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Part 4

Ifrit started the fight.
During the time a Summoned Beast was materialized, the Summoner's MP would continue to be consumed the whole time. He would be at the disadvantage if it turned into a drawn out battle.
Because of that, the Holy Knight did not wait-and-see, and had Ifrit plunge in.
The Dragon Tribe was not only strong, but their knowledge was also deep and vast. According to one theory, it's said that a dragon child inherits the memories of the parent.
『O small one, wield that power to your heart's content.』
The Summoned Beast Ifrit struck at it, or it pretended to, and grabbed the Dragon's horns.
Simultaneous with its shout, lava gushed out from the center of its body.
It poured on scorching heat from point-blank range.
So that was Ifrit's special action.
The air oscillated. A bit of time was needed to realise that it was the Dragon's scream.
Rem put strength into the hand that gripped the crystal.
──Is the strongest Summoned Beast really the stronger one? In that case, this is a chance to defeat the Holy Knight that is currently focused on the summoning of Ifrit!
However, if they were impatient and started a fight with him while the Dragon was still going strong, then they would really lose their lives. She needed to carefully probe the conditions of both sides……
After receiving the attack just now, just how much damage did the Large Black Dragon take.
It's black scales burned.
It looked as if it was given a considerable amount of damage.
Geibalt shouted.
「Not yet! More, more, attack it more, 《Ifrit》!!」
The Summoned Beast that had converted a majority of its body into lava returned to the Humanoid form that it had when it had first appeared. It threw a fist at the Dragon.
Ifrit did not have its body of scorching heat as its only weapon. It seemed that even its simple offensive ability was uncommon.
The Dragon's large build that had an overall length of 30 meters floated up a bit.
It made a barrage of those.
Pushing it to the cave's wall, it continued to punch it.
Not knowing how many attacks were made, time pa.s.sed──
Ifrit made its second time doing its special action.
It once again converted its whole body into lava, and gushed it out towards the Dragon's body.
──Did that decide it!?
Rem held the crystal aloft.
Shera gulped.
「No way……」
At that mutter, Rem gave up on summoning. At the place that the meaning of her words was meant for──

