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Part 1

Diablo was stretched out on the bed and breathed out a deep sigh.
──It was a disastrous day.
At times where there was an accident, it pretty much felt like that, but today really was disastrous.
Since he found just remembering what had happened to be a pain, he put it aside in his mind but……
Right now, he had consumed a majority of his MP, and he had recieved the most amount of damage since he had come to this world.
Diablo wore equipment on his body that was counted among the strongest in the MMORPG Cross Reverie. Moreover, he had strengthened that equipment to their limits.
Even if he were to receive an attack that would give instant death to an ordinary person, he would only feel it enough to notice it when hit by it.
However, right now, he bore some considerable injuries.
Demon King Krebskrum's attack was something like a child throwing objects, but it had easily broken through the Physical Damage Reduction effect of his strongest equipment.
Diablo started thinking.
──I guess that should be expected of a Demon King. If Krebskrum's memories had completely returned, I might not have won with my current equipment.

「You're kinda making a difficult face, aren't you, Diablo?」

The left side of the bed creaked.
The one laying down beside him was a young Elf girl.
Her soft golden hair was spread out like a streaming river, and it touched Diablo's arm. It tickled a bit.
She was Shera L. Greenwood.
She was of the Elf tribe, which was said to be the closest to the Divine Beings, and moreover, she was thier princess. She was in the middle of running away from home seeking freedom.
Diablo had already become considerably familiar with her, but even so, when she approached him with a surprise attack, he still would get a bit nervous.
His current self was claimed to be a "Demon King that came from another world", and he did actually boast of overwhelming magical power in this world.
However, in truth, he was a shut-in gamer with a communication disorder.
He was so weak with conversations that he couldn't talk unless he used the Demon King role play that he used in the game.
In particular, he hardly even had any experience talking with women.
The Solo Player that had zero resistance to women had a blond Elf that made him think that she was CG within 15 centimeters from him.
In his mind, his heart was racing.
However, revealing such a shameful true character wasn't Demon King-like at all.
Diablo exhibited his Demon King role play and made a declaration with a haughty att.i.tude.
「Making a difficult face, you say? Hmph, naturally……For I am looking into an abyss that someone like you cannot even fathom.」
「Waah~, that's kinda amazing! What's an abis?」
Maybe because she was pure, or maybe simple, the childish thinking Shera turned a reverent look towards him.
In actual fact, what Diablo was currently looking into was Shera's cleavage which was way too abundant for an Elf but……

「"Abyss" is a metaphor for the profound things that know no boundaries.」

On the right side of the bed, opposite from Shera, another young lady──Rem Galeu was sitting.
In a place where he could touch if he moved his hand even a little, was her b.u.t.t. A tail like that of a black cat extended out from a hole on her spats.
Rem possessed black panther-type ears and tail that were rare even among Pantherians. Her hair was also black.
In exchange, though that probably isn't the case, for a 14-year-old, she had a slender body type. From her sides that had her ribs lightly showing to her toned arms and legs, her body with no uselessness in it attracted gazes and wouldn't let them go.
Her long black hair streamed down from atop her body as if it were ink that had been spilled.
Rem always talked after thinking for a short while.
「……Diablo, since it has been a day that had terrible things happen, how about resting already?」
She was a very intellectual young lady.
「Umu, I suppose we should.」
While singing a strange song that Shera had created, a single child got up onto the bed.
「Let's sleepー♪ Let's sleepー♪ Let's go to sleep alreadyー♪ Once night is done, it'll be breakfast timeー♪ In our dreams, there'll be donuts, marshmallows, and stollen♪」
It was a child that possessed cream colored hair. Thick horns grew from the left and right sides of her head.
She had ears that were larger than those of Elves, and scarlet pupils that aren't normally seen on people of the Races. She was Demon King Krebskrum's young body──Krum.
On her face, there was a slight complexion of fear.
「Is, is it okay? For Maou to be here too……」
「Why? Do you not want to sleep together? I wonder if it really is too small?」
Shera tilted her head.
Krum squinted her eyes.
「Maou killed people of the Races -noda zo!? I even tried to kill Diablo. You consider me dangerous, do you not!?」
「Ahaha, the only one worried is Sylvie-sanー」
While laughing, Shera patted Krum's head.
The one called Sylvie was the Guildmaster of the Adventurer's Guild. Having that position, she said that she "couldn't allow Demon King Krebskrum in the town even if she had the appearance of a child".
Certainly, it was a fact that Krum had turned into Demon King Krebskrum and went on a huge rampage. If Diablo hadn't fought against her, she might have turned the town to ruins.
However, there was a reason that was not at all normal for that.
The person of the Races that she had killed was an abnormal person that was like an evil murderer called the Holy Knight Sadraa. Rem and Krum were nearly killed by him.
Diablo thought about it.
──It's alright for a dangerous guy like him to live in the town, but Krum isn't allowed, isn't that just strange? The current Krum is just a child. To be made uneasy despite that, that's so sad.
However, speaking kindly to a little girl, that wasn't really Demon King-like.
Diablo raised his body and tried to convey "there's no need to worry" while preserving his majesty.

「Hmph……You tried to kill me, you say? Do not make me laugh. An attack of that level would have no effect on me. After all, I am the true Demon King! If you hold any doubt of that, you should challenge me once more. However, at that time, I will not hold back. I shall change you into garbage.」

Shera and Rem made uneasy-looking faces.
「Hau~, I don't want you guys to fight anymore, okay?」
「……Please calm down, you two.」
Diablo broke out into a cold sweat in his mind. Could it be that his provocation was too excessive? Was his lack of communicative ability displayed?
If she were to say "We'll fight right now!", it would be intensely troublesome.
Krum came flying at him.
「Uhehe! Then, that is good -noda! You are st.u.r.dy! I shall praise you!」
She tightly hugged him.
Maybe because she was a child, her body temperature was high. Also due to Faltra City being warm, the little girl m.u.f.fler was a bit hot.
At the neck of that charming Krum, rustic chains made a jangling sound.
Rem also had a iron ring placed around her own neck.
「……Now that I think about it, since 《Slave Magic》 has been cast upon her in the first place, Krum should be unable to fight with Diablo.」
In order to sweep away the Adventurer's Guild Guildmaster Sylvie's worries, Krum was made to be absolutely obedient with magic. As proof of that, a 《Slave Choker》 was placed upon her.
The particulars were different from the 《Slavery Chokers》 that were on Rem and Shera's necks, but they were similar things.
Diablo once again entrusted his body to the bed.
「Let us go to sleep already.」
Shera, who had the most adult-like body type, was the most child-like among them. She brought her body that had a s.e.xual feeling to it close to him.
And then, as usual, Krum stayed clinging onto him. It was a bit hot.
「Umu, we'll sleep -noda! Well, Maou is fine even without sleep though -nodagana.」
Rem quite reservedly lied down at the edge of the bed.
「……Well then, good night.」
She extended her hand, and put out the wall-mounted candle's light. She placed a something that was similar to an iron ladle on it and extinguished the flame.
When it became dark, drowsiness immediately a.s.sailed him.

Diablo didn't notice it.
That from a crack in the wall, there was a dreadful existence that was staring at him.

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