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Part 3

"Baduta's destination" that he got out from the Holy Knight Unit was on the western outskirts of the town.
There were countless tents, and believers had created a line even though it was nighttime.
They couldn't search the tents one by one.
Diablo came up with a plan.
「Shera, call out your Summoned Beast. Monitor the place from the sky with your 《Turkey Shot》.」
「Eh? But it pretty much can't see at night, you know? It has night-blindness after all.」
「It will become bright before long.」
He pointed the 《Staff of Tenma》 towards the dark sky where the clouds hung low.
He fired a magic──《Explosion》.
An explosion happened in the sky. The surroundings became bright, and the people rustled about. The believers, the Adventurers and the merchants.
And then, the guys of the Church that were guarding the tent did as well.
Diablo signaled to Shera.
「There should be someone going to inform Baduta about the unusual event! Search for him from above!」
「U, un!」
They probably wouldn't panic and go to make a report with just one or two shots. Diablo fired magic into the sky in succession.
「《Explosion》! 《Explosion》! 《Explosion》!」
When he did that, the tent where that the Priests and the Holy Knight Unit members that were entrusted with the security were discovered.
Naturally, there was also a gatekeeper that guarded the entrance to the bas.e.m.e.nt, but he mercilessly kicked him away.

At the end of the long staircase that they descended──
Kicking the stone door, he opened it.
It was a cylindrical room.
There was a sticky-feeling, sweet aroma. And then, there was a beastly smell.
Shera covered her mouth with her hand.
「What……is this……What a really unpleasant feeling!」
Diablo had recognized it.
It was the last stage of the limited time event. It was the place where the boss monster was.
──Just how similar is this world to the game!?
From the entrance, the descending spiral-shaped staircase that went along the stone walls extended down to the bottom.
The stones that the walls and staircase were made of slightly varied in size. On average, they had a height of about 50 centimeters, and their width and length were more than one meter. In order to line up with the cylindrical wall, they had become a somewhat trapezoidal.
Light only came from below.
Going onto all fours where they stood, Horun peeked down at the bottom. Diablo had told him "you do not need to go as far as the bas.e.m.e.nt", but in the end, he followed along this far.
「D, Danna, there is something there -ssu.」
Diablo also looked at the bottom of the cylindrical room.
There was the figures of people.

Within the light of the wavering flames, there were men and women indulging in a banquet of depravity.

Going *Fu*, Diablo's mouth warped.
He took an att.i.tude that said that this sort of thing was completely trivial, but his discomposure in his mind was something substantial.
──What the h.e.l.l is this!?
MMORPG Cross Reverie was a wholesome game that targeted all ages. Naturally, it didn't develop into such an erotic game.
Shera also looked at the bottom, and her face turned pale.
「Diablo! Rem and Lumachina-chan are there!」
He turned his gaze to where she pointed at.

On the altar that was at the center of the bottom, the girls were put up on crucifixes.
Lumachina was disrobed into an immodest appearance.
Her outer garments were taken off, and her chest was exposed. Her underwear had also fallen to the ground.
Her face had become deep red.
The one that crept their hands along Lumachina's body was, the Head Maid Shiiryuu. This one was mostly naked. She only had a black corset, fishnet stockings, and high-heels on.
It was an appearance that seemed like she would be drawn on one of those excessively large boxes, even though there was only a single DVD inside, that were sold in places that sold games like ○○map or ○dio.
──That's taking it way too seriously, isn't it!?
She was creeping her tongue along Lumachina's skin.
He couldn't hear from up there, but he could tell that she was trying to escape. However, it seemed that her limbs were restrained.
Diablo ran down the stairway.
「Shera, Horun, wait here! I'll bring the two back!」
「U, un!」
「Roger that -ssu!」

Going half way down the stone stairway, where there was about 50 meters left──
There was someone that was coming up.

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