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Part 4

Diablo stood on top of the stone bridge.
Since he had come out from Fort Bridge Ulg all alone, it gathered the Demonic Beings’ attention. Though, there were a lot of guys where it was hard to tell where they were looking.
From behind him, he could feel the eyes of the guards that were filled with both hope and unease completely on him.
If it were his original self, he would get nervous and wouldn’t even be able to say a single word. It was that kind of situation.
It was at times like this that he would do the Demon King role play.
Boldly standing there, he expressed an arrogant smile.

「You lot! Whose permission did you obtain to advance your army? To not know that I am on this land, you should be ashamed for such ignorance!」

If someone of the Races were in front of a Demonic Being, they would either draw their sword, futily beg for their lives, or run away.
This was probably the first time the Demonic Beings were given a sermon by someone one with a condescending att.i.tude like this.
Diablo understood that the Demonic Beings were confused.
For Diablo, this was a first. Normal monsters would just silently start to attack, and even in special scenarios, the enemy would only one-sidedly declare their intent to kill him, and he wouldn’t even listen to the vocal message on the Player side.
This was the first time he did his Demon King role play on a Demonic Being.
「Who, you?」
One of the Demonic Beings stepped forward.
It was a giant that probably had an overall height of five meters and looked like a mountain.
Its face was similar to that of a wild boar, its nose stuck out, and two upturned tusks were growing from the ends of its lower lip.
While the earth trembled with a “*Zushin*……*Zushin*……” at its every step, it went up in front of Diablo.
——He’s huge!
It was big enough that unless Diablo tilted his head up, he wouldn’t be able to see the opponent’s face.
The gigantic Boar-faced Demonic Being raised an axe that corresponded to its physique overhead.
It struck it to the ground.
Together with a fierce sound, a fissure traveled to the stone bridge.
Screams from the guards of Fort Bridge Ulg were raised.
「Good grief……So you do not know of me. In that case, you should engrave it into that body of yours.」
——Well, it should be natural that they wouldn’t know of me.
Taking one step forward, Boar face once again raised its battleaxe overhead.
This time, it was a distance where it could hit.
「You, small. Look weak. Kill!」
There was no reason to take this attack.
Diablo pushed out his staff.
「《Flare Burst》!!」
It was a superior version of the 《Explosion》 that he always used. For a Magician that hasn’t broken through the level limit, it was highest magic they could learn.
Boar face was blown away.
Diablo’s field of vision was enveloped by a flash.
Since he fired attack magic at point-blank distance, he was also within the explosion’s range.
However, due to the 《Demon King’s Ring》, Diablo was able to reflect any and all magic. It’s an item powerful enough to even reflect recovery-type magic.
There was no way the explosion would reach him.
The flash settled.
The gigantic Boar faced Demonic Being was blown away to a place that lined up with the Demonic Beings that were on the other side of the stone bridge.
It had limply collapsed.
In the game, defeated Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts would turn into black particles and vanish.
The corpse wasn’t left on the ground like that of an animal of the countryside.
——So it’s not like I defeated it.
However, it wasn’t getting up.
Come to think of it, when receiving an attack that causes huge damage more than half of one’s maximum HP, there are times when one would swoon.
Since it did that, it meant that big guy would definitely be defeated with a second shot of 《Flare Burst》. Though, since there was the rare Critical Hit and Fumble, he couldn’t affirm it……
The ma.s.s of Demonic Beings started to get noisy.
——It would be easier for me if they were to go back with this.
It looked like it wouldn’t be like that.
Waking up after several seconds of swooning, the Boar faced Demonic Being slowly got up.
「Kill, kill……Gu, fu……Y, you, burn me. K, kill……」
Its fighting spirit was full of vigor. As expected of a Demonic Being.
——Now then, I’ve gathered those guys’ Hate all on me.
With this, they probably won’t go and attack Fort Bridge Ulg.
He wasn’t able to get them to withdraw, but it was easier to fight without any unnecessary worries.
Diablo hoisted 《The Staff of Tenma》.

「So you will not retreat! Very well! In that case——I will annihilate you all!」

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