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The soldier that went to scout out the other side of the door quickly came back.
He had subdued this voice but he made a report while being somewhat excited.
「……I have a discovery!」
Going *umu*, the knight Henrick nodded.

This place was right before the entrance door of the fourth underground floor──It was the place where the staircase was at.
The soldier wiped his forehead.
「It was a dreadful heat. Below the scaffolding, it seemed that there was lava……I believe that it is most likely something done through magic.」
「This place is nothing but surprises.」
Henrick folded his arms and groaned.
「Yes. Both the monsters that were annihilated through poison of the first underground floor, and the destroyed stone walls of the second floor……that isn't common.」
「Though, it's thanks to that that the arms collection that Lamnites-sama requested is going favorably.」
However, as a result of that, a majority of the 100 subordinates that were taken along were focused on searching the dungeon.
There was only about 20 members that prioritized pursuing Diablo and had come to the fourth underground floor.
The Holy Knight Geibalt was among them.
「And so? What might be the mechanism on this floor?」
The soldier saluted.
「Ha! It is unknown whose voice it was but……It seems to be the telling of riddles.」
「I don't really get what you mean -wa nee?」
「It seems that by boarding a gondola with a capacity of around six people, answering riddles in turns, and getting several of them correct, it is possible to cross to the other side. It seems that there is a mechanism where the gondola will get closer to the lava if answered incorrectly.」
「Hoho~n, that sure is interesting -wa nee……That isn't common, but high-grade magic -da wa. Seeing as how the words of the Races are being used, it would seem that it was created by someone of the Races though……」
Probably even the Royal Capital Magician's Guild wouldn't be able to create this sort of facility. Even just the existence of this building was a great discovery.
It seemed that the Feudal Lord Lamnites and the soldiers that were here were dazzled by goods like arms endowed with magic, but it was the dungeon itself that held the true value.
Sometimes, arms and magic tools that were by no means could be created by the people of Races but were created for the sake of the people of the Races despite that were discovered. Treasures of the G.o.ds' making were called 《Sacred Treasures》.
This dungeon itself was unmistakably a Sacred Treasure.
And then, according to the information from the Adventurer's Guild, there were still no Adventurers that have reached the lowest floor.
──Even if I were to just report this to the Church, it seems like it would turn into a splendid reward, wouldn't it?
Henrick picked out the soldiers.
「About four people that excel in knowledge──with these four, me, and Geibalt-dono, we six will advance first. Once the gondola returns, the remaining people will challenge it. However, do not do the unreasonable.」
「Our true duty is in protecting Lamnites-sama. Of course, both bringing back powerful arms and investigating the Magician called Diablo are important, but you must not lose your lives in a place like this.」
「We will take that to heart!」
「Very good!」
Henrick was indeed a knight-like knight.
Geibalt asked him a question.
「About that Magician called Diablo, are you really just investigating him?」
「Yes. Lamnites-sama has highly valued his deed of protecting Zircon Tower City, and although he has called himself a Demon King, he would become war potential depending on the negotiations──That is what she is thinking.」
「I see……」
When a gigantic Demonic Beast drew near Zircon Tower City, it seems that that Magician called Diablo repulsed it.
──Does he think of himself as a champion of justice? It makes me vomit -wa ne!
Although Geibalt cursed him in his mind, he expressed a smile.
「I would like to take Lumachina-sama under my protection though?」
「In regards to that, of course we shall cooperate with you. However, right now, it seems that the High Chief Priest has been afflicted with the Marked Death Disease.」
「So it would seem -wa ne.」
「The one called Diablo had said that there was a treasured article that could cure the Marked Death Disease in this dungeon. Normally, he would not be believed in, but those are the words of a Magician that possesses superhuman strength after all.」
「I get it. Great expectations were place on you, right?」
「Yes, we have received orders from Lamnites-sama to first cooperate with Diablo and search for the treasured article.」
「I understand very well now.」
「Once we cross over to the other side with the gondola, we will catch up to them, and then I intend on offering to cooperate with them.」
「Then we will have hurry, won't we?」
「We will catch up to them soon. We have seen their backs after all.」
Geibalt thought about things.
──Joining together huh?
A soldier that went to do some more reconnaissance came back and made a report.
It seemed that Diablo's group advanced on to the next floor. They had taken off their clothes due to the excessive heat──That sort of information was also given.
After that, information that the gondola had returned was also obtained.
Henrick nodded.
「Yosh, let's go!」

「Nn~……That's enough, you all. Going this far is enough, got it?」

Geibalt tossed a crystal.
A shadow fell from above the soldiers.
It was a Summoned Beast large enough that its head sc.r.a.ped the cavern's ceiling. Pebbles fell down from the ceiling.
It opened up its enormous mouth that was lined with fangs.
Spitting out a rotten smelling breath, its hands that were thicker than a log held aloft a gigantic hammer that was larger than a person.
The soldiers that looked up at it stiffened up.
Henrick opened his eyes wide.
「Wh, what in the world, is this? Why, is something like this here? A Summoned Beast? Why? Geibalt-dono……this is?」
「You, although you were a fairly good man……I'm sorry 'kay. I'm a woman that lives for her job. Once the High Chief Priest was found, I no longer need the bothersome insects -wa. Thanks for your hard work.」
「What do you mean!?」
Henrick extended his hand to the sword on his waist.
Geibalt expressed a devilish smile. With a *pachin*, he winked.
「Crush 'em along with their b.a.l.l.s, 《Archdemon》!!」
The gigantic War Hammer was swung down from the ceiling.
Henrick's silver long sword easily broke and fell.

*Gushari* The sound of flesh being smashed was made.

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