『Are you done, small one? Have you had enough despair? In that case, die.』

The Dragon that continued to be struck without resisting swung its forelimb.
Its claws that went left to right mowed down Ifrit who had returned to its original Humanoid form.
The upper half of its body was smashed and fell.
Rem raised a voice that sounded like a scream.
「That can't be!?」
Ifrit was a Summoned Beast that was close to having an indefinite form. Even if it lost its form, it would return to its original form. How it had not yet turned into a crystal was proof that it wasn't defeated.
Slowly, Ifrit's form was restored.
Turning towards it, the Dragon opened its gigantic mouth.
A chill ran down Rem's spine.
──Acid Breath!?
Their own location might subtly be within the effective range of it. Rem grabbed the hand of the girl that was beside her.
「Please run, Lumachina!」
「Y, yes!」
「Shera, you too!」
「I know!」
They got away from in front of the door.
Immediately following that, a black mist spewed out from the Large Black Dragon's mouth.
ifrit received a direct hit at point-blank range.
*Jyuwaa* The lava converted into liquid. It was different from the form changing that was overflowing with vitality up until then. It turned into a liquid state and spilled over onto the ground.
Its figure disappeared.
A blackened crystal tumbled onto the ground.
Geibalt shouted in agony.
「AAAAAAAAHHH!? N, no way……It's a lie! My! That was my trump card, you know!? The strongest! Even though it was the strongest Summoned Beast!?」
『That is for the limits of the people of the Races.』
There was a reverberation that sounded like it was pitying him.
At the same time the telepathy ended, the Dragon swung its gigantic tail.
The ground, which had competely become soft due to Ifrit's heat and the acid of the Acid Breath, was gouged out. The tip of its tail grazed Geibalt.
His sword was blown away.
Along with his right hand that was holding it.
Blood soaked the ground.
「Die……I'm going to die……」
The ground underneath Geibalt crumbled. What appeared was a 《Trap Worm》.
Rem kept her eyes open.
She thought that it was strange. From what she had heard, the Holy Knight Geibalt──Diablo should have defeated him with powerful magic that could turn the whole area into an empty lot. Why was he alive?
It seems that he utilized the Trap Worm.
That was a Summoned Beast that moves underground, and swallows up people. Normally, it was used to drop enemies into traps. However, this meant that Geibalt used it as a means of an emergency escape.
What a flexible idea!
Without a doubt, he was the strongest Summoner among the ones that Rem had ever met.
However, he could not win against the Large Black Dragon.
He might have been given a bit of damage, but there wasn't even an opening that Rem and the others could cut into.
The Dragon's tail once again gouged the ground.
『I will not let you escape!』
Along the the Trap Worm, Geibalt was blown away.
He crashed into the wall, and fell onto the ground. He went limp and wasn't moving.
It looked like a fatal hit.
──To think that the difference was this big!
Suddenly, Lumachina, who was running together with her to escape, turned around. He headed towards the collapsed Geibalt.
Rem was dumbfounded.
「Wha, what're you doing!?」
In a hurry, she chased after her. Shera also followed along.
「This is bad, this is totally bad, you know!? The Dragon, it's looking this way! It's looking you know!?」
「I know that!」
However, the taking this sort of action was probably what made up the girl called Lumachina. It was incomprehensible to an Adventurer like Rem.
Lumachina crouched down beside Geibalt.
「Are you alive!?」
「Gofuh……Uu……wha……? Luma……china……?」
「Please hang in there! Right now, I will use Healing!」
「Fu, fufu……Looks like I put on the wrong shoes……-wa ne……How could I, do such a thing……」
Every time he talked, blood spilled out from the edge of his mouth. Maybe his internal organs were crushed. Even the *hyuー hyuー* sound of his breathing was strange.
Lumachina prayed.
「O great G.o.d in heaven, hear my plea for aid. Heal the dreadful injuries that torment this one. Bestow magnanimous mercy upon this one's sins, and allow him to live……」
「……Even though I……intended to kill you……earn a whole bunch of money……buy a first-cla.s.s dress, and have a hunk serve me.」
「Save him, forgive him.」
「Are you stupid? After……that lizard b.a.s.t.a.r.d……I plan, on killing you……you know? Even now. If I had a hand, I would kill you -wa.」
Geibalt had already lost both of his arms.
Not just that, even both of his legs were bent in strange directions. It was a wonder that he was still alive and even had consciousness. It was thought that it was thanks to his high level and his first-cla.s.s armor.
Lumachina continued to pray.
「Yes, you have dyed your hands in corruption. It is for this reason that you must reflect on your actions and atone for them. It is not yet time for you to head to Kami-sama's side. Please live.」
「……Stop it……I, won't do something……like atone, gohoh!」
A large amount of blood dyed his blue armor red.
「Please! Kami-sama!」
「Kuh……It's impossible……Even Kami-sama, has forsaken me -wa……A woman, like me is……」
「Forgive him. Forgive him.」
Lumachina put both of her hands together in front of her chest, and tightly grasped her holy symbol. That holy symbol started to shine white.
Before long, the radiance wrapped up even Geibalt's body.
He clenched his teeth.
「It, it's vanishing……the pain is……Stop……Stop it……Have you thought, about how much it is that I have done!?」
「Even so, Kami-sama has forgiven you.」
「At this late point……!!」
Lumachina tightly grasped Geibalt's hand.
Both of his arms that should have been lost appeared before anyone knew it.
Rem opened her eyes wide.
──Is this the power of the High Chief Priest's miracles!?
She had heard rumors of the holy woman that was blessed with talent that was rare even in history, and she had chances to see her miracles with her own eyes up until now but……to think that it would go this far. It was astonishing.
Lumachina smiled.
「It will definitely be alright. As long as a person has life, even if it is at their last moment, as long as they repent──they shall be forgiven by Kami-sama.」
Going *guh*, Geibalt closed his eyelids.
From the ends of his tightly shut eyes, transparent drops spilled out and fell.
「I see……So Kami-sama, is a good man.」
The sound of his breathing returned to normal.
Even though he was in a state where him just being alive was a wonder, it looked as if he had gotten tired and simply fell asleep.
Lumachina's power of miracles was wonderful.
However, even so──
It did not change the fact that they were in the worst situation.
Rem looked up at the Dragon.
「……We have no intention to fight. Could you please turn a blind eye to us?」
『Hou, an Elf with a bow bestowed upon her by the Demon King, and a Human blessed with a single wing by G.o.d. How interesting. Moreover, you, are a vessel?』
「……Eh? Do you know about me?」
『The Demon King's soul……it is there.』
「……In the past, that was the case. But, it should have already been taken out.」
『Small one, so you do not even understand yourself. It is faint, but some remains.』
「!? That's why……」
The Demon King Krebskrum's soul was sealed inside of Rem. The Demon King would revive either through her death, or through a certain ritual.
She believed in Diablo and cooperated in the revival ceremony. In order to take the Demon King out of her, and defeat it.
However, the revived Demon King Krebskrum had lost its memories, and was a biscuit loving little girl that wouldn't kill the Races.
Rem placed her hand on her own stomach.
──Is it because the Demon King's soul remains in here!?
『I know of the world. Know of the truth. Know of heaven and earth. As one with blood of a dragon, that is only natural. We have ceaselessly inherited knowledge from the beginning of the world. And then, we shall see the end of the world with our own eyes.』
「……If you possess that much wisdom, could you please sympathize with our situation? I beg of you, please turn a blind eye to us.」
To think that the Demon King's soul was remaining within herself! The number of reasons why they couldn't die here increased.
『The lives of you small ones, are only but an instant.』
「……Compared to the Dragon Tribe, that may be true.」
『In that case, even if it were to end now, it would be nothing more than a small difference.』

『A somewhat strong wind was blown. That is simply all……Gra.s.s with a slightly different color was stepped on. That is simply all……Within my eternal time, you are nothing but small trifles not worth paying attention to.』
「No way!」
Making a *hyuo* sound, the Large Black Dragon inhaled the atmosphere.
──An Acid Breath is coming!?
They no longer had any means of escaping from the effective range.
Making a Summoned Beast a shield……
That was impossible.
Even the strongest Summoned Beast Ifrit was taken out in a single hit. The Summoned Beasts that Rem had contracted surely wouldn't even become a shield.
Its gigantic mouth spat out a black mist.

From the side, a spear of light──pierced through the Dragon's jaw.

Its head was turned to an unexpected direction, and its Acid Breath was sprayed onto the wall. The rock melted into a muddy mess.
『An injury upon me……!? Who was it!?』
Rem and the others looked at the direction that the spear of light came flying from.
The entrance door was opened.
What was there, although his attire and weapon were changed, there was no way they could mistake him for someone else. The figure of the person they relied on the most was there.
Preparing the eerie War Scythe, the man fearlessly smiled.

「Fu……A mere, level 140 monster, is claiming to be an all-knowing G.o.d? You sure know how to make me laugh, you small fry.」

Rem did not stop her tears from flooding out.

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