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Part 1

The Thirteenth Underground Floor──
『The Demon King's Room』
Diablo surveyed the surroundings with a feeling of nostalgia.
Rem grimaced.
「……It is disgusting. It feels as if we have entered the internal organs of a large creature.」
「That's so true.」
Shera also looked frightened.
Horun didn't try to separate herself from Rem and the others. Right now, she had a cloth wrapped around her body. It was something that carried on her person for when she went to sleep.
Since Diablo was naked from the waist up and Horun was completely naked, they had a hard time explaining the circ.u.mstances.
Moreover, they were surprised by the fact that Horun was actually a girl……
If not for the fact that the place was the innermost area of the dungeon and that they were in a hurry to cure Lumachina's Marked Death Disease, they might have asked a barrage of questions about this and that.
Since Lumachina had performed a big miracle, she was considerably exhausted, and was borrowing Shera's shoulder to walk.
There is a limit to being good-natured. It seemed that she saved the Holy Knight Geibalt that was targeting her own life from his serious injuries as he was on the verge of dying.
That Geibalt, he vanished while everyone was fixed on the fight between Rose and the Dragon.
──Was that scoundrel reformed?
There was the possibility that he would aim for Lumachina's life once more. There was probably a need to be vigilant.
The one that was at the lead and guiding them was Rose.
She sweetly smiled at Rem and the others.
「Just now, I feel like I heard words that seemed to be criticizing Master's tastes but……that couldn't be the case, could it?」
「……By that "Master", do you mean Diablo?」
「Of course.」
「……This place, is Diablo's taste?」
Rem made a puzzled face.
So it was difficult to keep it hidden forever.
However, how should he explain it? If he could come up with a good explanation, he would have said it long ago.
Rose opened her mouth.
「This dungeon was once in a different place. It seems that due to some sort of power, it was transferred to this s.p.a.ce.」
「……Is that sort of thing possible?」
「It is surely possible, as it has actually occurred after all. And so, when we existed in that different place, the one that created this dungeon was Master.」
Rem and the others looked over at Diablo.
A cold sweat was being shed along his spine. Making a triumphant look over capturing his own created dungeon, it was kind of embarra.s.sing.
Were they exasperated with him? Would they ridicule him? Would he be thought of as an idol otaku?
Rem nodded with a serious expression.
「……I see……So that is why you were well-informed about the mechanisms. I understand now.」
「This dungeon, Diablo, you created it!? That's amaーzing!!」
Shera's eyes sparkled.
These were unexpected reactions.
Horun tilted her head.
「B, but, it seemed like you were lost earlier……?」
──A sharp retort has come!
While Diablo kept a calm guise, his heart was racing.
Rose answered.
「What Master had directed was interior design and mechanism of each floor. It is only natural that he would not know the small branching paths. To begin with, normally, I should have come out before the gate, and brought him to the lowest floor by means of a transfer……」
She hung her head down.
She clenched her teeth.
「……Even though the Master had returned, to not be able to notice that……This Rose is a good-for-nothing. By all means, please punish me until you are satisfied.」
「Do not mind it.」
Diablo replied large heartedly.
This other world was different from the MMORPG Cross Reverie. Since the login screen and menu items weren't displayed, there was no means to start from the personal s.p.a.ce.
Rose twisted and turned her body.
「How incredibly kind! However, it is fine. If it would soothe Master's anger, whether you pluck of an arm, or split my head, Rose would……Rose would……」
Rather, she was expressing a look of ecstacy.
Her breathing is rough.
Diablo was taken aback, but since wincing from a maid's speech and conduct wasn't Demon King-like, he feigned composure and shrugged his shoulders.
「I believe I told you to not mind it.」
「Y, yes, I am terribly sorry. Give corporal punishment to this Rose as you like!」
──Does she want to receive punishment no matter what!?
Rem turned a doubtful gaze towards him.
「Um, Diablo……What sort of relationship would you have with this person? I am not trying to pry though.」
She was subtly cold.
And then, while he was thinking about how he should reply, Rose extended her index finger and replied to her.
「Ufufufu……For that, naturally everything of this Rose exists for the sake of servicing Master. From these fingers, to every corner of this body, to even every strand of hair」
「……I have understood that your loyalty is full of vim and vigor. However, I asked that question to Diablo.」
He thought that Rem's emotional strength to let her compete with Rose without any hesitation despite having seen the battle earlier was incredible.
The two of them glared at each other.
Rose muttered.
「Even though I would have chopped you to pieces with 《Asterismos》[1] about this time if you weren't Master's guest……」
「……You are Diablo's servant, and I am Diablo's companion. You understand which one of us has the higher rank, don't you?」
The 《Asterismos》 that Rose mentioned was about the gigantic double-headed sword from earlier.
Her swordsmanship possessed twelve kinds of attacks that follow the zodiac signs──that was the setting for her, but it wasn't implemented in the game.
To think that it was enough to defeat a Large Black Dragon.
If her battle abilities were implemented, the game balance in terms of dungeon capturing probably would have had an upheaval.
Suddenly, he remembered how Rem and Shera did nothing but fight at first. They do quarrel even now, but they were nothing but trivial messing around.
Diablo stepped in between Rem and Rose as they glared at each other and split them apart.
「Give it a rest already. Right now, there are more important things than old tales. Rose, does my treasury exist here?」
Since her explanation was pretty good, he went along with it.
It seemed like Rem and the others that various explanations were lacking and wanted to ask some questions, but they didn't interrupt him. It was because they understood what Diablo was prioritizing.
They needed to dispel Lumachina's Marked Death Disease. If that item wasn't here, there was no meaning to them having come here.
Rose pointed to the interior.
「Of course. The protection of the treasury is perfect. Right this way.」

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Greek word for constellation.

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