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Part 12

There were footsteps that were running to where Diablo was.
When he turned around, a whole face smiling Shera embraced him.
At his back, Rem was also there. Her eyes were wet and she was moved to tears.
Diablo became even more bewildered than the time he received Edelgart’s Martial Art.
「Wh, why, are you crying?」
「……I thought……that there was, no way I would be saved.」
「Uwahaahhan! Diabloo!」
Even Shera started crying. Even though she should have been smiling just a second ago.
When he accidentally looked——in a place that was a bit separated from them, Celes had courteously lowered her head and showed her grat.i.tude.
Beside her, making a face that looked like he just woke up, Emil was making a wry smile.
If he’s alive, that’s good.
Shera was still crying.
And then, Rem came close, and gently extended her hand. Her white, small hand laid on top of Diablo’s hand that was grasping his staff.
It was soft, a bit cold, but warm.
「……If it’s you, you really, just might save me.」
「That’s what I promised after all.」
「But don’t misunderstand, got it? That Demonic Being, since he attacked my base, I only gave him a punishment appropriate for that crime. I did not fight for your guys’ sake. There are other people that you should be thanking.」
「……Of course, I’m thank for to Emil and all the other people. However, Diablo……Right now, please let me say my thanks to you……Thank you very much, for protecting me.」
When he was firmly gazed at, it was embarra.s.sing.
——At a time like this, what would a Demon King say?
Since he had never seen something like a Demon King being thanked by a young lady, he didn’t know. There weren’t any situations like this when he did his Demon King role play either.
He looked at Rem.
Suddenly, his eyes stopped at the choker.
「That’s right, the choker.」
「……What is it?」
「You have the slavery choker attached, right? That, in other words, right now, it means you’re my property, right?」
「……Eh? B, but, this was an accident.」

「As you are now, you are my property! That is why, it is natural for me to protect you and it’s not like I fought for your sake! Things like grat.i.tude are useless!」
Rem blushed.
「……S, so I’m your property. That’s true……As long as I have this slavery choker.」
Muttering that, she showed a smile that she hadn’t shown in a long time.
——Was that just now painful?
After he said something embarra.s.sing, he wanted to die. This was why he hated personal communication.
Shera, who was embracing him the whole time, alternately looked at Diablo, who had gone silent, and Rem, who expressed a smile full of happiness.
And then, she raised a panicked voice.
「Eh? Wait, Diablo? Only Rem? What about me!? Own me too, okay!?」
「Ahh? That’s true, you too I guess.」
「Isn’t that just mean!? Doing it like, it’s something on the side! Hey, Diablo! Look at me!」
Still embracing him, Shera forcefully and continuously pressed him.
「Oi, would you stop that.」
Diablo raised a troubled sounding voice.
His true thoughts were 『Uwah, please stop it. If you keep pressing those bulges of that fiendish chest on me, my sense of reasoning will break!』.
Diablo’s anguish looked like it would still continue.

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