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Part 2

Right in the center of the area where the two armies glared at each other──
Vanaknes, who rode on the sh.e.l.l of a gigantic Demonic Beast, and Lamnites, who rode a sand ship, glared at each other.
Vanaknes was dressed in a tuxedo similar to the one that he wore that night a few days ago. It was an appearance that seemed like he was going to an evening party rather than a battlefield.
Surrounding him, there were about four women that possessed things like a lizard tail or crow wings waiting upon him.
Come to think of it, he did say something like "my harem", didn't he.
Lamnites shouted at him.
「You would be accompanied by women on the battlefield! s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g around like that! I shall send you to a fate appropriate for that arrogance!」
「Fufufu……These women are my beloved wives, and officers of the Demon King's Army. And then, Lamnites, they are also your sister brides.」
Lamnites' eyes became sharper.
「What is that!? That "sister brides" thing!?」
Vanaknes made a smirk.
He raised the ring finger of his left hand.
「It means that if you are added to my harem, these women will become your sisters. Please get along with them. I dislike disputes.」
A silver ring was fit on his finger. And then, the women around him proudly displayed their rings as well.
Lamnites spat out.
「It is impossible for me to have Demonic Beings as my groom or sisters! You d.a.m.ned imbeciles!」
「I prepared a ring for your sake, you know? I've even made it to properly match your size. I want to hurry up and put it on you. And then, let's hurry up and make love.」
「d.a.m.ned idiot……If it is about things that we wish to hand over, I have also prepared something only for your sake.」
「Ohh, I am looking forward to that!」
Vanaknes spread out both of his arms.
Lamnites grabbed the Magi Gun that was set down nearby. It was a very long rifle that was about as long as her height.
「You should accept it!」
Getting down, she readied it with both of her hands. The injury on her right shoulder had already healed.
「Leave my territory, d.a.m.ned monsters! 《Lightning Shot》!」
In order to increase the power, she made the Charge (chant) for the magic.
She pulled the trigger.
At the center of the battlefield where both armies were glaring at each other, only the first gunshot resounded.
The bullet that was strengthened by multiple magics──

Pierced through Vanaknes' left breast.

A shock wave spread out.
A gaping hole opened on the opponent's left breast.
He looked down at it.
Saying only that, he suddenly fell back.
UOOOO────!! The army of the Races raised shouts of joy. They raised praising voices saying 「King! King! King!」
Lamnites curved the ends of her mouth at the definite response that happened.
If the command of the enemy army were to become disordered with this, a chance at victory might be born.
With a panicked look, one of his harem brides rushed over to him.
No, it was questionable as to whether the expression 'rushed over' was correct or not……The upper half of her body was that of a person, but her lower half was that of a fish.
When that half fish woman touched him──
Vanaknes slowly raised his body up.
A hole opened up on his clothes, but there was no longer even a scratch left on his skin.
He expressed a composed smile.
「Fufu……I was surprised. I had not received this much of an injury even before I had been blessed with Demon King-sama's power. Farnis, my beloved……I swear upon this left breast that I shall absolutely take you in as my wife.」
「A Healer huh. How cunning.」
「She is a girl that will become your younger sister bride. Since she is a shy person, please treat her gently.」
When Vanaknes introduced her, the half-fish woman looked bashful and hid her face with both of her hands.
*Giri* Lamnites bit down on her back teeth.
*Tan tan tan* She tapped the floor with the toe of her shoe three times.
With that signal, the captain raised one hand. Without any verbal orders, the sailors started to operate the sails. The sails caught wind.
The flagship 《Golkalios》 kicked up sand. It rapidly turned around, and separated from the enemy.
At the same time, Lamnites gave the command──
「All troops, charge!! Vanaknes, we will not give you time to escape!」
As if they were waiting for it, the sand ships started to advance forward. First, the warships would press hard on the enemy. And then, they would throw in the Adventurers──It was that sort of strategy. With the enemy commanding officer in a situation of sticking out, if they could bring him into melee, he shouldn't be able to make any proper commands.
The large sized Demonic Beast that looked like a turtle did not show any signs of running away.
The woman that possessed a lizard's tail, who looked like she was snuggling up next to Vanaknes, stood up.
「Is it alright? For me, to……destroy them?」
「Yes, it is fine if you do as you like. It was for that reason that I lured Farnis out here after all.」
──What was that!?
A chill ran down Lamnites' spine.
The lizard woman spread out both hands and raised her voice.
The air trembled.
At the same time, a gigantic tear ran through the ground.
Ahead of where the warships were advancing to, a cliff appeared. Along with a ma.s.sive amount of sand, the warships fell in.
Countless screams were raised.
Several ships were able to avoid falling into the tear due to skillful steering, but many of the elites that lined up the front row were lost.
Lamnites tightly clenched her fists.
──To think that there was someone who could use such large-scale magic!
Her forces fell into chaos. It was difficult to even grasp the number of lost warships.
And then, the Demon King's Army was not kind enough to remain being spectators.
Raising strange voices that did not seem to be from creatures of this world, the cl.u.s.ter of Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts came charging in.
Vanaknes' large sized Demonic Beast that should have unnaturally come out solo did not move──And as a result, it ended up taking the form of it having taken up the perfect position to give commands from slightly behind the front line.
Lamnites gritted her teeth.
──So everything, was in the palm of his hands!?
Vanaknes smiled.
「Making the enemy line fall into chaos with large-scale magic, then having the entire army charge in. That was a strategy that was one of the basics in the previous Great War, you know? The people of the Races really age easily and are quick to forget……That ephemeralness and foolishness, I do not hate it. Now then, see a splendid nightmare, and sleep peacefully.」

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