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Part 7

A flash came from a corner of the town.

Diablo noticed that an enormous amount of SP was put into it.
It was a long distance attack by means of a Martial Art.
Although he couldn't determine the move's name since he didn't know what weapon was being used, there was no doubt that it was a Martial Art.
Its might wasn't as strong as the Multiplex Magic 《Gravity Abyss》 that Diablo fired. A force strong enough to change the terrain with a single attack could only be with magic.
However, Warrior-types were able to use killer techniques continuously.
Flashes were fired in succession.
Damage was soundly being inflicted on the 《Sand Whale》 that had its charge stopped by Diablo's 《Gravity Abyss》 and had lost its armored nose tip.

Furthermore, a firing sound was raised from behind Zircon Tower.
A sound that felt like it reverberated in Diablo's gut──It was as if it were from a tank gun.
He felt sound not with his eardrums but with his skin.
Don! (Bang!)
—Don! (Bang!)
——Don! (Bang!)
It was done in succession.
And then, after about ten seconds, the 《Sand Whale》's body──exploded.
It were as if bombs were set inside of its hard skin, and those were exploding one after another. It was a spectacle that looked just like that.
Bon! (Boom!)
—Bon! (Boom!)
——Bon! (Boom!)
──This is……Could it be a Magi Gun!
The High Cla.s.s that Archers who strengthened their magical power could Cla.s.s Change into was 《Magi Gunner》.
Even though he thought "could it be that they don't exist" in this other world whose average level was low……To think that one would be in a place like this.
《Magi Gunners》 used Magi Guns which were special equipment, and fired magic filled bullets.
Furthermore, by piling up magic spells at the time of firing, they were able to exhibit might that rivaled Chemical Elemental Magic despite being an Archer.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, they were too strong at the time of implementation, and was a Cla.s.s that was repeatedly nerfed.
The early Magi Gunners were cursed at with things like "broken performance", "official cheat", and "balance breaker".
──If they exist in this world as the early version, they'll be a bothersome opponent.

The air trembled once again.
It was the 《Sand Whale》's shriek.
While writhing in pain, it sunk to the sand.
──Was it defeated?
Or could it be that it ran away?
Unlike the game, there wasn't an announcement of the battle results, nor did he receive experience points and drop items.
Because of that, he wasn't able to confirm any military gains.
However, the earth tremors became smaller.
The feeling of oppression disappeared.
It was certain that the 《Sand Whale》 had left from the town's vicinity.

Diablo snorted his nose.
「Hmph……An unnecessary hindrance joined in.」
Rem wiped the tears that rose to the corner of her eyes.
「……Truly……You are……tremendous.」
*Dadadadada* Shera rushed over to him. She clung onto him just like that.
「You did itー!! Amazing! As expected of you! That was amazing, Diablo──!!」
*Gyuugyuu* With her b.r.e.a.s.t.s being pushed up against him, his face felt like it would unconsciously loosen.
──Not good! A Demon King doesn't make a slovenly face just from being hugged by a b.o.o.bie Elf!
Clenching his teeth, he tore Shera off from himself.
As he tried to push her away, his hand grabbed onto something soft.
Shera raised a nasally voice.
「Ahn……Diablo, you perv.」
──Th, that wasn't on purpose, you know!?
However, making excuses wasn't Demon King-like. Demon Kings do not get fl.u.s.tered with something like b.o.o.bs. They do not get fl.u.s.tered! But, then, what should he do……?
As he was in the middle of thinking, his fingers stayed grabbing on to Shera's breast, and would push a bit and would pull a bit.
The Elf's long ears became red even up to the tips.
「Ah, Nn……Diablo……You can't……Even though we're outside……Everyone, is watching, you knoww?」
──Then is it fine if we aren't outside!?
Rem tore Shera away.
「Just how long are you going to do that, how shameless!」
The soft sensation disappeared, and he felt lonely yet relieved……
As if avoiding Rem's reproachful eyes, Diablo cleared his throat.
At any rate, it was great that the town was protected.
When he turned his gaze──
Lumachina was kneeling down with her hands together.
「Ahh, Kami-sama……Thank you very much! You have my grat.i.tude!」
Those words also looked like they were directed towards Diablo.
However, the people surrounding her couldn't possibly think that Lumachina was calling the Demon in front of her Kami-sama.
Turning to the sky and putting their hands together, they unanimously expressed words of grat.i.tude.
The ordinary people might not even be able to understand that Diablo had used magic. After all, in this world, it was considered that "Chemical Elemental Magic is at the level of causing a soft breeze".

The Holy Knight Unit gang had remained.

Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「Hnn, so you were still here.」
When he called out to them, they finally recovered from their stupefaction.
Looking at things from their perspective──A 《Sand Whale》 had appeared abruptly, and they resigned themselves to death. However, the Magician that they were just about to try to fight against repelled that with a powerful Chemical Elemental Magic that they couldn't even imagine.
It wasn't unreasonable for them to freeze up from an excessive amount of surprise.
──Well, there was someone's Martial Arts and attacks from a Magi Gun there as well though.
Diablo turned the 《Staff of Tenma》 towards the Holy Knight Unit.
「I will say this now……I will not hold back, understood? If you have resolved yourself to become ash, then take up your sword.」
The bear-like Pantherian hurriedly threw down the jousting lance he had in his hand.
He got on his knees and lowered his head.
The other guys of the Holy Knight Unit did the same.
「「W, we're really sorry──!!」」
It seemed that they understood the difference in strength.

Things didn't end with this.
In a certain meaning, a fellow more troublesome than the 《Sand Whale》 would appear.

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