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Part 2

The rear forces──
Lumachina was tending to the treatment of the injured.
The war had ended, but it seemed that the rear was busier now than before.
Moreover, there were a lot of severely wounded people that couldn't be saved by anyone other than her.
Lumachina lowered her head with a tired look.
「I am sorry, Diablo-sama. I still cannot leave even for a short while.」
「Umu, so it would seem. You need not worry about me. Contact me if there is something that you require. If it is something at the base, I shall bring it over.」
「Thank you very much. Ah, also, once things have calmed down here, I intend on using the town's chapel. I would like to dispel the Marked Death Disease with the 《White Cow Statue》.」
「Have you discussed it with Lamnites?」
The chapel was blockaded on Feudal Lord Lamnites' orders. It was said that it took a pretty large amount of rent.
Lumachina shook her head sideways.
「Not yet. But, there aren't any other places more suitable than there……I intend on trying to ask her about it later.」
「If it is going to be like that, I shall go talk to her.」
Rem nodded at Diablo's words.
「……That would be good. In this war, Diablo was extraordinary, and I believe that we also worked satisfactorily. We should be able to at least obtain the chapel's license.」
「Yup, yup!」
Shera was also in agreement.
Rose made a thin smile.
「If she tries to refuse Master's request, this Rose will──」
「……Since that sort of thing will complicate things, please bear in mind the time, place, and opponent.」
Having been warned by Rem, Rose glared at her.
It seemed that they weren't going to get along with each other any time soon.

「Ohh, so you were here.」

The one that called out to them was the Feudal Lord Lamnites that they were just talking about.
Diablo thought that it was unexpected.
「What is this? Did you come to receive treatment as well?」
「Certainly, I have not come out of this uninjured but……This place is a medical treatment tent for ordinary solider-use. I have come to make an inspection and to give encouragement. It is thanks to everyone here that Zircon Tower City was protected.」
She was a surprisingly hardworking fellow.
「Of course, the one with the greatest distinguished war service this time, is you though.」
She looked hard at Diablo.
To be honest, he felt embarra.s.sed.
「H, hmph, you should not be mistaken! It was nothing more than me teaching those fools that claimed themselves to be the Demon King's Army without obtaining this Demon King Diablo's permission about what only a fragment of the true Demon King's abilities looks like. It is not like I was thinking about trying to protect a town of the Races.」
「……Fu……I see, that is fine as well. Putting that aside, may I entertain you all as guests?」
「Mu? As guests huh……」
Shera raised up both hands.
「Hoorayー!! It's food! Food! It's nice and warm, foodー」
So she was happy enough to start singing a song. Come to think of it, they haven't had a decent meal since that dungeon food.
Lamnites made a wry smile.
「Very well, I shall have all of Zircon Tower City's energy prepare the greatest cuisine.」
It would seem that they would be partic.i.p.ating in the victory celebration.
Even for Diablo, there was no reason to refuse.
Rem raised one hand.
「……Um, Feudal Lord-sama, I would like to consult you about the matter of the chapel.」
「We have brought back a treasured article that cures the Marked Death Disease. Could we use the chapel for a low fee as a place to make it available to the public? This is also a request from the High Chief Priest.」
Lamnites turned her gaze towards her.
Even now, Lumachina was in the middle of healing injured soldiers with miracles.
The other priests were also the same.
Lamnites shook her head left and right.
「That is rejected.」
「……Why is that!?」
「There is no way I could collect something such as rent from the distinguished people that saved the town. It is to the point that I have no way of showing my grat.i.tude to you all and the High Chief Priest. From now on, you may freely use the chapel. If there are any parts that require repair, I shall deal with it as much as possible.」
Going *Ohh!*, voices leaked out from the priests.
Lumachina put both of her hands together, and expressed words of grat.i.tude towards Kami-sama and the Feudal Lord.
And not just the priests, even the injured soldiers that happened to be present and the normal medical treatment soldiers offered their prayers in a similar fashion.
Diablo talked with a gentle voice.
「You have become quite amicable, haven't you, Lamnites.」
Going *Ha!*, she shrugged her shoulders.
「I would be feeble minded if I were unable to comply with situation, would I not? As long as the Demon King has revived, it feels as though the dominion of the Races, let alone Zircon Tower City, would turn into scorched earth in a flash unless people of all positions join their strength together. If it can guarantee a cooperative relationship with the Church, then something like a chapel is cheap. That is simply all.」
「Fumu……I suppose I shall leave it at that.」
「Nna!? H, hmph! You as well──It feels as though you are a different person compared to that time.」
「That time, you say?」
「The time that you headed towards Vanaknes. I had thought 'isn't this fellow the real Demon King'. You had made that sort of face, you know?」
Since blood was rushing to his head at the time, he couldn't remember it all that well. Was he really that different from how he was now?
Diablo crossed his arms and took his gaze off of her.
「There is no need for you to know about that.」
──The trigger was jealousy, but since the result ended up with defeating the Demonic Beings, it shouldn't matter, right?
Lamnites' adjutant came calling for her. It seemed that she busy with various things.
Diablo's group was told to come to Zircon Tower City's plaza in the evening.

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