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Part 11

「You, you went and did somethin’ foolish, didn’t ya?」
「Same to you, attacking the base of this Diablo, you better not be thinking that you’ll be going back safely, got it?」
「Kuhah! Ya d.a.m.ned half-a.s.sed b.a.s.t.a.r.d that ain’t Human nor Demonic Bein’!」
To think that even Demonic Beings had discrimination against Demons.
——If I remember correctly, Edelgart said “Gregor”, didn’t she?
He talked in a way that had no cla.s.s, but what was bestowed on Emil’s body wasn’t just physical damage.
「……Fumu……So he’s a Magician that stretched out his ability as a Fistfighter. To think that there would be a 《Punching Magician》 among the Demonic Beings.」
「Aah? What’re ya mumbling about? No matter how ya beg fer yer life, I’ll kill ya! I don’t have tha time ta play with ya! I’m gonna hurry up and destroy tha barrier!」
——Time? I see, if it were going as planned, I guess it would be about time that the Demonic Being would have reached the town.
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「If it’s about Edelgart, she probably won’t be coming.」
「After all, I defeated about half of the hundred-something Demonic Beasts and I had also given Edelgart a fair amount of damage.」
「Hah……Kuhaha! What are you saying? Such a transparent lie is……」
「It’s something you’ll understand if you fight me. I wonder which one of us should be begging for his life……Well, no matter how you beg for your life, I won’t forgive you though.」
Gregor thrust out his fist from a distance where he shouldn’t be able to reach.
「Justt diee! 《Dark Bullet》!!」
It was the Darkness attribute’s elementary magic.
Originally, it shouldn’t have considerable power, but the user’s status was probably abnormally high. It were as if it were a different magic.
The jet-black bullet drew near with an ultra high speed.
——As I thought, so he’s a 《Punching Magician》.
They fought with their fists in the close combat that Magicians were originally poor at and when the opponent was distant or when they wanted fire power, they would use magic.
One might think that it was a perfect style, but it was just a mere jack-of-all-trades.
More importantly, he had used magic.
——In the end, that item is the one that is the most fiendish.
The effect of 《The Demon King’s Ring》 was invoked.
The jet-black bullet was recoiled.
It bore through Gregor’s breast.
He probably never received the magic he fired himself before.
Surprised, he didn’t even understand what had happened.
Diablo prepared 《The Staff of Tenma》.
「What’s wrong?」
「Kuh, wh, what did you do!?」
「I did nothing. My attack, is about to start. Look, 《Dark Bullet》!」
The air trembled.
Although the power of Darkness attribute magic was high, since the MP consumption was intense, he held back from using it.
However, by daring to use the same magic, it distinctly exemplified the difference in level. Whittling down the enemy’s fighting spirit was the most effective way of fighting.
A gigantic bullet that was three times bigger than the one before——No, a sh.e.l.l flew.
Though, the speed itself didn’t change.
Gregor protected his body with both of his thick arms, had those black scales of his smashed, and got damage engraved on him.
「Don’t shout. I haven’t used a magic that is all that great.」
The skin that dropped the scales quivered.
His reptilian eyeb.a.l.l.s glared at Diablo.
「What……was with that power……!?」
「One who is a Magician of magic, wouldn’t call 《Dark Bullet》 the strongest magic, would he?」
「Gugugu……Don’t underestimate me! 《Dark Press》!!」
Gregor looked up overhead, and put up his hand.
A black sphere was produced at his hand.
He threw the black sphere that was the size of a baseball.
If it were just about dodging it, Diablo could easily do it. However, this was a magic that possessed an effect range of five meters.
In other words, he couldn’t escape that ball just by dodging it.
Manipulating gravity, it would flatten enemies that were in its effect range——is what the setting should have been.
There was also the special effect of putting the enemy in a Bind status for a while.
There was also a similar magic for the Earth attribute, but this was the Darkness attribute.
——However, magic is magic.
Once again, the reflexion effect was invoked, and the 《Dark Press》 was rebounded back to Gregor.
The lizard headed Demonic Being received his own magic, and dropped to one knee right there.
「Guah!? Y, you……Just what……have ya been doin’!?」
「Do you still not understand? Your head is just that of a lizard after all. Still, your magic power is weaker than I thought, isn’t it? If it’s that magic, it should put out at least this much power, shouldn’t it? 《Dark Press》!」
At the tip of 《The Staff of Tenma》 that Diablo carried, a black sphere the size of a basketball was produced.
He casually tossed it.
Despite being in a Bind status, Gregor moved his two feet, but he was unable to get out from the effect range.
The magic was invoked.
Gregor’s large body was knocked down to the ground, crushed the stone paving, and sunk in.
「Fumu, for a large bodied Demonic Being, it seems that it’s rather effective.」
「Ugu……gu……I, I get it! I’ll, withdraw already! I’ll leave the town! I also believe, that you, repelled Edelgart!」
「I see.」
「Ah, ahh……」
「However, I said it at the beginning, didn’t I? No matter how you beg for your life, I won’t forgive you.」
Gregor trembled.
It was a reptilian face whose facial expressions couldn’t be understood, but the appearance of fear could be seen on it.
Diablo fired one magic after another.
「The Darkness attribute is your forte, is it not? Let us test out how far you can withstand it. 《Dark Flare》, 《Dark Burst》, 《Black Lance》, 《Darkness Rain》!」
A black h.e.l.l fire, a soundless explosion, a jet-black lance, and arrows that downpoured like black rain——
Gregor screamed.
——This guy is of a different status from those hundred-something Demonic Beings, isn’t he.
If the opponent’s prided attack wasn’t magic, there was the possibility that it would have been a harder fight.
They might be on approximately the same level as Edelgart.
After all, even after he poured this much magic on them, they still didn’t get annihilated.
Gregor moaned.
「……I, I don’t, wanna……Please……don’t kill me……」
Diablo talked with a voice so cold that it even surprised himself.
「Didn’t the people that you killed, beg for their lives just like that?」
「Compensate your sins with your death. You killed too much.」
He hit the tip of the staff on Gregor’s body.
It was a Darkness attribute magic that becomes usable at level 130.
The effect range was touch——In other words, it would only happen to the opponent it was touching.
However, its power was high.
At the place it touched, Gregor’s body started to get squeezed and sucked up.
「Gua!? Gaaaaaa———!?」
It was a miniscule black hole.
Setting-wise, it was 『A magic that forcibly imprisons the enemy in an airs.p.a.ce of darkness』.
The effect is tremendous but……
For a Magician, getting into a distance close enough to touch them was an action that is accompanied by considerable danger.
Nevertheless, it would fail with a probability of 5%.
Though this time it didn’t Fumble.
——I knew it, Darkness attribute magic sure is hard to use. It has a bit of a tendency towards romance.
Gregor was sucked up within the sphere.
Before long, the black sphere finished its duty and extinguished.
Diablo won.
The moment he felt relieved, his consciousness was interrupted.
Diablo struck his staff to the ground, and supported his body.
——As expected, when I rapidly fire this much magic, the mental exhaustion is severe.
He was more melancholic instead of worn out.
Losing the energy to live, he started to think that everything didn’t matter.
Calculating it, he had consumed more than half of his MP.
That didn’t matter.
No, he can’t be like that.
His thoughts wouldn’t settle. He even started to think that there was no need for them to settle.
——Consuming my MP to this point, sure is a problem. I should be cautious from now on.

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