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Part 3

The third day since entering the dungeon──
They arrived at the ninth underground floor that said 『Take caution overhead』.
If it was the game, all thirteen floors could be cleared if one had an hour and a half but……on top of each floor taking up time, even moving through the staircases took up time.
Lumachina's nevi increased up to seven.
──Just two more huh.
Since there weren't any mechanisms on the thirteenth floor, there were four more floors left to go. He calculated that if they hurried, they would arrive before the day was over.
Rem's panther ears twitched.
「……There's the sound of a river, and it's big.」
「Now that you mention it, there might be the smell of water?」
Shera also sniffed her nose.
Diablo nodded.
「Beyond here, there is a thin path that runs along a cliff. Flying monsters should come attacking.」
Thinking of it from a dungeon capturing aspect, if they were lenient on countermeasures against flying type monsters, it would surely be an unexpectedly hard fight──That was what was in mind for the layout of this floor.
If it was with this party, there was no problem.
Diablo alone had plenty of anti-aircraft firepower, and Shera was also there.
And even if they received a small amount of damage, Lumachina was there.
The lineup was Diablo, Rem, Lumachina, Horun, and then Shera. By putting the air defense units at the front and back, they would protect the entire group.
「Continue on while watching where you step.」
Below the cliff, the muddy stream that had a pretty fast flow was making the sound of rushing water.
In the game, it would only push and drag them back to the starting point of the ninth floor, but in this other world, the harshness of its movement was incredible.
There was also the possibility of drowning if one were to fall in while wearing armor.
「You need to be particularly cautious, got it, Horun?」
「It's alright -ssu!」

Just as Diablo had created it, there was a path thin enough that only one person could pa.s.s through it at a time going along the cliff.
Although it is called a cliff, this was inside of a dungeon──halfway up the vast cave, there was a thin path that went along the inner wall, and the underground water was flowing at the bottom of the cave, that was the shape it took.
And then, the flying monsters discovered them.
「Wahー, they're hereー!!」
While raising a scream, Shera shot her arrows.
On top of her reliable ability, the magical effect bestowed on her bow was powerful. Just by scratching them, it would 《Petrify》 the monsters.
It felt as if just her alone would be enough for them to breakthrough.
Diablo wanted to economize his MP, but just to be sure, he decided that he would also attack. He pushed the 《Staff of Tenma》 out towards the sky.
「《Lightning Arrow》!!」
It was a Light attribute magic where a shining bullet is fired, and is the superior version of 《Bit Arrow》. It pierced through the target.
The strength of the attacking monsters, and their movement patterns were just as he had set them to.
No problem.
That is how it should have been.

A monster that he had never seen before came attacking from the sky.
It was a snake that had grown wings.
──No, I have a memory of that. This thing, it's a Summoned Beast!?
It was the Summoned Beast 《Flying Worm》.
Rem shouted.
「!! Diablo, there's a Summoner on this floor!」
「So it would seem!」
If the Summoner was defeated, the Summoned Beast would disappear──That being said, they couldn't ignore the Summoned Beast that was approaching them right before their eyes.
He turned the 《Staff of Tenma》 towards it.
The explosion enveloped its target.
At that instant──
Their narrow footing split open, and a 《Trap Worm》 appeared.
「Dodge it!」
Rem noticed it just before it appeared, and pushed Lumachina.
They were in a dangerous spot, but they were just barely able to evade it.
──This Summoned Beast is!? Could it be, is it that Summoner from that time!?
They had endured the worm's attack, but the path was destroyed and the party was split apart. On the front side, there was Diablo and Rem, and at the back there was Lumachina, Horun, and Shera.
The enemy wasn't lenient enough to let that chance go to waste.
「Ouー ho ho ho!! I've got you now────!!」
Amazingly, a blue armored man appeared from the hole that the 《Trap Worm》 dug out.
Lumachina shouted.
It was the Holy Knight that tried to kill Lumachina near Faltra City. To think that he would chase her even to a place like this!
The place that he made his appearance was way too close to Lumachina.
There wasn't enough s.p.a.ce for Diablo to use magic.
Diablo possessed many means to defend against attacks that were aimed towards himself, but he didn't have any magic meant to protect a party.
Rem, who excelled at close combat, was on Diablo's side. Shera was only shooting her arrows at the monsters that were in the sky.
Geibalt's long sword swung down towards Lumachina.
「For the sake of my large reward, dieee!!」

「I won't let you -ssuー!!」

The one that pushed Lumachina aside and jumped in was Horun.
If Horun were to receive the attack with his poor quality dagger, going by Holy Knight Geibalt's level, the attack would probably cut through him, dagger and all.
Maybe because he knew that, he hurled himself at one of Geibalt's legs.
Normally, it would only be at the level of destroying his balance a bit.
However, this was a thin path. On top of that, since the 《Trap Worm》 ate and destroyed it, it had become considerably narrower.
The Holy Knight lost his footing from the path.
「Whaahー!? What're you doing, you little s.h.i.t──!!」
He stabbed him with his sword.
Blood fluttered about.
While raising a scream, Horun also ended up falling.
Diablo kicked the ground.
Chasing after him, he leapt into the air.
「Rem! Continue on ahead!!」
There was no time to confirm whether or not those words were transmitted to her. *Gou* Wind sounded close to his ears, and he was steadily drawing near the muddy stream.

「Diablo!? Diablo────────────!!」

He heard shouts that were similar to Rem's screaming.
First, the Holy Knight Geibalt fell towards the muddy stream. Immediately after that, Horun also made a splash.
Following them, Diablo also did so.
He was being washed away.
Even his powerful, high leveled body was easily swallowed up by the current. Since there wasn't any footing for him to brace himself on, that was only natural.
He dove underwater.
It was somewhat better than the raging water's surface.
When he looked ahead in the current……
──There he is!!
The armor wearing Horun was steadily sinking.
Since the Holy Knight was also wearing metal armor, he should have been similarly sinking but……He couldn't see his figure. Was he further ahead in the current?
Right now, he didn't have the leeway to search for Geibalt.
He chased after Horun.
If it was himself from reality, it would have been impossible for him to swim within this muddy stream that had this fast of a current.
However, there was no mistake that he could save him──he had the confidence to do that.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, Diablo learned the 《Underwater Movement》 skill.
──I can't be conscious of it! Not being conscious of it let's me be able display skills from the game! Believe in myself……No, believe in Diablo! I will definitely catch up to him!
He extended his hand to Horun.
He shortened the distance.
He had no idea how he was swimming.
However, the sinking Horun's hand──was firmly grabbed by Diablo.

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