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Chapter 1: Trying Out Meeting the Feudal Lord – Part 5

Part 5

The weapons store——
On a street in Faltra City’s southern district, various shops were lined up. The things that Adventurers needed could generally be obtained here.
The weapons store was a building made of stone, and although it was called a store, the front wasn’t grandly opened up. The entrance was more s.p.a.cious than that of a normal house, but only by opening the heavy doors could you enter the store.
The inside of the store was s.p.a.cious, and it had the smell of iron.
What stood out in the interior design was that brick was used. If he wasn’t mistaken, bricks should have been a high cla.s.s building material. They might be yielding quite a profit.
There was a shop a.s.sistant at the counter, and behind that counter, there were various weapons on display.
So it was a system where they would talk to the shop a.s.sistant, and they would be shown goods one-by-one.
It was probably a natural precaution. When compared to 21st century j.a.pan, this world’s public order clearly is bad.
It still hasn’t been half a month since he came to this world, but he had grown accustomed to it enough that he felt it would be unnatural for bladed objects to be hung up in display cases.
The shop a.s.sistant was a Gra.s.swalker girl.
She had a bandana wrapped around on her head, and her long rabbit ears came out from the gaps of the cloth. Since they were a race that had the outward appearance of a child even when they became an adult, her age was unidentifiable.
She wore a durable hemp shirt that was used a work clothes. He couldn’t really tell since he couldn’t see her lower half, but it was the so called blacksmith appearance.
——This girl, she’s the weapons store NPC that was also in the game, right?
She really resembled the character that appeared in the game.
If he remembered correctly, the setting was that she was a blacksmith’s apprentice.
Although she admired the Dwarf master that ran a weapons shop and became his apprentice, she didn’t get to hold a hammer that often, and was usually acting as the shop a.s.sistant. And then, she would occasionally hide and do some smithing, but she would get found out and shouted at by the master.
There should be a “normal version” and an “after being shouted at version” of her reception words.

