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Part 5

Town of Faltra——
Rem was in the dining hall of the inn.
It was the place where she, Diablo, and Shera had a meal that morning.
Right now, on the opposite side of Rem, sat one more female.
It was the Chief of the Magician’s Guild, Celestine Bordorel.
She wore an embroidered mantle and a long robe that perfectly accentuated her body line.
She didn’t really mind it but……
For a Human, she was big.
At the very least, she was definitely bigger than Rem.
At her back, there were two escorts today as well. Naturally, they were people different from Galak.
Celes expressed a smile where one could feel her broad-mindedness.
「I beg your pardon for having you accompany me to continue last night’s conversation.」
「……There’s no need for you to fuss over me like that. I don’t want to become an enemy of the Magician’s Guild after all.」
「For me, I wish to get along with you better, Rem-san.」
「……I don’t want to be captured by the Magician’s Guild nor be given surveillance by it.」
「That wasn’t my intention, you know?」
「……It’s nothing but a difference of words. Both being protected within the Magician’s Guild and having guards attached to me.」
If Rem were to lose her life in the middle of an adventure, the Demon King Krebskrem’s soul might be released.
There hasn’t been a precedent, but as long as such a danger is present, for her, it was natural that she would want to lock Rem up in a safe place.
Rather, the moment the secret is made known, she was prepared to capture her.
Though, since Rem is a superior Adventurer, she didn’t feel that Rem would be captured without any resistance.
Celes sighed from Rem’s obstinate att.i.tude.
「I’m sorry. Today, let’s put an end to that conversation.」
「……That we should.」
「Last night, after talking with you, Rem-san, I also heard the situation from Galak-san.」
「Were there any discrepancies?」
Since it was that man they were talking about, she thought that he would distort the truth and report it so that he wouldn’t be in the wrong, but it seems that it wasn’t like that.
「If it were to differ, would you recognize it?」
「……Recognize it?」
「Galak-san thought that he was doing the correct thing. In order to persuade you, Rem-san, he tried all various means, but he couldn’t get you to comply——is what he lamented.」
「……I can’t understand that.」
「That’s what I thought.」
「……To begin with, the idea of trying to injure Diablo and Shera even though he was persuading me, I don’t believe that is a normal way of thinking.」
Celes nodded. As expected, even for her, it seems she couldn’t understand that.
「Galak-san has been dismissed. Since it is a fact that he troubled the townspeople, and that he arbitrarily used the Guild’s name……He needs to take responsibility.」
「……Considering it’s you, you’ve taken a momentous decision.」
「Since he’s been dismissed, by taking a good look at his own actions and correcting them, I’m sure that he’ll be able to get back on his feet.」
「……I wonder about that?」
Rem thought that it would have been better if Celes had made that decision faster.
Celes is way too kind.
Then again, it was due to her kind personality that Rem was able to freely do as she pleased.
「When we had that talk, there was something that I heard from Galak-san that bothered me.」
「What was it?」
「Um, it would seem that Diablo-san called himself a “Demon King”, you know?」
I guess it was impossible to keep it a secret, is what Rem concluded.
It wasn’t a good plan to make an enemy of Celes here.
「……I won’t deny it……Diablo is a Demon King of another world. That day, at the moment the sun and the moon were simultaneously in the sky, at Starfall Tower……As Shera said, I summoned him with that intention.」
Shera also did the ritual magic with the textbook in one hand, but Rem believed that she herself was the one that summoned Diablo.
Celes made a serious face and asked.
「Did he really come from another world?」
「……What do you mean by that?」
「I understand that you’re very capable as a Summoner, Rem-san, but I’ve never heard of there being a Demon King in another world, and I don’t believe that anyone of the Races would be able to call upon one that rules another world. Perhaps, Diablo-san was attracted to the soul that you carry and appeared. Isn’t there the possibility that he is a Demonic Being of this world?」
「……There’s no way, that could be.」
If it was about chances that Diablo could have used to kill her, there were plenty.
There’s no way he could be a Demonic Being.
On the contrary, on that night, he made a promise.

Very well, I shall pulverize the likes of the Demon King Krebskrem’s soul for you.

Rem thought that she would try to believe in him.
However, even if she were to tell Celes that, it probably wouldn’t work as proof.
「I had someone that I could trust take a look at the remains of where he fought.」
「……Do you mean the Man-Eating Forest.」
「Just looking at it from the report, it gave me shivers. To be able to go that far with Chemical Elemental Magic, I’ve never heard of it before.」
「……That, had also surprised me. However, to one-sidedly call him a Demonic Being just because he’s too strong, that isn’t very much like you.」
「Rem-san, are you able to trust Diablo-san?」
「……Of course.」
「To be honest, I’m a bit scared.」
「……Celes, how do you want to treat Diablo?」
「I’m hesitant. I want to trust in him just like how I trust in you, Rem-san……But, as Chief of the Magician’s Guild, I can’t ignore this.」
Rem wondered if she should tell her that she openly told her secret to him and that on top of that, that Diablo offered to cooperate.
Diablo’s speech and conduct is full of haughtiness and danger.
However, Rem felt that he just might be a nice person.
What words should she say in order to get Celes to understand?
When she was unable to get a simple answer out——

「Ah, customer, right now, it’s in the middle of being reserved ☆」
「A lowly Demi-human shouldn’t touch me!」
For some reason, disputing voices could be heard. Making a loud sound, the doors of the dining hall opened.
Galak appeared.

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