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Part 6

Galak, who had entered the dining hall, distorted and warped his neurotic looking face, and his eyes were bloodshot.
His breathing was also rough.
What he wore was still the Magician’s Guild’s robe but it was torn in several places and was tattered, and on his hands, blood was blotted.
He talked with a trembling voice.
「Ce, Celes-sama! Celes-sama……A, about last night, could you give it a second thought!? Isn’t that just strange!? Why do I, who did the right thing, have to leave the Magician’s Guild!?」
The two escorts prepared their staves and came out in front.
Celes replied with a composed voice.
「Just as I’ve explained many time, you did something incorrect, understand?」
「That’s strange! That’s just strange, isn’t it!? The capable me, fired!? That’s some kind of mistake! S, since it’s some kind of mistake……I went and p, punished the people that tried to strip me of my robe and tried to tell them the truth……But, they, they kept on going on about the lie that I was fired……」
「Punished? Is everyone of the Magician’s Guild alright?」
Celes frowned.
Rem thought that considering it was her, that was a stern facial expression.
Galak shouted.
「Please worry about me! R, rude things were done to me, twice, by th, that, insane Demon! Even though I only tried to offer to keep that inappropriate guy away from Rem-sama! Why is it that you don’t worry about me and worry about those small fry that are of lower status that me!?」
His countenance changed in a hurry.
Even his eyes kept on swimming.
It was obvious that the balance of his mind was breaking.
Celes stood up.
「First of all, please calm down. Let’s have a nice and calm talk, okay?」
「I am calm! The one that’s strange is you, isn’t it!?」
It was a remarkably loud voice.
Probably judging that they couldn’t overlook this anymore, the two escorts closed the distance.
「Oi, Galak! Behave yourself!」
「We’ll push you out to the state knights!」
Galak was at his wits’ end.
「Strange……It’s strange! Everyone, they’re all strange! Ahh, I knew that what that person said was right! Both my talent and my magnificence can’t be understood by such petty beings!」
Galak pulled something out from around his waist.
Rem thought it was the crystal of a Summoned Beast.
She felt sorry thinking about the damages to the inn, but in order to return fire, Rem stretched her hand out to her own crystal.
However, what Galak had in his hand was a dagger.
It was an eerily black bladed dagger.
Rem felt the inside of her chest gradually getting hot. She felt a suspicious presence in the dagger Galak held.
——I don’t know what it is but……That’s dangerous!
While being cautious, the two escorts approached Galak.
「You’ve got to stop!」
「Don’t expose anymore disgraceful behaviour!」
Galak glared at his former colleagues.
「You’re too bossy even though you’re small fry! Don’t come near me!」
He raised the dagger overhead.
Rem grabbed Celes with one hand and stopped her as she tried to step up to him.
「……You shouldn’t approach him……He’s already no longer sane.」
Galak shouted.
「No longer sane!? The one that’s no longer sane isn’t me, it’s you! The ones that are strange are you people of the Magician’s Guild, and this world, right!? Why is it that the correct, capable me doesn’t get favorable treatment!? Why am I not highly valued!? It’s strange! Strange! Strange! It’s definitely, strange! That’s why!!」
On the black blade of the dagger he held, there was an eyeball attached that looked like it were alive.
Unbelievably, that eyeball was moving about.
It looked this way.
A chill ran down through her spine.
Rem threw her crystal down to the ground.
「《Shadow Snake》! Stop Galak’s movements!」
What rushed out was a long and narrow shadow.
A black serpent slithered across the floor.
With an overall length of about five meters, its special ability was 《Restrain》——if the opponent was a standard person of the Races, it was able to restrain their movements for about five seconds.
However, Galak’s action was faster than the Summoned Beast could reach him.
「I absolutely need to be correct! This world, I’ll!」

Galak violently thrust the dagger into his own chest.

