely, Rem drew back, and she looked like she was on guard. A frightened Horun hid behind her.
Diablo suppressed his anxiety and gazed at the scene with an air of composure.
──I think that it will be alright, but I'm nervous. Will this stone statue exhibit the same effect as it did in the game?
Lumachina leaked out a sigh.
Her cheeks were flushed, and beads of sweat rose to the surface of her skin.
With a twitch, her body quivered. With the hand that wasn't touching the stone statue, she pressed down on her own abdomen.
「Are you alright?」
Lumachina nodded at Diablo's question.
「Yes. I felt……Kami-sama being……r, right next to me……」
「I see.」
So she was feeling that.
A black haze seeped out from Lumachina's body.
「AH, NN」
From the gap of the slit of her skirt, a particularly thick haze spilled out.
She spilled out a pained sounding voice.
「It, it's……hot……」
「Are you alright, Lumachina-chan!?」
Shera rushed over to her, grabbed her skirt and pulled it up.
The Marked Death Disease influenced one's life. This was an emergency, and since it was something like a so-called medical treatment action, it was stranger to think of it as indecent.
Diablo had prepared for the sudden change in situation, and stared at the girls.
He gulped down his saliva.
Shera rolled up Lumachina's skirt, and exposed the base of the thigh where the Marked Death Disease nevi had surfaced.
「Ah, it's become a bit fainter.」
「Haa……haa……yes……In this stone statue……Kami-sama's power is……Nnn」
With a twitch, Lumachina twisted her body.
Looking like she was going to collapse, Shera supported her back.
「Hang in there.」
「Y, yes.」
「Look, it's become this faint. I'm sure that it will be cured very soon.」
Shera stroked near the nevi.
Lumachina reacted with a twitch.
「Afuu……Th, that place……has become……sensitive, so……」
「But, it might have, become a bit, more comfortable……maybe.」
「Really? If, if it's just this much, does it hurt?」
Shera gently stroked on top of her skin.
Lumachina gasped. As if she had focused her consciousness on those fingers, Lumachina held her breath.
「H, how is it, Lumachina-chan?」
「Haa……When I'm touched by you……Shera-san, it tingles and feels like I'm going numb……」
「It's kind of similar to pouring magical power into someone.」
「It is because……haa……I am receiving, Kami-sama's power……nnu……」
「Un, I can tell, that light is steadily, going inside of you, Lumachina-chan. The weird black stuff is being pushed out.」
Shera could see the flow of magical power. Normally, there speech and conduct was lacking in smartness, but she was actually a genius.
Her fingertips stroked up her skin. Every time she did, Lumachina raised a coquettish voice.
「I, I can't, stand anymore……」
Seeming to have lost strength in her knees, Lumachina looked like she would collapse.
Shera hugged her waist and held her in her arms.
「Very soon, Lumachina-chan! With just a bit more, the bad stuff, will disappear! From here on, it'll vanish!」
Shera's white and slender fingers grabbed the inner part of the thigh where the nevi of the Marked Death Disease were located. Putting strength into them and squeezing, her nails pressed onto the skin.
Lumachina bent her spine back.
She raised an especially high-pitched voice.
「AH! NNAHH! NHAAAaAaAa~~~~~!!」

Diablo was also able to see it clearly.
A ma.s.s of black magical power rushed out from her body as if being driven out by the white light.
That sinister magical power was sucked in towards the 《White Cow Statue》.
The statue's brilliance gradually decreased.
Was it over?
Lumachina was exhausted.
Throwing down her hands and feet, even Shera who was supporting her looked like she would collapse.

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