Diablo talked to the counter girl.
「I’ve come to see some weapons.」
「Uwaaaan! There are a lot of wonderful weapons a.s.sembled! Though I haven’t forged not even a single one of themmmm! d.a.m.n itttt!」
It was the “after being shouted at version”.
This part really is as it was in the MMORPG Cross Reverie.
It’s a mysterious thing.
There were probably other weapons stores, and Rem and Shera weren’t among the NPCs. Sylvie as well. In the game, the Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster didn’t make an appearance.
It was like a scenario that Diablo didn’t know of was progressing in Cross Reverie’s world——that’s how it felt.
To what extent was it the same as the game, and to what extent was it different from the game, it still wasn’t clear.
Since he didn’t know of a method to pacify the shop a.s.sistant of the weapons shop, Diablo didn’t mind her and told her the features of a weapon that he wanted.
「Listen——I’m looking for a weapon that won’t look unnatural even if I hold it in town, won’t take time to maintain, and has a bit of charm to it.」
「Wouldn’t that be a long swordddd! It’s quite superb! Although there isn’t anything that I’ve forgedddd!」
「Fumu……So it’s a long sword, as I thought.」
In cases where people started off with choosing the Warrior-type in the game, they would first buy a sword. Though, if they were a race that had low STR, they would buy a dagger.
Not having a weird “peculiarity”, it was easy to handle.
Buying a fairly strong weapon at a low price was also attractive.
Incidentally, Cross Reverie didn’t have equipment restrictions due to Cla.s.s.
So even a Magician could use a sword, and they were also able to wear metal armor.
However, there were a lot of things that a.s.sisted magic among the staves while there wasn’t anything like that among the swords. And the metal armors were the same in that they weren’t suitable equipment for Magicians.
In the end, if chosen going by parameters, Magicians would go with staves and robes.
However, since he wouldn’t know unless he tried——Diablo had times where he tested out using swords and spears. He wasn’t a complete amateur. Within the game.
His STR being strong was something he knew through his experiments, but to what degree he could use a sword in this world was something he wouldn’t know until he tried it out.
Rem nodded as if she was in agreement.
「……I see. So it’s a weapon meant to repel attackers without killing them.」
「Hoe? What do you mean by that?」
「……Shera, don’t you get it? If Diablo were to use magic, even if they were an Adventurer with quite a high level, they’d be helpless. If it’s with a weapon, it’s possible to stop right in front of them. 」
「Ohh! Now I get it!」
「……Diablo sure is kind.」
「I know, right!」
Rem and Shera, different from how they usually were, turned eyes as if they were looking at a kitten towards him.
Although he wanted to deny it, he couldn’t think of a good reply.
With a *Hmph*, he snorted his nose sounding displeased.
Diablo talked to the shop a.s.sistant.
「I’ll go with a sword. Show me several of th——」
He stopped midsentence. It’s because a certain object reflected in Diablo’s eyes.
It was a weapon that was leaning against the wall behind the counter.
It had an overall length of about two meters. As for the weapon’s type, it was the kind that had a long handle just like a spear.
From its tip down to its end, it was a jet black reddish black.
It had an enormous blade attached to it.
It was a warped and sinister blade that looked like a wing of a devil took the form of iron staying in its current shape.
“A scythe”.
That scythe that looked like the ones that shinigamis in games and anime held, was seized by Diablo’s gaze and he wouldn’t separate from it.
——That is way too cool!
It was Demon King-like.
He was fascinated by in an instant.
Normally, he would look at the performance value and deny it going “but it’s too weak”, but this time, weak was better. Rather, he would be troubled if it wasn’t weak.
Going by its appearance, that scythe was “hobby equipment that placed importance on its outward appearance”.
Diablo pointed at the scythe that was hanging on the wall.
「Show me that.」
「……Which one is ittt……Eh? Right? By that, you mean……That War Scythe?」
「That’s right.」
「……That’s, although I forged it, it’s balance is terrible, and it’s design is in bad taste, and is a rare article that got the master mad and made him say “We aren’t a toy shop, you know!”, but what about it? If you’re just going to laugh at it, could you do it somewhere else?」
「Give me that.」
「Dear customer, are you sane!?」
「Do you not understand? That is something appropriate for me.」
「But, dear customer, you were looking for “a weapon that won’t look unnatural even if I hold it in town, won’t take time to maintain, and has a bit of charm to it”, correct?」
「With that, you’d look unnatural if you held it in town, you’d need to sharpen the blade every time you used it, and rather than having a bit of charm, it’s just in bad taste, isn’t it? Just saying it made me tear up. Is this some kind of high-grade hara.s.sment?」
「Hmph……You have shallow thinking.」
「Think about it carefully. With my appearance, if I were to equip that, do you still think that it would look unnatural?」
The shop a.s.sistant girl went silent.
And then.
「It looks natural———!?」
「Doesn’t it. Since I was originally going to use it so that the blade won’t hit, there is no need for maintenance. Moreover, if I were to hold it, it would not be in bad taste.」
「If you’re not going to let the blade hit, then why a sickle!? is what I’m feeling, but that’s exactly it. With your appearance, it has a charm to it……Rather, why do you have such a Demonic Being-like appearance?」
「Do not pry into that. At any rate, that War Scythe is surely appropriate for me. You should sell that to me. You don’t have any complaints, do you?」
「Certainly……There isn’t anyone else that bad tasting war scythe would suit as much as it does you, dear customer……Y, yosh, I get it! I’m also a blacksmith! Though I am an apprentice! If the weapon that I forged is needed this much, it’s impossible for me to not sell itttt! To be honest, I was troubled on how to dispose of it so you can just pay the price of steel that was used as the material! One silver coin!」
It was way too cheap.
However, since he was thinking of going to a second-hand shop after this, it really helped that the expenses were low.
Thanks to having achieved Celes’ errand quest the other day, he had received some of the reward, but since he always spent his time sleeping, he was unsure of how much money he had.
There was also mention of a reward for having saved her from the Demonic Being Gregor but——since he was in a lethargic state from running out of MP, he refused it because it was too troublesome.
Taking out a hemp bag from his pouch, he paid one silver coin from it.
Incidentally, a silver coin was 4〇〇〇 Furis. That was about one night’s stay at 《Relief》 with an evening meal included.
If it were a normal longsword, even the lowest priced one would need 2〇〇 thousand Furis.
The girl tightly grasped the silver coin as if it were very valuable.
「It, it’s the first time……a weapon I forged……was sold……Ah, dear customer, thank you! I’ll bring it to you immediately so please wait a moment.」
With the war scythe looking heavy, she brought it over while grunting *un un*.
He received it.
——It’s pretty heavy.
Diablo’s STR should have been high but, even so, it felt heavy.
The blade was too thick, and the handle was too long.
If looked at closely, the blade undulated, and it looked like the scar would become something horrible if cut with this. There was probably no doubt that the feel of the cutting edge was terrible.
It was probably appropriate to use it like a club. He decided to only be careful so as not to hit with the blade.
——I wonder what kind of ability it had in the game?
Diablo had a recollection of almost every weapon. It was because at times of personal fights, he needed to understand what the opponent’s equipment was with only its outward appearance.
In particular, with this kind of appearance, even if it was joke equipment, he should remember it……
He remembered it!
It’s name in Cross Reverie was 《Trial-Made Great War Scythe》.
It was not a store-sold good. In a limited time event two years ago, it was a “miss” from the lottery that was implemented——that was how this war scythe was treated.
On the information exchange site, its nickname was 『The Industrial Waste Huge Miss Scythe』……
Diablo felt a bit sorry for the girl that was gazing with a smile at the silver coin that Diablo paid.
I’ll make sure that at least I am able to use it properly——is what Diablo thought.
It was an equipment change that he hadn’t done in a long while.
Moreover, to take priority on appearance, this might be first time.
*Vun vun*. Diablo swung the war scythe.
When he suddenly became aware of it, Rem had drawn back.
「……Did you……want that? I’m fine with it if you are fine with it, Diablo, but……Um, how should I say this.」
Alicia had no comment.
Shera bounced out a voice that sounded like she was having fun.
「You’re giving the impression of a bad person more and more!」
「U……mu……That’s, right.」
He couldn’t refute it.
Diablo obtained equipment that skyrocketed his “suspiciousness” parameter.

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