——He committed suicide!?
Rem caught her breath.
Celes controlled her mouth, and the two escorts felt ashamed.
No, that’s not it! Rem perceived a sign of expanding magical power, and shouted out a warning.
「Get away from him!」
Galak vomited a black colored liquid from his mouth.
Even from the wound on his chest, the slimy substance was gushing out.
His skin darkened and changed into something that had a l.u.s.ter like that of obsidian.
His arms and his torso irregularly thickened, and a thick tail grew out from around his waist.
The shape of his face also changed and became a head like that of a lizard.
In no time at all, Galak’s figure was completely transfigured.
Rem pressed down on her chest.
She felt like the soul of the Demon King that was sealed within her was responding to that. Her heart was pounding.
Her voice trembled.
「……Could it be……A Demonic Being!?」

Celes let out a small scream, and the two escorts that were overcome with surprise became her shield.
The lizard head that was once Galak let out muddied voice.

「Ah~……Ah~……So it’s finally Gregor-sama’s turn. Seriously, don’t just keep on blabberin’ on, ya d.a.m.ned Human!」

Gregor lightly rotated his shoulders.
His hard skin made a sc.r.a.ping sound.
The Summoned Beast, 《Shadow Snake》, that Rem released coiled around the opponent’s body.
It should have sealed his movements.
「Aah? What is this thing? Don’t go gettin’ in my way!」
Unbelievably, when he grabbed the Summoned Beast with his thick fingers, he casually tore it off as if it were paper or an obi made of a thin cloth.
——He did that to a level 20 Summoned Beast, with his bare hands!?
Rem understood the difference in their ability.
She was an Adventurer! She needed to protect Celes!
The two escorts prepared their staves.
「Leave this place!」
「Up to us!」
Rem grabbed Celes’ hand, and ran towards the window.
Not being made of a high-cla.s.s item like gla.s.s, the window was just a wooden board that was pushed up and supported by a pole.
Carrying the bewildered Celes onto her shoulder, she tossed her out.
「Please endure it!」
Since it was the first floor, she probably wouldn’t die.
Immediately, she followed after.
The opponent was a Demonic Being.
It tempted Galak and invaded the town with a method she never heard of that changed him into a Demonic Being.
Most likely, its objective was the destruction of the barrier. There was no mistake that it was aiming for the Chief of the Magician’s Guild.
——I absolutely need to protect Celes!
In front of the inn, seeing Celes dropped to the ground, the people walking down the road made puzzled faces.
It was because that didn’t look like a person of a social status that would escape through a window.
While helping her up, Rem shouted.
「Everyone, run away! It’s a Demonic Being!」
Immediately following that——
The wall of the inn’s dining hall was blown away.
The several people that approached out of curiosity were hit by the fragments of the wall that was scattered about, and it became a terrible sight.
From the partially destroyed inn, a lizard-headed giant came out. It was Gregor.
His fists were dripping wet with blood.
The voices of Celes’ escorts couldn’t be heard.
「Oii? I don’t got any business with the shorty, so move it! I have some business with that woman! Yer Celestine Bordorel, ain’t cha? The barrier is in the way so fer now, ya die!」
Gregor brandished his enormous fist.
Celes, who had no combat experience, was completely frightened. To begin with, since most of her magic power went to the barrier, she didn’t have any fighting strength.
Rem threw a crystal.
——Right now, I need the strongest Summoned Beast I can use!!
「Come forth, 《Aslau》!!」
It was a gigantic bull possessing three horns.
Its special ability was 《a.s.sault》, and it had an offensive ability that rivaled that of the level 40 Warrior’s 《Sword’s Might》. Also, it was tenacious.
It should be able to buy some time.
Standing Celes up, she pushed her back.
「Run! To either the Adventurer’s Guild or to the Magician’s Guild! Even the army’s garrison is fine!」
「I won’t go unless I go together with you!」
「I get it!」
Rem needed to protect herself as much as she needed to protect Celes.
The Summoned Beast 《Aslau》 charged.
Gregor did a war cry, and pushed out his fist as if to meet the enemy.
「Doosei~, 《Aura Punch》!!」

In one attack, the Summoned Beast 《Aslau》 was pulverized.

A crystal that faded to black rolled at his feet.
Rem was astonished.
「……No way.」
A level 40 Summoned Beast couldn’t even keep him busy.
She became frozen from fear.
Gregor got closer.
「Oi oi? I told ya ta get outta my way, ya know, Shorty? Do ya wanna die first?」

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